And just one exceptionally good reason today...

.. that's 25% off at River Island.  With the code GRAZIAOCT16.

So yesterday, the blog was definitely at the pricier end of the scale but today we have something more affordable, even more so with the discount applied. 

The children have decided that today they want to spend a day by the pool.  Sensory overload I fear and so a day of shuffle board (more fun that you may realise and no, number one son, we can't have one in our garden) and ping pong (present from Santa for the boys sorted).

I'm not going to lie to you, as I always say when I look at a River Island discount, there is an awful lot that makes my eyes bleed.  BUT, there are some total gems to be had, it really is a question of looking.  And fear not, I have done the looking for you.

Let's take the party season which is around the corner.  We are bombarded with emails stuffed full of sequins, glitz and glamour.  Which is fabulous but I don't have a life that really entails a lot of parties where full on bling is required.  I have maybe one.  And for that I shall be dragging out an old dress and I'll just update it with a new pair of boots, a jacket or some other small addition to my party wardrobe (ok let's just pretend we all have one of these).

And that's where somewhere like River Island comes into its own.  Genius for that small addition to your party wardrobe (yes, tool alert) without spending a fortune or buying something that you're never going to wear again. 

I'm going to start with something everyone should have in their wardrobe and that's a party tee.  So it's not really a party tee as such, but it's a tee that you can fling on with a bling jacket that just makes a party outfit that's not really a party outfit (no I haven't been drinking, this really works).  Skinny coated jeans, leather leggings or just good old jeans and instant party outfit. 

Clearly I have been very indoctrinated by my stay at the Hard Rock Hotel - my inner rock chick is fighting her way out.  There's more to come on this topic by the way, don't think you've got off lightly.

Grey marl snake print stud tee £20  I absolutely love love LOVE this tee.

White glitter heart print boyfriend tee £16

If you fancy more "party" and a more on trend piece, then how about a velvet frill blouse.  Completely A/W16 but will work perfectly with any of the old bottoms you've already got in your wardrobe.  The perfect top to wear for any partyish event.  Hell, just wear during the day with a biker jacket, jeans and trainers.

Black Velvet Frill Blouse £38

Or the Black High Neck Lace Blouse £30  Perfect for under a plain black blazer.

Or for those who don't like a high neck, how about the Black Military Wrap Blouse £32

If you'd rather go plain on top and let your bottom half do the talking, then instead of the midi skirts that I wang on about all the time - how about a mini skirt of gloriousness.  This is perfection in a thing of gold embroidered beauty.  I would personally wear with a black polo neck, opaques and either ankle boots or black flats but a black silk blouse could work just as well if you're not a polo neck gal.  Or to be fair, any colour blouse.  For me, if I have something busier on the bottom, I do like to keep the top super plain.  But I am a wuss when it comes to much detail together.  (mostly - and then I turn into a print and texture magpie and fling it all on).

Gold Floral Embroidered Mini Skirt £45

Jacket wise - over your plain tee or any other top, instead of black, how about a red velvet number?

Dark Red Biker Jacket 45

And of course boots. 

These are the easiest way to make a normal outfit into a party outfit.  Black suede will work for any occasion.

Black Suede Heeled Ankle Boots £50

But upping the ante for the festive season....

Navy Glitter Court Shoes £35

Gold Metallic Heeled Boots £50

These however I stumbled across and have inspired a whole new train of thought.  Blog to come but in the meantime, mid heel party shoes.  We all need a pair of these.  At £35 pre 25% discount, it would frankly be rude not to.

Metallic strappy Mary Jane Shoes in glitter £35

And finishing with a slew of my newly found love of all things oversized in the jacket department.   River Island come up trumps on this front at excellent prices.  All are pre discount.

Brown Faux Fur Suede Shearling Aviator Coat £75

Khaki Soft Green Aviator Coat £85

And then I obviously had to finish with two in black. 

Black Shearling Aviator Coat £85

And the black leather look version again £85 pre discount

So today, I haven't actually got dressed yet.  Not a proper outfit but this has been my look of the day... 

Bikini - Next
Seafollly Kaftan - Cocobay

More detailing on the kaftan - this was from last night.  Couple of hours by the pool.

So that's me done for today.  My phone will have recharged and I'm off to spend a couple of hours on the sunlounger with my book (I am an idiot and only bought my books on my Kindle App on my phone which has about an hour's charge on it at a time.  Blooming rubbish iphones).  Before a Harry Potter movie on the beach later on.  Only three days left... 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Loooove the Ts and the gold skirt. There are gems to be found everywhere....
    You sound as though you're having a blast - I love my 'home' state at this time of year (from now until Christmas is the best time of year in FLA). My parents are about to head on up to N Carolina for a few days, so I'm spared a few days Facetimes having to talk to them as they eat lunch by the pool or seeing the garden full of tropical loveliness through the wide open french doors. Cant wait until I'm back again.

    1. Absolutely love Florida. I always come at this time of year and have been at Christmas too. The most beautiful climate ever. I used to live in the US and came a few times in the summer months and wanted to die!! I don't do heat v well....

  2. I take it you have wifi? Sync your kindle and it should then have the books you put on your phone. Works with mine :-) Loving that skirt but just ordered the camo animal one from Warehouse and not sure I'd need both. Hmmmm.

    Holiday looks fab and the sun looks even better :D xx

    1. Oh WOW that skirt is amazing. I need to look at more short skirts I think... blog inspo thank you!

      I don't have a Kindle as such - just the app on my phone... hence it keeps running out of battery as I use it for everything!

    2. Love my kindle, I've had mine for about 6 years and it's still working fine. It says that the batteries won't need recharging for about a month (mine doesn't have a built in light though), and I'd say that's about right. Best Christmas present ever, even if my husband did get me to order it myself! I use it every single day, on the train, plane, holidays, etc....And I never get eye strain as I do after too long on my tablet!

    3. Not really. All skirts need to be transparent for obvious reasons. Hopefully a new WTO regulation can be brought in to deal with this problem.

  3. I haven't tried them on but a friend of mine has them and they're amazing. I love the fact that they're a variation on the theme as opposed to being a complete copy if you see what I mean?

  4. You're right about RI - some truly dreadful stuff there and a few gems but with that code I managed to get some festive treats for friends daughters - perfect and thanks - enjoy the sun!