When all you can think of is...

... gold lurex.  I'm blaming Strictly.  This heralds the beginning of the Autumn properly for me and I'm one step off writing Christmas cards (this is a blatant lie, I haven't written Christmas cards for years.  Maybe I'll do some this year.  Which I so know I won't...) and getting the Christmas decorations out (now that, I love doing).

The fire is on, the winter candles are out (Brown and Drury Restoration or 1681 candles are my absolute favourites), I'd love to say I have a glass of red wine but the husband is muttering about maybe doing a dry October.  I am showing willing.  I reckon I can do a week... and so the obvious choice for research is all things glittery.  All things gold, lurex and lame.  It just goes with the season.  Strictly = bling.

Not helped by me seeing this skirt yesterday in a local boutique but at £500plus, I didn't even try it on (clearly seriously regretting that now...).  It is amazing. 

Alice & Olivia Katz Silk Blend Pleated Maxi Skirt from Selfridges £505

Which has obviously ignited a complete obsession with the need for something gold to wear - well I would love to say for the *party season* but in fact I am planning on wearing during the day.  My only massive gripe is that I fear these won't go in the washing machine, which is why a skirt is a great idea as I wash these virtually never.  Ming alert.

I know I bang on about these incessantly but they are fast becoming my favourite jeans alternative.  I actually - can't quite believe i'm saying this - find them easier to wear than denim.  Although I haven't done a midi or maxi skirt blog since August so I feel more justified in wading in today. 

I'm also currently nursing an addiction to jumpers.  When you find something that works it's so hard not to repeat and repeat and repeat.  

Now the one above is super super long.  Which, at 5ft10 is fabulous.  Not so fabulous at that price but if you're more petite and don't want to spend as much, this one from Urban Outfitters is definitely worth exploring. 

Light Before Dark Gold Pleated Skirt £59

Another gold (apparently it is gold although I'll admit, it does look silver to me.  A silvery gold shall we say) non full on pleat and a good length for the non super tallies.  Ankle boots, trainers or heels for nights out.  Perfectly easy to wear for all occasions.

Greylin Sonia Metallic Gold Skirt was £120 now £57.50

Longer, blowing the budget and not a pleat.  Which, I have to say, I quite like as pleats are every so slightly ubiquitous at the moment.  The more I look at this, the more I think I might have to have it. 

Gold Lurex Pleated Juliana Skirt from Dodo Bar Or £200

 Now I am planning on doing metallic tops another day but there is another reason to get the above skirt.  Look.  In.  Awe.  Also from Avenue 32 at £230 (bugger).

Or a multi coloured version. 

Multi Lurex Pleated Julianna Skirt £200 (yes you can buy the top too... but for me - plain gold is out there enough).

Another multicoloured option, this time, throwing in some leopard, just in case the colours, the metallic and the pleats weren't enough.  Or you have money to burn.

Metallic Leopard Print from Aviu £305

But my find of the day...knife pleat lurex stripe midi skirt. 

Matches, Net-a-Porter, Avenue 32? 


Kaleidoscope £39  This is amazing if you're not looking for full on lurex but want a hint.  For me, I'd wear this with a tee tucked in for every day.  Do not, I repeat do not look at the styling online for this.  Please see the skirt for what it is, as it could be amazing.  It's also a shorter length so is ideal for all those of you who say that the skirts are too long generally.

Another shorter version at Urban Outfitters.

Light Before Dark Green Pleated Mermaid Skirt £59

Midi in teal at metallic chunky-knit skirt from Opening Ceremony was £295 now £132.81

And then of course if you don't want a midi or a pleated skirt, there is always the tube option.  This is so easily shortened to the length that you want, especially for this price.  Although I have to say I do like it long.  Wear with chunky boots and huge oversized knits.  Alternatively, shorter you can easily wear with heels and a crisp white shirt with black jumper over for work.

Biana Lurex Midi Skirt from French Connection was £65 now £19

And then there's a metallic denim mini.  As easy to wear as a leather mini.

Metallic denim mini skirt from Tomas Maier was £450 now £180

Finishing with another midi (soz) but this time it's a fuller skirt with a metallic print.  Love.

ASOS Metallic Jacquard Prom Skirt £50

Have I managed to talk you into a metallic skirt of any variety?  I have managed to convince myself my life won't be worth living with that Dodo Bar Or co-ord outfit.  Now does it go into the machine? (obviously not *weeps*). 

Finishing with my dress down looks from this weekend.  Feeling slightly delicate yesterday after we thought it would be a really good idea to invite a couple of our friends over for drinks at 10pm on Friday night... It was an excellent idea at the time.  Not so much when you finish at 1am and have to get up to take the small boys to footie at 8.30am.  Rest of the weekend was exceptionally chilled.  Best bit was afternoon out with the 12yr old followed by the obligatory Strictly followed by X Factor.  Love winter evenings in.

