And they said they wouldn't last....

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I remember a good few years ago now, doing a blog on boiler suits. 

And I'm sure at the time, there was a lot of dry heaving (mostly from me) and then I bought one and then it sat at the bottom of the laundry bin.  I will confess - it's still at the bottom of the laundry bin.  It's not on its own - there's a cream cashmere jumper I'm too scared to wash  - in fact there may well be two. 

But I AM gong to wash it. 

Why am I waxing lyrical about them again?  First up, we're ignoring the loo issue.  There is no getting round the fact, they're a royal pain in the behind to take off and on after a trip to the ladies.  

But if we get over that - well, we're away in boiler suit heaven.  Or jumpsuits. Same thing?  Is it a zip difference? 

I'm going with possibly that - either way though, I am falling back into love with these.  They are simply so versatile.

I tried this one on this week at Topshop and it was that which made me think, I really do need to delve to the bottom of that laundry bin.

Tonic Boiler Suit from Topshop £65 (I've just realised this one has buttons and not a zip so that blows that theory out of the water). 

But I have to say, I think I might prefer this one from Mango. 

But I will say that mine is black and there is nothing more useful. 

This isn't the same as mine as I bought mine two years ago from Quattro Rish (a small independent boutique) but it's very similar. 


Or this one which has a more casual feel to it. 

Then there are the denim ones. 

This one from Topshop I LOVE.  I really really love.  Also available in Tall on the link (alas not in petite).  I am hoping it's a really slouchy, lived in denim.  I will try it tomorrow and report back.

Then there's this one in a denim check.  

Blue but not necessarily denim, at ASOS. 

I thought there would be loads of khaki ones.  There aren't. 

This one is for pre order at Boden.

And then finishing with a couple of ringers.  Ones that are new to the party - dare I say these are probably easier to dress up and dress down.  Perfect for literally any occasion I can think of (bar when you're desperate for the loo...)

Cropped with shorter sleeves.

This has to be my favourite though. 

Ruched Neck Jumpsuit from Mango £59.99  I am SO hoping that these trousers are ridonculously long like Mango ones often can be.  That is of no use to the majority of you but at least you could have them shortened whereas if you're tall, you can't have anything added on!

Finishing with an outfit from Friday night when I went out to celebrate my sister in law's birthday (mine was on Saturday!)

Dress - Rixo (2yrs ago)
Boots - Zara (aw18)
Bag - Alexander McQueen (8yrs ago)

And another weekend is over just like that.  Tomorrow, I'm off to do a round up of what is worth looking at and stocking up on that's New In.  And also I'm going to see if I can get an idea of what's going to be "in fashion" this season.  Although saying that, I'm not entirely sure there is any merit in this any more.  Yes, we're favouring a chunkier trainer, yes we love a midi/maxi skirt but other that - I truly believe that anything goes.  I will see if that is the case and I will be reporting back. 

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10 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat,
    Really like this blog on the boiler suit. I remember wearing one the first time round as a teenager. Like you I have not been sure about these. Your blog has inspired me to rethink this stylish garment, and love all the ones you have selected. My favourite is the Asos and Topshop, as I am a Petite size.
    Keep up the amazing work.

    kind Regards
    Oncel Brett

    The Autumn

  2. hmm I have one from Hush that lives in the bottom I found my washing bin. Not only a pain to go to loo in but absolute B*gg*r to iron - something I hate doing at best of times!

  3. I wore mine with a cardi and belt over that on a plane and I'm sure the crew were giving me side eye when I came out of the minuscule toilet because of all the thrashing around (mile high club on your own????)

  4. Helloooo

    Boiler suit fan alert! I do believe that jumpsuits are tighter and boiler suits are baggier (as read in the sunday times style mag at the weekend) My fave is presently the ' & other stories' black one!

    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

  5. You really must check out the boiler suits from LF Markey. Have two. I get shed loads of compliments on them whenever I wear them. Plus, easy to launder and no ironing. FTW!

  6. Nice blog...
    Your style is amazing.....
    Keep sharing more post like this..

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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