Shirt tales

So how do we all feel about a shirt dress?

YES it's another dress blog as I was inundated the other day with people saying they wanted MORE.  There were lots of requests for different sorts of dresses so I thought if I was going to do another one then it made sense to look at a style I haven't covered before. 

Hence... The Shirt Dress. 

To start with, can I apologise right now if there are any typos in this as it's very easy to type without an R and it doesn't come up in a spellcheck.  APOLOGIES if one slips through! (it has been known to happen...EEK).

What's so great about a shirt dress?  

Ok so first up - sorry if it doesn't work for the larger chested amongst you.  Some of these will work but some may be too tight across your blessed appendages. However I have heard of people in the past wearing a cami underneath and just undoing another button.  Not necessarily something everyone will want to sport, so you may have to sit this one out.  SORRY!.

The other option that makes them so versatile though is that you can always wear them as a cover up - so jacket stylee, wearing them undone, over jeans and tee or vest or shorts.

You could also wear them as a top as opposed to a dress - ideal to wear into the Autumn or on cooler days (can anyone remember any of them?!), over jeans or tighter fitting trousers.

Yes some of these are longer sleeves but just a quick roll up makes them perfect for warmer days. 

NOW I have gone for a classic, non belted style today as the thought of wearing something restricting around my waist in this weather, makes me come out in a cold sweat.  And since I'm currently sweating from orifices that I didn't know were capable of producing sweat, we've gone loose. 

OOH (last thing I promise..) we've also gone as natural in the fabric as we can.  No one needs to wear swathes of polyester in this weather (although yes, I am ridiculously fond of those two Missguided pleated maxi numbers - the orange and the green... however a) they're are basically the clothing version of "boil in the bag" and b) you wouldn't want to stand anywhere near a naked flame in them.  But apart from that, they're awesome).  Although alas, I fear some of the cheaper ones may not be natural fabrics.  Some are though...

First up - one that will work just as well over skinny jeans in the Autumn.

Grace Floral Silk de Chine Shirt Dress was £250 now £125

Shorter again in a super summery stripe. 

Oversized Shirt Dress from & Other Stories in viscose £69

Striped long sleeve shirt dress from M&S £39.50

Strip again and an investment version now. 

Watson striped linen shirt dress from Lee Matthews £285

From stripes to spots.

Monki Polka Dot Shirt Dress was £30 now £15

To prove how versatile it can be, here's how to wear it into the Autumn over leather leggings.   This is the blue version of the stripe one from Stories above.  Over jeans with a blazer would work just as well.  Or a trench... I can trenches being big news this Autumn.

Blue oversized shirt dress £69

And black... for £79.  Again from & Other Stories.  Sublime.  Yes, I know it's black but for holidays, over bikinis, for wearing down to breakfast with sandals, for throwing for going out at night with a heel or a statement flat (I think I need to do these in more detail.. what do we think?), this is a total no brainer!

Oversized shirt dress £79

And since they're so useful, if this style suits you, I can guarantee you'd get a lot of use out of the beige version of the black viscose Stories one above.  Loving the bag too.  Although this with leopard.. oh helloo....

Oversized shirt dress £79

Khaki at Michael Kors.

Twill Mini Shirt Dress from Michael Michael Kors was £175 now £87

Longer now and viscose so a natural, breathable fabric.

Maxi Shirt Dress from & Other Stories £45

Black again, slightly longer and in the perfect Summer fabric - linen.

ASOS Casual midi shirt dress in linen £35

Longer with a slightly higher price point but this, you really would have for years and years.  

Sabrina waist tie twill shirt dress from Albus Lumen was £460 now £276

And finishing with some slightly different.  Maybe the heat has gone to my head but I happen to love these.

Oversized ruffle cotton shirt dress from MSGM was £375 now £112

2nd Day Cotton Shirt Dress £80

And here I am in mine which is four years old from & Other Stories.  It's the perfect length, it's the perfect shape, I just wish I had it in more colours.

I can't believe I found it stuffed in a drawer!  It was only when I was putting another blog post together on a different sort of dress and I came across a shirt dress, I thought - oh hang on.. I've got a superb one of those.

Shirt dress - & Other Stories (sale 4yrs ago)
Sandals - Apiedi (gift ss17)
Bag - Anthropologie (gift current)
Hat - Penmayne (gift ss17)
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham from Bicester Village (3yrs ago)

Trying to juggle work with the last weeks of term for the kids.  One is in Yr 6 which means the most bonkers of times.  Suffice to say, next Friday can't come soon enough (for me or for him...Aspergers/ADHD and the pandemonium of the end of the school year are not a match made in heaven).  Hope everyone else is hanging on in there! 

And how are we doing in the heat?  I have more accessories on the way and how could I have forgotten my annual white dress blog.  Have I managed to track the perfect frock down yet?  I haven't forgotten the perfect flat party shoes.  They're coming shortly.  Something we can wear now and wear into the Autumn.  What's not to love about that?  

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7 comentarios:

  1. The timing of this is so weird!
    Yesterday I tried a shirt dress I'd seen on line (In Wear, orangey red, they do it in leopard too), thought it'd be right up my street, especially over trousers as I don't wear dresses very often. But I was sorely disappointed, wearing it open just hid my curves, done up (even with loads of buttons open), made me look frumpy, even belted it didn't work.
    It may work for other women with boobage, but maybe my short-arsed legs tipped it over the edge into frump-land!

    1. I definitely think that it's one of those things that you need to suck it and see. Some things just work for some and not for others. It may also be a case of trying with different shoes? But I absolutely think that with most things some people can wear some things and not others! And wouldn't it be a dull world if we all wore the same thing!

    2. I'm thinking maybe one with a fuller skirt to balance out my top half, but then I'm wondering if it'll work over trousers. I want a dress to do double duty.
      But you are so right about it being okay for us to like and suit different things. I know I've got to the stage where I have to love something - doesn't stop me trying to find a version of something that is just right for me - proverbial rocking horse poo sometimes!

    3. I'm really not sure if it would work if you had a fuller skirt shirt dress. I know exactly what you mean! BUT I do think you could dress it up and dress it down. It would look great with a denim jacket and trainers or loafers for during teh day and then with heels in the evening?

  2. Brilliant timing. I bought my first shirt dress ever yesterday from the Alex Black collection. I can not tell you how happy I am with it. On the hanger it looked a bit dull and lifeless, but once I put it on - it transformed. The dresses are beautifully cut with amazing attention to detail - I bought a blue one with a rainbow �� stripe down the side. It’s looks seriously cool and is so comfy. I really couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I’m an absolute shirt dress convert. Definitely check out her dresses. Xx

    1. Oh she messaged me last week - I must go and have a look! It's always great to get a personal recommendation.

      I'm also definitely going to be putting together some more formal looking shirt dresses that we can dress up and dress down and will be PERFECT for going into the Autumn for both work and play. xx

  3. What is the sizing like on & Other Stories?