I have good news and bad news

The bad news is that the shopping here is pants.  I was going to say that, ok so it's not actually completely pants but on reflection it is pretty pants.  It's basically the £s fault.  Everything is so expensive.  Even the shops that were always cheaper, now suddenly aren't.  Abercrombie and JCrew are two excellent examples.  The clothes were always less over here in the US to begin with - think like Zara in Spain - so the $ price would be less than the £ price not taking the exchange rate into consideration.  

But now everything seems to be the same price $ and £ anyway - and in Abercrombie in some instance, the £ price was cheaper! (they list all the country prices on the tag - I had to get google happy in JCrew, for those prices that I didn't remember...). 

The exchange rate is pretty much parity so by the time you've added in tax, it works out more expensive.  A lot more expensive.  The bag I had my eye on in JCrew is £298 at home and $298 here.  Now they do have 30% off at JCrew currently if you spend over $200 but it's with exclusions.  Obviously *my* bag is one of them.

Pah.  And besides that, there were only a couple of things I thought - they look quite nice...but nothing that I HAD to have.  I'm not even going to mention the depressing 45 minutes trying rubbish (but expensive) jeans on.  For the love of the lord - why are all jeans so skinny?  Or tapered?  I will return to this another day.  

In the meantime, I was much cheered up then, when I got my email saying that there was a mid season hush sale. 

This is more like it. 

So today - instead of googling jeans which I should be doing (seriously how depressing is it trying to shop for jeans?) I have a spare hour before Wet & Wild opens (so you can see why I also need cheering up... the husband doesn't do water which leaves me as chief slide rider with the kids.  Dear.  God).

Starting with things which I have and recommend hugely. 

Although I don't have this in the burgundy.. but I do in the black.  And it will be more useful than you ever thought imagineable, I promise.  Perfect for those occasions when you're not quite sure what to wear but need something quite dressy but still want to be comfortable.  But it can also be dressed down with a biker and trainers or ankle boots.  Honestly, it's more versatile than you every thought possible.  We'll ignore the going to the loo thing.

Jumpsuit in burgundy was £75 now £50

But the black is also only £50.  I got this in the sale last year when it was in and out of stock and I stayed up till 2am (ok so I happened to be up anyway) and it popped back into stock.  Grab it whilst you can. 

Another hush classic which sells out super super quickly whenever it's in stock - I have the pink version from three years ago - I think the blue one was from last year.  The perfect cardigan for those Autumnal days, ideal for layering.  I also wear mine on the sofa every evening.  A virtual hug in a cardie (and the kids always steal all the blankets).

Nessa Cardi was £110 now £70

Speaking of knitwear, an oversized knit is one of my favourite A/W must haves.  Yes, supremely useful for layering and again, doubles up as loungewear in the evenings and at the weekends. 

I always size up in the boyfriend cashmere jumpers (something I don't do very often in hush) as I like them on the larger size.   Lots more cashmere on offer in the sale.

Cashmere boyfriend jumper was £185 now £120

Another I would recommend that I've seen and can definitely recommend is the Contrast Rollneck was £99 now £60 size up for an oversized look if you prefer and are more statuesque of build (ie Gulliver, like me).

Now I've never mentioned hush leather bags but these two are completely gorgeous.  The Delphine I used in the packing video shoot I did for hush and it's on my Christmas list (so I'd better order it now on behalf of the husband as it will now sell out).  It's the perfect weekend bag . We all need one.  But works just as well for those days when you need to cart around that little bit more.  In fact, the ideal airplane bag.  The leather is that miraculous combination of slouchy, buttery sturdiness.  (three words you never thought you'd see together but they describe the bag perfectly!)

Delphine bag from hush was £149 now £99

And the ideal every day tote. 

The Fleur Shopper was £149 now £90

Best bargains of the day though have to be these two - brought back from the archives. 

Fire Parka was £170 now £100

And handily they also have the boots in the above picture which are simply DIVINE.

Lace Up Studded Boots were £210 now £130

In the meantime, I am still here in the sunshine, having a complete ball.  Can genuinely not recommend it highly enough and promise to do a full low down when I get back.  Any questions in the meantime, just fire away. 

Outfits from the last couple of days.  Travelling.  I love travelling in a dress.  I just find them more comfortable when you're sitting down for hours and hours on end. 

Clearly there is zero fake tan going on here.  You can virtually see me from space.

Palm print maxi shirt dress - H&M
Gold superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black jersey biker jacket - Whistles
Grab bag - Gucci
Black Haworth bag - Village England

And yesterday.  Still wearing dresses...

70s style dress - & Other Stories
Cara Sandals - Apiedi
Black Haworth Bag - Village England 

Leaving you with one of my favourite photos of the week so far... me with a Lorax.  Clearly, I would have preferred the Cat in the Hat or Thing One and Thing Two but the queue for the Lorax was infinitely shorter...

So I can't put off the water slides any longer.... oh lord, wish me luck... There is definitely a cocktail by the pool with my name on for it when we get back!

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10 comentarios:

  1. Have you been to the outlets on i drive? There's one at each end. Premium International and Premium Vineland.

    1. We went to one.. we went to International. Was sooo disappointed. Was ridiculously expensive! Uggs more expensive than full price at home, ditto adidas sneakers!!! Don't do JCrew outlet etc as they don't have mainline stock - they make specially for the outlets. Although I did buy some Clinique & Ojon oil in the Cosmetics Company as I forgot to bring any cleanser or oil for my hair!!!

  2. Brit living in California here, and I miss the good old British high street SO MUCH! The only brands I really like out here that are hard to get back home are Madewell and Everlane (online only) but otherwise, it's just nowhere near as good I'm afraid, and certainly not with the currency conversations.

    Good luck with the water slides, I'm sure you'll earn that cocktail!

    1. I have to say even when I go to New York, it's the European brands that dominate their retail. Anthro is always worth a look and I love Helmut Lang in the sale. I would deffo have bought some Rachel Comey jeans but they don't have them in Orlando!!!

  3. I am so with you on the disappointing shopping and dire exchange rate - it was bad enough when we went a few weeks after Brexit and it's even worse now. I must say, while I've never really bought much at the JCrew outlet, the husband always does very well there and I'd always believed it was 'Factory' stock as opposed to mainstream collection, but he has bought quite a few things that were available at full price on the website. A few years ago I would have brought loads back from the US, but now I find things haven't really moved on with European tastes and it's all a bit stale (this year it was only really sandals and Raybans I came back with). Just as well, at $1.21 to the £!

    1. JCrew will have the odd thing but most of their stock is, alas, definitely made for outlet. I would definitely have bought a couple of things in JCrew but they just weren't cheaper at all! And of course there's then the fact that Europeans's are knocking it out of the ball park style wise! Although I am having a Rachel Comey denim love in at the mo (which you can't get in Orlando...!!)

  4. I find outlet shopping really only works for my husband and son, the only thing I bought were Rayban sunglasses at the outlets (and they weren't even discounted!) But I did VERY well with sneakers for my son, bagged 3 pairs (upsizing) at Reebok for less than a quarter of regular retail price!

    Thanks so much for the Hush tip! I finally bagged their jumpsuit in black (I like their style last year way more than this year's.)

    1. That jumpsuit from last year is amazing. Great great buy as this was OOS at the end of the season!

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