These are a few...

.. of my favourite things. 

So I'm away. 

But I haven't forgotten you and whilst the last couple of days at home were all about desperately trying to get my shizzle together to go on hols - which involved panic buying the entire internet - I also managed to cram in a few extra things thinking of the weather when I was away and taking advantage of the codes that are available at the mo. 

Starting with reporting back on my new favourite jeans  The Mayfairs from Boden.  THE best skinny jeans ever.  I only wish they had them in more colours that I wanted.  

But the black waxed - and it's defintely waxed and not coated will be adorning my legs for the next season.  Regularly.  See this blog for 20% off details.

Mayfair Modern Skinny Jeans from Boden in black wax £47.60 with the 20% off 

Then I went to Me+Em - their Connaught Street store which is always worth a visit. 

I fell in love and came home with this jumper as there is 20% off with the code ORDER20.

Slouchy Stripe Cashmere Merino jumper from Me+Em £149

And this outfit. 

Perfect Swing Polo from Me+Em £99

With the Milano Wide Leg Pant £119

Now I had mine on with trainers but I will so be wearing with heeled boots as well.  The trousers will also look amazing with a longline white shirt and fitted little black jumper (I love my Uniqlo ones).  The jumper has endless possibilities - not least with the black waxed jeans which is why I got it in the black.  Black, black and more black.  You can't go wrong. 

And I soooo nearly got the oversized biker.  The jacket of dreams.  Wearing the jumper above.  LOVE.

I very immodestly, think I wear it well.  Ha ha ha!

Boyfriend jacket from Me+Em £699 pre discount

Then back to M&S and a lot of people have messaged me and asked which suit it was I was wearing for the M&S website article, as the article links to a black M&S Collection one.  Well the one I had on was the navy Autograph one.  It's amazing - super fluid and super versatile.  I sized up to a 12 in the trousers as I wanted them to sit on my hips and be longer but if you have more of a waist than me, I would say wear your usual size. 

Double Breasted Velvet Jacket from M&S £85

Wide legged trousers in navy £59

Along with the white leather trainers I featured in the last blog.

I'm also not sure that the longsleeve tee was featured.  I got it in the black and white and also in the pink and berry which I've worn previously.  It looks fabulous with khaki.  Now I know it's only £8.50 so 20% off isn't the best saving but every little helps.

Pure Cotton Long Sleeve Top £8.50

And in the pink mix again £8.50

And an outtake from the short - an outfit that I LOVED but we were really doing outerwear.  This jumper is simply gorgeous.  I sized up to give it more of an oversized look as I found it quite cropped (but I am 5ft10) so this is me in a large. 


In yet again the trainers, the culottes which again aren't the ones featured in the article so I've linked them here and the jumper which I had to give a special mention to.

Striped Funnel Neck Jumper at M&S £29.50 

Deep Pleat Cropped Trousers from Autograph £59

And finishing with one pic from yesterday on hols.  Have to be super quick as am typing from the pool (sorry) and am running out of battery by the second... 

Jumpsuit - Finery 
Black Cara Sandals - Apiedi 
Black bag - Village England.

Loving it here, weather perfect, will be back shortly!

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  1. Replies
    1. I am in Winter mode in half my head and summer in the other half!

  2. Must admit I was expecting to have to cope with withdrawal symptoms while you're on holiday.... Hope you're enjoying it.
    Some great things there.

    1. We are LOVING it. All v full on. But loving in!

  3. Oh, you've inspired me. I've managed to bag a pair of cropped herringbone trousers from maxmara secondhand for £6:50. (I've a feeling my 11yr old will think they are clown trousers) but I'm thinking fitted jumper and biker jacket! Not that I'm copying you at all, oh no...

  4. Got those wide leg M&S trousers, love them. Now I want the jumper too! Freezing here today - enjoy the sunshine!

    1. The black or the navy velvet?? The jumper is one of those things that looks SO much better on!

  5. I've ordered a few things from M&S which I'm collecting tomorrow but I have to say THEIR STORES DRIVE ME MAD! I popped into one of the flagship ones today (Oxford Street) and I couldn't find any of the nice things I know they have on their website. Just acres of boring dross.... Plus they haven't sent me the bird print skirt which was one of the things I really wanted. Grrrr.

    Ahem. Sorry for the rant!

    1. Oh the bird print skirt is DIVINE. I bought it for a photo shoot and am having to keep it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  6. Thanks for the Me+Em code, I'm back from the States visiting my parents and ordered the stripey jumper which just arrived - I love it! When I ordered it I had to fill out how I'd heard of them, I was hoping I'd see your blog on their list, I can't be the only one who heard of them through you ;-)

    1. It's amazing isn't it? I will let them know thank you v v much! x

  7. I wondered if you find the Boden Mayfair wax skinny jeans keep their shape well? Or do they get baggy round the bum?! Thanks