Love jumper - hush
Boyfriend jeans - ASOS
Leopard coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Half moon bag - APC
Copeland glitter trainers - Air & Grace

And today - rugby followed by family over for lunch.  The warm and excptionally comfy  "stand in a muddy field for two hours" boots from last year are out.

Navy cashmere jumper dress - Whistles
Navy and white striped cashmere joggers - Wyse London
Boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Onyx Jacket - hush
Black Haworth bag - Village England

I am currently watching live X factor now with the children.  And trying to explain to them that I can't pause it.  And I can't rewind it.  A concept that simply cannot comprehend.  Losing.  The.  Will.  To.  Live.  I'm off to look at handbags instead.

ETA - oh my lord, the third child has come in and is trying desperately to re-wind the tv and cannot understand why he can't.   And is not amused that I think it's funny.  Oops.

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24 comentarios:

  1. http://m.asos.com/liquorish/liquorish-pleated-skirt/prd/6672909?iid=6672909&clr=Gunmetal&SearchQuery=midi%20pleated%20skirt&pgesize=120&pge=2&totalstyles=120&gridsize=2&gridrow=57&gridcolumn=1

    I ordered this earlier. Perhaps a good alternative to the £500 option? Asos has some good ones x

    1. That is an AMAZING find! But I really wanted gold... But for £28!!!

  2. Ooooh, you'v got me feeling all Christmasy now! Actually like the Kaleidoscope skirt the best, love it's subtlety. I'm so not there with skirts yet, I still love my jeans too much. Must try harder to give them a go! x

    1. I completely agree they take a bit of getting used to but once you've mastered the tops, you will never go back!

  3. Goldy-ish on, satisfyingly swishy http://www.next.co.uk/g6472s3#457793

    1. Oh I love the colour of that but it's not long enough. *weeps*

  4. Here, how about this - it's gold, it's long, it's pleated and it's not £500 http://www.next.co.uk/gl7190s3#l46779

    1. That is perfect but alas, I wanted it super long and being 5ft10 I would need it in a Tall. Which they don't do. SOB!

  5. I'd love a gold one but have already got a silver M&S one that I can swish about it - hitting metallic fever.......

    1. And I think you'll find gold and silver work on completely different levels? You could so justify both.. (maybe...!)

  6. Not a skirt but I have got a subtley sparkly navy jumper from m&s on. Really useful fitted jumper, great with flared jeans and skirts. I have just remembered I have a black chiffon midi skirt that I could wear...

    1. Perfect perfect perfect. I shall be coming onto metallic tops for sure!

  7. I've ordered the asos skirt, have high hopes for it for it!

    1. Mine comes tomorrow. Hope it's early doors! x

    2. Hope they work ladies! Which one - the last one? I got an M&S one similar in the sale which I've never worn BUT I am planning on definitely wearing with a sheer polo neck and velvet ankle boots. That's one night out sorted!

  8. I love these pleats now too! First one was almost 2 years ago for a Christmas night out and now I love them for day and evening too! You've helped me to master this, cheers, much appreciated 👍
    Anyway, it's not gold but I do have a lovely long (from the tall range) version from Warehouse for £45!! I'll try and find a link x

    1. It takes a while doesn't it, but once you've mastered it - how easy are they to just throw on??! Now, I did not know that Warehouse do a Tall range! How did I not know this??!

  9. http://www.warehouse.co.uk/gb/clothing/skirts/metallic-plisse-midi-skirt/027225.html?dwvar_027225_color=91&position=41&cgid=skirts#page=4&start=41&categoryID=skirts
    It actually looks much better in real life, I'm 5ft 8 and is good and long on my....worth a try?

    1. Now that looks amazing.. but I did have my eye on a gold one.. (you know when you got something in your head and you can't stop thinking about it?)

  10. Just received my navy sparkly sweater from Whistles, a mere 19 hours after it was picked up by DHL! (And the dog didn't even bark at the nice delivery man). I so wish other companies would use DHL, they are quick, and have by far the best flexibilty for international deliveries. (UPS, on the other hand is to be avoided.)
    I sized up as Kat did say it was on the small size, and this was spot on, relaxed fit without being too large on my petite but booby figure. Love the soft knit, and the detailing, perfect with my skinny jeans in the day, or my lace pencil skirt for an evening out. Can't wait to wear it.
    Thanks for the heads up Kat, not to mention the discount code. :-)
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh I LOVE DHL. Rob my delivery driver is just too amazing (not sure the husband remotely agrees with these sentiments...). It's small isn't it? The sales assistant did agree that they're sizing was definitely on the small side but I did fear she may have just been being on the nice side..! So phew, pleased it's not just me.

  11. I bought the ASOS one last week and LOVE it although now I need a reason to wear it!

    1. Because it's Friday?! I am over keeping things for best!


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