There's a little big cat in all of us

So yes, I appreciate I do sound like a stuck record but yes, we're on about the leopard again.  

I promise you, I wouldn't write about it so much if it wasn't the main thing that people ask me about.  All the time.  Shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, coats. 

Today - with the look of Autumn finally on the horizon, it's Coats.

And personally I can't get enough of them myself. Especially as they are simply the most versatile neutral you can add.  That never gets old.  And I never get bored of. 

(Yes I would wear them with the white boots from the other day... OF COURSE!  See pic below...)

I have, over the years, bought a number of these.  There are a lot more available now than there ever have been, so the world really is your oyster and you can cherry pick the one that's right for you.  

For me, I've realised (after a couple of purchasing errors) that I prefer a less chunky number - I like a sleeker, not full on fur coat that I can wear more of the year round.  But that's my personal preference and that's the joy of fashion - one size doesn't fit all, you can wear what works for you and there WILL be a variation of it out there for you. 

Then we come to what do we wear them with?  Everything.  From super dressed down jeans and a tee and trainers.  To with a dress and boots or heels for a special occasion. 

This is the coat of dreams that I bought last year from Anthropologie.  I first saw it on the lovely Gabby Roslin who VERY kindly let me try it on and I got straight on the bus and went to buy it (I was already in London... I didn't hotfoot it too far).  It sold out last year but it's back this year (and is the same price which is refreshing to see). 

I would say it comes up slightly on the large side.  I have the 10 and it's roomy but not huge.

But I bring you superb news! This (I think...) is the identical coat in a slightly different colour way and it's now in the sale at ASOS. 


This is another thinner version like the Anthropologie above but unlike a lot of leopard, it's only in a two tone which I think makes it for some, an easier print to wear as it doesn't seem as "printy" (clearly not a word...).

I have the tartan version of this one from Debenhams and it's very good. 

If you're looking for longer, there's a belted version at Mango.  It also looks to be more of a monochrome as opposed to a brown tone.

Now the full on heavier fur numbers.

Cropped again at Lost Ink at ASOS.  This is a more out there number but these days, well, anything goes.  I love this.  I think with a tee, jeans and boots or trainers this would brighten up any weekend.  Alternatively, embrace your inner Sue Pollard (believe me, it's a good thing!) and throw it over a print maxi or midi dress. 

And finishing with one which is perhaps the easiest way to put your toe into the leopard coat water.  It's a nod to the theme (ok so it's a pretty vigorous nod) but it's a gentle ease into the leopard card, instead of a slide tackle from the right.  I will warn you though, it's a slippery slope.  An excellent buy now in the sale.

And here I am - err not remotely in leopard print.  BUT I am wearing it today (Thursday) before I jet off on holiday.  YES, the five of us, as a family are heading off to the Maldives.  I'm doing some work for the travel company Destinology and the hotel groups Ozen and Shangri La out there, in return for a small reduction on the holiday.  When you can combine work and leisure... I know, I know, I am very lucky! 

This was the other day when I spent all day being full on Christmas as we shot an online editorial for M&S.  Half term here, so it was take your children to work day which handily meant I had a photographer to hand! 


Skirt - Essentiel Antwerp (gift (current)
Trainrs - Golden Goose from FarFetch (sale aw17)
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham from Bicester Village (3yrs ago)
Bag - Liberty's (gift current)

Fear not, I will be back throughout the holiday.  No such thing as a holiday.... no seriously, I have lots to think about for the new season and lots of ideas to explore - definitely the more we think about carefully curating our wardrobes, which is a head up my behind way of saying, buy less tut you won't wear, the fewer mistakes we'll make.  What do you NEED and yes, what do you want to make yourself feel fabulous for the Autumn?  What are the KEY items that  you can add into your wardrobe - not throwing the baby out with the bathwater and buying all new - to make the most of the favourites you've had for years.  Or even extend your Summer wardrobe into the Autumn.. yes, it can be done! 

I'll be bringing you a host of options so you can cherry pick which ones work for you.  RIGHT - I need to pack! 

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3 comentarios:

  1. I love these coats! I think about buying one myself :)
    Dorie from

  2. I wore my Anthropologie one from last year tonight with dead plain fitted black tee and black pencil skirt and ankle boots. Dressed it up a treat. Still love that coat! ��

  3. The trouble with leopard print coats is that as they stand out, when you wear one and someone else is wearing one, it's like wearing the same dress. I bought one and then sent it back as everyone else was wearing them.