You don't have to spend a fortune... be able to get a GOWN.  When I say gown I mean dress.  I mean a dress that you can wear day in day out, that you can dress up and dress down.

Maxi dresses.  Yes, these are my absolute favourite dresses of the moment.  Well - for the past couple of years actually.  The hems have got longer, my inner Margo has been having an absolute field day and living her best maxi dress life. 

Why do I love these?  Hmmm, maybe it's because they stem from me having been a little girl and being a fan of the waft.  The 70s have a lot to answer for - they were my first glimpse of full on glamour and back then it was all about the print and the length.  With not an iota of flesh on show.  I think we can hold the 70s fully responsible for my obsession with 70s Amish Geek.  

Next up - what do I wear mine with?  Now here's where it gets interesting.  Personally I favour a longline trench cinched at the waist, a loose longline blazer or a fitted blazer or small biker.  Can't say that I embrace the heels with them - not for daytime anyway and for me - these dresses actually work better in the day (although I would advise caution on escalators or stairs...).  I love ankle boots or trainers.  Truth be told, I can't get enough of either of them at the moment.  

And I must also mention how easy they are to wear.  Throw on and go.  Done.

Before anyone asks - no my legs don't get cold (clearly we're not in arctic winter territory yet - as soon as the snow hits the ground I am trousers until the thaw) although you could always add tights if you live in a colder climate or are of a more nesh disposition.

And you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look which is very current on every designer rack at the minute.  Truth be told, there are a lot of midis out there but if you look hard enough, you can find maxis for great prices.  And some in the sales of course. 

Similar shape but in a brighter shade. 

This one I actually have and have worn and worn and worn.  It's the perfect dress for a flight as well.  Loose, comfortable and doesn't crease.  Layer with a jumper over it, or a polo neck under it. 

Black and white again at hush for a bargain.  This would be fabulous into the Spring with boots and a long black coat and when it gets a bit warmer... white sneakers and a biker.  Take on holiday in the Summer with black strappy flat sandals for day - heels for evening. 

Another one which I have and can highly highly recommend is the Soleste from hush.

A variation on a print classic - a touch of the Barbaras along with the Margos I reckon...

If you fancy a print but not a floral or a check - how about a chevron?

And then we come onto the brighter palettes.

Floral 70s porn at FCUK.

Shorter sleeves now and in the sale at John Lewis. 

But saving my favourite till last. 

And this one - oh HELLO GREEN!  For a complete steal.

And here I am in one of my bargain dresses from H&M last year. 

Dress - H&M (ss18)
Boots - Grenson (aw17)
Glasses - Alexis Amor (current)
Bag - YSL from Selfridges (current)
Blazer - Zara (aw18)

Are we still very much in midi dress territory?  Or are you an adopter of the maxi?  Or how about skirts?  Fear not if it's all about the trousers stull - we have got those  coming up as well.  And boots.  I know that there are a lot of people who really really don't like the chunky boots at all.  Well, I have found a brand new style (that I think a lot of you will have from years ago maybe...) that is going to be big news this Spring.  Coming up shortly!

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12 comentarios:

  1. I love these (although not so much they Laura ingles look way to frumpy when over blessed with boobs) and especially as they cover up there saddle bags formed from stuffing too many mince pies!

  2. I don't think I'll ever be a dress person, however much I love the look on others. Part of the reason is that they're not practical on a daily basis, so they would only come out at the weekends, and then I still tend to reach for practical trousers. I did wear a midi skirt a fair bit last year, but that was only one out of several. I was half expecting to see the Boden Union Jack dress, I noticed yesterday it's already sold out, even though it's new in, I'm expecting it to pop up on Instagram any day now!
    The dress you're wearing is gorgeous, and looks way more expensive than HM, and how great is your husband for buying you that gorgeous bag! All the brownie points for him.
    Trousers are my thing, and you've come up trumps there in the past, so I look forward to that post.

  3. Love so many of these! I’ve been looking at the Ursula for some time but the mixed reviews about the length are putting me off )& there aren’t any locally I can actually try on). Where does the hem fall on you? I’m a fello 5’ 10” Hagrid so any help much appreciated xx

  4. Arrrggghhhh! The Pretty Little Thing dress SOLD OUT literally within 4 minutes of me clicking the link and adding my size.

    Bought the Hush Yasmin dress instead.

    You, young lady, are causing me to spend SO MUCH MONEY. I can't help it.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ursula has been reduced to £35 now so after looking at it for ages undecided I ordered and love it. I'm 5ft 9 and ankle length on me. Fab buy

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