Being Surgical

This is something that the husband says to me when we're shopping.  Be surgical.  No fannying around, no dilly dallying or shilly shallying (he doesn't say those - they were very much straight out of my mother's mouth).  He doesn't agree with browsing or having a mooch - hence, be surgical.

He is very much of the mind that you should know what you are looking for and just focus on that and when you find it buy it. 

And - damn it - he's right.  Ok so it does take all the joy out of shopping if you are a born meanderer (I fancy a t-shirt with that on - or born moocher.  Either sum up my love for a peruse of the shops, more than adequately) BUT it does mean that you invariably end up with what you need. 

Which makes for a much easier to wear wardrobe and clothes that ultimately really earn their keep. 

Cost per wear. This is what I have banged on about incessantly for years and - apologies for being boring- I shall be waving it from placards again this year. 

As there really is no need to reinvent the wheel.  I started this blog almost eight years ago, with the sole intention of finding myself a wardrobe that, into my 40s, I could wear.  Whilst using it as my personal cathartic diary of what being a woman into her 40s was like in this day and age.  And hopefully beyond.  As I truly believe that whilst life doesn't start at 40, there is no reason why you can't become a better version of yourself, the older you get.

And so - this year, as always, my main focus will be not on gathering a whole new wardrobe but bringing you suggestions of those gems you can add in, to bring new life to the wardrobe you already have. 

It sometimes only takes one new addition to make those dresses, skirts and jeans that you have had for years, feel like entirely new outfits. 

A good place to start is with a good clear out.  So you can see the wood for the trees. 

I did this the other day and it became abundantly clear that what I love to wear, and what I am excited to wear for next season (or the end of this season really) - are skirts and dresses.  And good old jeans. 

What goes with all of them?  Oh hello BLAZERS!  Yes, a blazer - once the uniform of the office worker has now become my daily crack when it comes to jackets. 

I love how it works over a dress and chunky boots to give a different look.  Fear not - there is still very much room in my life for a biker jacket and trainers but it's nice to ring the changes and get more wear out of the basics in your wardrobe with a twist on how you'd usually wear it. 

Whilst we're extolling the virtues of the jacket, I should also say that they last the test of time.  They are probably the main things in my wardrobe that have been there for years.  They just don't seem to go out of fashion.

And it's a great idea to search the sales to find some if you're thinking they could work for you.

This however is the perfect jacket for into the new season.  Perfect to wear now with jumpers, come the warmer weather and fling over a tee. 

Or this one in black which looks to be the identical shape to my tuxedo one from there last year.  I shall be trying on next week...

A fitted navy classic at Jigsgaw - these ones are brilliant as they still have the smart fitted shape but the raw edge makes it that little bit more casual.

Black with a small puffed sleeve looks amazing over a full skirt. 

Yes it's weird buying cream now but this will come into its own in the Summer.  And I would never spend a lot of money on a cream blazer.  

Oversized plaid in the sale at & Other Stories (I do love their blazers but this is the only one in the sale - the others are all too new!  However I will cover them in New In as there are a couple of great ones).

And then we come onto the less blazer but more - super useful jacket - that also holds a special place in my wardrobe. 

I would normally give over a whole page to these (this definitely won't be the last this season, that's for sure) but these are just ones that I have come across in the sale.  All things new season in the next couple of weeks.  

I should also point out that I wouldn't be wearing this over a formal little black dress.  This needs to be worn over a tee and slouchy jeans.  Trainers for every day, ankle boots for a bit of edge or heels for out out in the evening.  I would also throw over a floral maxi dress but that's very much my style - perhaps not for everyone.  Definitely dress down this jacket though.  Having said that, if you did want to wear it for a smarter occasion, I would team with wide leg black trousers and either silk tee or silk shirt.

Similar shape and idea although much cheaper at Mango.

This would get my personal vote though.

Or another style which I have personal experience of and can HIGHLY recommend.  

And as it's not entirely blazer weather at the minute - here I am in a coat...

Jumper - hush (from paid partnership aw18)
Jeans - MiH from Quattro RIsh (aw18)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Far Fetch (sale aw17)
Coat - Topshop (aw18)
Scarf - Louis Vuitton (6yrs ago)
Bag - YSL from Selfridges (current)
Glasses - Alexis Amor (current)

Speaking of coats - I will be doing a round up of some great sales purchases.  That we can actually get a lot of wear out of right now and for the foreseeable future, as it's FREEZING!   Coming in the next day or two.

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  1. I'm not really a moocher, but I'm not surgical either! If I do have something specific in mind I can never find it, not even online! When I go shopping with my best mate, I'll have seen everything in the shop before she's half way through (that's totally fine, cos then I get to see what catches her attention). And I hate shopping with my OH nearly as much as he does, so I'm either on my own or with one other person (more than two is a recipe for disaster in my book).
    I've come around to jackets in the last few years. I did own a double breasted navy with brass buttons blazer in the early 80s, it was part of my "interview suit", and as working in a hospital means I don't get to wear my own clothes it stayed that way for years! But I have embraced the blazer again, and rarely part of a suit. It's jeans and sneakers for me too, blazers are great for days too warm for a coat, but still a bit chilly. My latest blazer is a herringbone tweed blue one, that I'm planning to wear over dark blue jeans and a navy sweater.

  2. Hi, Kat
    My husband is like yours. He doesn't like to shop for clothes; he just goes into a store to get one thing he needs and gets back out. But he does go once every five years or so to get everything he's been needing in one afternoon so that it will last another five years or so. He doesn't shop like we do, unless it's a store full of tools and construction equipment, or a section of a store that has tools and construction equipment. That's when he meanders like we do, marveling over the beautiful pieces of equipment and all the things they can do! That's when I have to be patient and drag him out of the store. That's when I start wondering how much of our money he's going to spend...Well, I say don't do any surgery on your shopping! long as you are sticking to your budget and managing the storage of your wardrobe, have fun! I'm sure you don't meander around expensive construction equipment and tools. :D
    In solidarity,

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  4. I love how it works over a dress and chunky boots to give a different look. Fear not - there is still very much room in my life for a biker jacket and trainers but it's nice to ring the changes and get more wear out of the basics in your wardrobe with a twist on how you'd usually wear it. buy pakistani suits , pakistani lawn suits online shopping india

  5. Gathering a whole new wardrobe but bringing updated holiday hours
    you suggestions of those gems you can add in, to bring new life to the wardrobe you already have.