That elusive Summer Top.

When you don't want sleeves but you don't want to flash a boob.  When you want it to be interesting but not club level interesting.  When you want it to fit well and be flattering but not look like you've just come from the gym.

Oh and when you need to wear a bra that isn't strapless.  

So on that last point.. I can't promise that these will ALL be suitable for bras but I will do my darndest (not a word but should be - or maybe I've just spelt it very wrong.. maybe it's like prerogative.  Yes.  PREROGATIVE.  For 45 yrs - assuming I was using that word from the off - I have said PEROGATIVE.  Which is incorrect I found out recently.  I came to the conclusion that Bobby Brown has a hell of a lot to answer for).  

However I digress and there are tops to be found and they won't find themselves. 

We're looking for tops you can wear with skirts and trousers.  Which, I've just realised, is completely stating the obvious. 

Ok - so let's rephrase, as none of you are psychic - what I mean are tops that can transform skirts and trousers into outfits for super warm days.  You can also wear shorts.  Obvs.  But not ones that you will just bomb around the garden in. 

Tops that you need when you want to make a bit more of an effort.  For lunch, for a trip out, for a BBQ.  You don't want to look like you're going to the beach.  Not a plain vest number.  Something with a bit more oomph.  Something you can add heels and jewellery to and you have an Out Out top for those warm days.  

Does ANYONE know what I'm talking about?? 

Let's hope I can find some to illustrate my point before the men in white coats come knocking.  I'm blaming the heat.  And the fact that I really wanted to do ANOTHER dress blog but I'm aware we may have overdosed on them.  Personally I could still carry on going. 

But let's start with a top that I have had for a year or two now.  They do them every year and they're amazing. 

Daphne Top from hush was £49 now £30

Or the blush version was £49 now £25

Black was £49 now £30

Pleat Front V Neck Shell Top from Warehouse £29

And in the blue.. again £29

Lightweight V necked vest from hush £25

Satin Tipped Shell in Navy from Warehouse £22

Silk Vest in Emerald Green from Jigsaw was £70 now £49

In the lime again now only £49

And my beloved print... 

Cheetah Print Vest £16 from Warehouse 

Little bit of rainbow?  Again £16 from Warehouse 

Print for a STEAL with matching shorts if you do desire.  But over a black skirt, this would be fabulous.  Or good old jeans and heels, hello perfect Out Out casual Summer outfit.

Pimkie Printed Tie Top £16.99

Now these aren't going to be for everyone but I am rather (very) obsessed with shirring this season.  I'm just leaving these here but you have been warned...

Ganni Shirred floral print top was £105 now £63

Similar to above.  I'm sure there is a skirt that goes with this, but other than that, over a denim full skirt (which I don't own), or a any navy or cream skirt, this would be amazing.   Or good old jeans.

Ganni Charron shirred top £140

This is a stunning shade of green and a great shape but it might be too low on the back for some of you to wear a bra... however I think you can adjust it with the buttons.

Weekday Apron style top £23

And as I said I am SORRY but there are some for the pancake boobed amongst us. 

Neroli off the shoulder top from A Piece Apart was £225 now £135

Cecile Copehagen Topanga scarf-jacquard cotton top was £128 now £64

Or in the red - again half price at £64

And please don't all hate me as I know so many of you can't wear them and I do feel guilty BUT I'm sporting a strapless bra today.  However I have moved away from a dress so surely I claw back a couple of brownie points for that?

Cami and trousers - Jigsaw (gift ss18)
Mules - Pretty Ballerinas (gift current)
Bag - Balenciaga (2yrs old)
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham from Bicester Village (3yrs ago)

So I know I said I have done waaaay too many dresses blogs recently but I'm still on a MISSION!  I'm thinking midi now... the mini thing was a minefield of minge flashing and I think a midi is perhaps the way forward.  I can't promise there won't be more shortly... The thing about the Summer is - because you wear less, there is less to write about!  Do we still wear shorts?  Are we sandalled out yet?  OOH how about tote bags... now there's a thing... Bags to travel with.  Ok, we can maybe have a dress hiatus. 

Or is there anything else you'd like me to look at to curb my frock obsession?!

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17 comentarios:

  1. Definitely a tote bag post please ! Something to go on a plane with ( so anything raffia is out ) . I may have bought , then returned at least 7 for our trip to Bali and ended up with a black quilted rucksack - not ideal ! Thank you - loving the top/trouser combo btw x

  2. You look great in your outfit, like a jumpsuit but not...Speaking of which jumpsuits and co-ord separates that look like a jumpsuit for a blog idea?
    Tops with a little sleeve are more my thing, although these are great for layering, warehouse has some great options.

    1. I could absolutely do another co-ord blog post. I've done one before but there must be another one in the offing...

  3. I need a summer dress BUT a kind of plain one - I don't do maxis, or prints, or ruffles, or flouncy bits, or even much colour really, but I don't want to look like I'm going to the office.
    So a midi dress that I can wear in hot weather (no sweaty polyester), a bit drapy, and a bit more interesting than a plain T-shirt dress. Something I can wear when I go out out but can still just throw on and feel comfy in. Does this even exist?

    1. I spent most of the summer looking for this! I have finally ended up with this Boden one
      It is SO comfortable, and I have black which I can wear on the beach or dress up

    2. Thank you! Off to have a look now... I'm glad I'm not alone in finding this such an elusive thing!

    3. YES - I know exactly what you mean. The perfect plain dress to dress up or dress down? That you can chuck in your suitcase and will work over a swimsuit or with some jewellery out for dinner. Ok... leave it with me...

      That Boden one does look amazing. Did you want sleeves or not?!

  4. How about less polyester for the hot weather? The tops are all a great shape but the fabric not ideal. I found some good ones on the Monsoon website but they seem really rare.

    1. I totally agree about polyester tops not being ideal but the problem is, if you're looking for more reasonably priced tops, they don't tend to be of a natural fabric. And if I do lots of more expensive tops, I then get asked for ones that aren't so pricey!

      I did a blog on shirt dresses the other day and managed to find some cost effective ones of natural fabrics so hopefully that helps.

      When I do one with sleeves, I'll definitely see if I can find ones that are cotton, linen, silk or viscose. You can easily find cotton teeshirts but they're not usually the most exciting!!

      I'll see what I can do!

  5. Girls listen - go down to hollister (bear with me) and get bralettes! Really pretty little things for when you need a bra but want to wear off the shoulder stuff ! They designed to be on show. And they are lovely ��

    1. My 13yr old has them!!! I know they're designed to be shown but I still struggle with seeing bra!!!!! Must. Get. Over. It.

  6. I picked up this one in thee sale. linen so it has to be "managed" but v pretty and great in this heat

  7. Got very excited reading your intro. I know exactly what you were searching for. Sadly none suitable for me. The first lot of loose vests look totally crap with boobs. The material just falls off the boobs and hangs straight down hiding any semblance of waist.
    And as for sheering?! Ha! Get your big boobed little friend to help? The one you tried jeans on with?

    So fitted tops please? To show off curves and waists. Oh and shirt-dresses!!

    1. ooh fitted tops - good idea! How about wrap tops? I know people love them or hate them!

      And I've done shirt dresses but in my experience, people with boobs don't generally love them as they're so hard to find ones that fit properly? I should have a look at more fitted ones too - coming up shortly xx