Hats off to you

This is a little extra blog as I have had so many messages about the hat I've been wearing recently.  That you can't buy any more.  It was from the brand Penmayne who made incredible hats but she closed her business last year

So, it made total sense for me to have a look and see if I could find some alternatives. 

I am the first to admit that I don't wear it as often as I should do.  I think we should probably be wearing hats every day to keep the sun off our faces in the Summer.  And it's actually cooler too (although the law of sod says that today it's not nearly as hot as it has been).  

However it also doubles up as an amazing fashion accessory.  Not to mention another sneaky reason which I will reveal later. 

I should also pre-empt this with saying, I thought there would be a lot more to choose from.  Hmmm, there aren't.  There may have been more but there are slim pickings at this time of year.

So I've done the best I can with what's left.  And personally, I would happily wear all of these.  They are all fedora/panama style as I do have larger hats, but these really are the easiest to wear every day for bombing about.

M&S Colour Block Fedora Hat £17.50

Slightly more feminine with the pom poms... 

Pieces Straw Hat £18

Glamorous Straw Hat £15 

And then moving onto the classic Panama hats.  Ok now don't all freak out, but first up, there are three men's hats.  I have a massive head and so these really work for me as so many hats are only one sized.  For one dainty, lady sized head which don't fit on my massive bonce.

However a medium (or large...!) men's hat, always works.  And an XS or S will work for most ladies.

Hand woven ambassador hat from M&S Men £25

Handwoven Panama Hat from M&S Men £49.50

ASOS Straw Fedora Hat £8

And then the ladies versions.

Roxy Here We Go Straw Panama Heat £29
Straw Hat from H&M £13.99 (in 3 sizes!)

Or I love the black one... new in at H&M £9.99

Or black and white at La Redoute in the sale was £17 now £8.50

And here I am... donning le chapeau.  Again.  Today the reason is definitely hair related... as in, I couldn't be bothered to even attempt to get a brush through my bird's nest.  Hair wash day is tomorrow.  PERFECT reason to buy a hat.  For bad hair days.

Dress - Label Lab at House of Fraser (gift ss17)
Sandals - Burlington (current)
Bag - Loewe at Matches (ss18)
Hat - Penmayne (gift ss17)

Tomorrow I will be hopefully be back with what I had meant to do today.  Tonight though, it's out out.. (well, I'm driving but it's still out on a school night WITH the children who STILL have school).  A lot of our best friends are either French or Belgian and so a certain football match means it's the perfect excuse for a small partaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  My children are going to be broken by the end of this week!

Tomorrow evening.. well... I'm at a dinner in London which means that the husband is on parent duty for the Year 6 Production.  Which, as you can imagine, he is all the chuffed about.  Not.  It was due to start at 7, they've moved it to 6.30.  What could possibly go wrong?  I'm not getting involved...!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the slight break in the weather.  I sort of wish I'd taken advantage and worn sleeves but I'm sure cooler days will be on their way (as in the moment the kids break up for the holidays).

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5 comentarios:

  1. I have two Stories hats which I love and the large fits my massive head (all the brains, darling): https://www.stories.com/en_gbp/accessories/headwear/hats/product.straw-fedora-hat-blue.0204766018.html

    1. oh yeeees! Love them. I have to say I think a bigger brim suits me as I'm basically Hagrid and a too small brim makes me look like I've stolen a hat from a small child!

  2. I do love a straw hat! That pompom one is gorgeousss!
    I should look at wearing them more!

    Leanne | lemloves.com

    1. They are great for changing up an outfit that you're bored of wearing!

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