The Empties

Is there a better recommendation for beauty products than ones you have finished right to the end of?  Ones that you use right to the very last drop and then rebuy.

Are these my favourites?  There are some newer ones that I've been using that I also love but these are the ones that, hand on heart, I can say I love.  And I don't think you can give a more glowing endorsement than that.

I am not a beauty professional.  I am in no way, shape or form, a skincare professional.  I have ZERO experience bar using products for 45 (ok so not for all of those) years and persisting in finding ones that work.

In the last 5 yrs this has never been more important to me as you get to a point in your life, where pretty much anything that you knew or loved, stops working.  You suddenly gain the skin of an iguana.  Or pick your own scaly lizardy thing.

So all of the following - I will say that they work on me.  But everyone has different skin and different needs... however for me - these get the thumbs up.  They work.  I can see a difference when I use them, I am happy to use them over others that I have.  That's not to say that there aren't always new products that I'm trying that will end up empty but these are ones that I have finished most recently.

These are all very random.  However I shall be looking at a whole new host of beauty things in the coming weeks. 

But first up - it's the random empties.  

You can't see that this is almost empty.. but it is.

This is my favourite.  Bar. None.  I buy on repeat.

These I use morning and night. 

Both of these I love and will alternate - hence I cane through them.  But I simply can't tell you how effective they are.  

The other oil I love is from Elemis. 

At night, I either use a balm or a cream.  My balm of choice which my skin drinks in and I wake up with a face like a baby's bum (clearly this isn't on any of their promotional literature) is the Decleor one.  I use any of them.  They're all amazing. 

I have a number of night creams on the go but this is the one that is empty.  All gone.  It's VERY heavy, I will say that but it does sink into your skin.  It also has a very strong fragrance that I love and would happily have in an actual fragrance but it might not be for everyone.

Another night product that I actually use in the morning as well when my skin is feeling extra dull and in need of a brightening treatment.  I'm not saying it will work for everyone but it works for me.  Not to use every night or I'm pretty sure you would end up with no skin.  Clearly not a technical beauty term.

DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster £108

And this is what I use a couple of times a week and have done for the past 8yrs.

Boots No 7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum £38  (lightening flashes aren't included...)

And then onto the body. 

Body oil.  I love it.  I ADORE it.  But the best I have used recently is this one. 

Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil £16

And finally - a beauty must have.  I buy this a couple of times a year and it lasts and lasts and lasts.  And I use it all year round. 

And then one hair product which I use every couple of weeks.  It's also the one product I take on holiday with me to the sun as it's tiny and you can throw it away as opposed to lugging a massive tub of conditioner back.  Genius for that alone (plus it works).  

So these are the two part treatments that you can only buy from salons although you can also buy from Amazon here... 

And here is the Motley Crew... 

I have so many products I want to talk to you about but for starters - when it comes to beauty - what is it, if anything, that you struggle with?  What are you on the constant look out for but can't quite find?  

Like I've always said, I am in no way, shape or form, a professional when it comes to beauty.  I have no experience in it, nothing to prove my worth other than I have skin like leather and will be totally honest about whether something works or not.

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9 comentarios:

  1. Love this Kat, more beauty please.
    I'm always on the look out for anything that lifts saggy skin and just firms everything up - the ever elusive holy grail.
    Just wanted to say I'm loving your Instagram feed - hilarious lately - Bradley Cooper, hair ties, dkuble chins - I totally relate!

  2. No expense spared. Oh to have your budget!

  3. To be fair, you clearly state these are what work for you and that's 100% fine. However, these are expensive and I am someone who spends a lot on skincare!

    You can get excellent products that work really well for less (to any readers in despair reading this). Beauty Pie is great, I still love Clinique, Ren and Clarins. Serums are worth investing in but you don't need to spend ££££ on cleansers and moisturisers. If you want to and can afford it then go for your life but I want to make that point.

    I really mean this as a helpful comment and not a criticism.

  4. I agree, everyone should absolutely do whatever suits them (in all aspects of the word), but it would be nice to have some more mainstream/affordable options.

  5. Kat love your posts and great to see the No. 7 product in the mix. I have to say I love their serums and cleansing balm which removes eye makeup too and is as good as much more expensive brands I have used, if not better.

  6. These products come to over £700! I like your blog but sadly I fear it is far beyond my reach now. Jac.

  7. Generally speaking I save on products that I remove, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners that get washed off/out. And I splurge/ am more critical in regards to products that are going to sit on my skin, stay in my hair for any length of time - so moisturisers, serums, hair styling products, fake tan etc. Yes there are cheaper alternatives, but sometimes I find more expensive products can be used more sparingly, so cost per day/ application is not always as bad as it may seem!
    There are some expensive items here, but let's face it, I'm only ever going to buy one cleanser or perfume at a time. And I tend to ask for a gift voucher from my local beauty shop for my birthday, so I can splurge guilt free on something that's a little luxurious!

  8. I am such of fan of Ordinary products - all the ingredients without the extra price! I recommend them to everyone. I don't think I wore foundation once over the winter which is a first!

  9. Kat love your posts and great
    to see the No. 7 product in the mix. I have to say I love their serums and cleansing balm which removes eye makeup too and is as good as much more expensive brands I have used, if not better.