Back to basics

So one thing that I do bang on about every year and why change the habit of a lifetime - this year shall be no exception.  Building blocks.  The basics in your wardrobe around which you can make a plethora of outfits.  And without a shadow of a doubt, some of my favourites over the years, have come from M&S.  Yes I have worked in a paid partnership with them over the years and yes, this is my January paid blog post for them.  But I don't need to carry on wearing the products.  I could just do my pick of underwear and thermals and cashmere  and not bother exploring anything else.  But genuinely, their basics are amazing.  And anything but *basic*.

You also do have to hunt for them.  Which is why I guess these paid partnerships work.  The website is huge, the photographs often don't do the product justice and the stores can be very difficult to navigate with limited in store selection.

BUT if you persist - or just take note of the edit I do every month, you can find some amazing staples around which you can work outfits.  And these will last as well. 

First up, the perfect blazer.  Available in black and navy (outfit pics at the bottom).

Ponte Blazer from M&S £59  Now it says this is Ponte.  To my mind, that's a thick stretchy jersey and this is definitely not that as far as I'm concerned.  It's just a really good quality feeling blazer.  I tried it in the 8 (they didn't have a 10 or a 12) and so have ordered the 10 to pick up tomorrow.

Now that one does have metal buttons - which I personally love as I think it makes it less *suity* but I do have lots of blazers with plain buttons too.  This is a great fitting jacket too.  Nipped in at the waist giving a lovely silhouette with the structured shoulders.  M&S blazers are always cut generously for those with busts - not so great for me but I do live with it - ideal if you're more well endowed.

Tailored Stitch Detail Blazer in black and navy £45

The trousers.   Yes, these are THE trousers.  The quality of them is as good as Joseph.  They come up big and they come up long.  And they're also in incredibly limited stock... you have more chance of navy than black.  They also look absolutely terrible in this picture and look nothing like this in real life.

Turn up wide leg trousers in navy, black and also pink £35

Right - so as the stock levels of these are so sketchy, I've ordered these below to try - they'll be here tomorrow (don't have them instore) so I will report back  They look exactly the same - the fabric content is the same but I am assuming they're a slightly thinner fabric. They do have a much better stock selection though... 

Wide leg ankle grazer trousers £25

Another ideal neutral for your wardrobe - the leopard print knit.  This will be so much useful than you ever thought.  Leopard IS a neutral... and as such works with prints but I appreciate that might be a bit of a fashion mouthful, so use it to inject immediate new season loveliness, alongside your favourite neutrals from years gone by.  

This first one is 100% acrylic as you would expect for the price. BUT it's not a squeaky nasty fabric, it's soft with a cotton feel to it.  Size wise, I would say it's true to size - perhaps ever so slightly on the generous side.

Animal Print Crew Neck Jumper £17.50

And then a cardigan version which works so well when worn as a v neck jumper if you size  up.  Alternatively wear as a cardigan!

Animal Print Cardigan £25

But then upping the ante and as fabulous as the ones above are, if you're thinking of wearing this a lot and love leopard, this is worth the investment.  'Tis beautiful.  It's a smaller print than the ones above - which randomly I think makes it more subtle.  The tones of the two  are very similar, as is the shape.  Size wise, again I would say this is true to size - although the arms are definitely longer than the £17.50 version.

Pure cashmere round neck leopard print jumper from Autograph £99

And then a little extra.  A coat.  A warm coat.  A pink coat OF DREAMS. Is this coat as good a quality as some that cost double and triple the amount?  Yes.  Do I need another coat?  No.  Do I have a pink coat?  No.  Do the fashion maths.  

Textured Single Breasted Coat from Autograph £149

And here I am in the coat... 

But more importantly in what I would say are the essential black jacket, trousers and perfect leopard print knit (this is the cashmere one).

This is the 8 so yes, it does look ever so slightly like I have been vacuum packed into it but the 10 is winging it's way to my nearest M&S for me to click and collect tomorrow.

There are moving pictures over on Insta stories (saved to Highlights if they've disappeared from the actual stories).  Any questions just ask, but I will be back with pictures of the new trousers, the jacket in the right size and the PINK COAT! 

This blog post has been written as part of my monthly paid partnership with M&S.  All thoughts are my own, unedited.

The links in this blog post are affiliate links.

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  1. Ahhhh and the head band big for spring...Me I was a Sloan ranger first time round...However great for the beach when the hair is wild..Thinking of summer And Argh

  2. Thanks for this. I ordered the trousers in Navy and I'm in love! They are SUCH amazing quality! I ordered my usual size 10 and they are fine, length is just below ankle which is perfect...skimmed above the snow earlier this week! Very impressed with the fabric, drape and weight...and the way they move when one walks x

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  8. M&S is now offering basic wardrobe items for those with busts. The company is hoping to give women a more confident look with the new range of clothing.

    A recent study found that a third of women are wearing the wrong bra size, meaning they have to spend more money and time on clothing that doesn't fit them properly.

    The company has partnered with lingerie brand ThirdLove to launch the collection.

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