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It's officially cold now.  The outwear is out.  And considering how obsessed I am with coats (seriously can you ever have too many?), imagine how completely over the moon I was when M&S asked if I would like to write for Style & Living Section on their website, championing outerwear layering. 

You can read the feature here...

But there are of course, lots and lots of other coats and jackets that I couldn't include on the feature so today is the perfect excuse to bring you my current favourites.  Obviously I should be packing but, Queen of Procrastination that I am, would far rather be vicariously shopping. 

Although vicarious it may not be - many of you have already admired my new M&S leopard coat which only came out after I'd written the above feature.  This I love.  I was gutted at missing out on the full on fur Limited Edition version which was gorgeous but everything happens for a reason as, for the Autumn, this one definitely has the edge, for me, over its predecessor.  And no better reason to buy this weekend with 20% off using the code OCT16A21. 

The longline blazer style is exactly what I was looking for (to be fair, the other was the same shape) and I love the muted palette to the print.  It definitely has a grey vibe to it as opposed to a camel tone which is incredibly useful in justifying the purchase.  I also have a fur one that I bought from M&S last year (seriously they knock it out of the ball park when it comes to leopard coats) so was stretching the realms of justification a tad when considering the other one, but this one is different enough to make total sense (not saying the husband would agree but what does he know...).

Collared Neck Overcoat with wool £69 So I know it does look remotely grey here but trust me, compared to lots of camel leopard (that makes sense in my head) it's a greyer version...

And here I am in mine.  I only got this at the end of last week and have already worn it twice.

Or if you do want grey, there is a very similar grey version, albeit double breasted.

Leopard Print Overcoat with wool £89 Ok yes, this is grey grey.

I will admit though it was a very close call between the leopard and the plain camel.  If you are after a camel coat for the Autumn, then this is the one you need.  In the article, I chose the cashmere Autograph coat which is a real investment piece and definitely an all season coat.  This is a much lighter version. 

Collared Neck Coat with Wool £69

And exceptionally similar in dark grey.  

Single Button Coat with wool from Limited Edition £69

Slightly shorter now but again, the longline blazer style that is the perfect Autumnal coat.  And one that will take you from the office to the weekend.  

Not to mention for out in the evenings as well.  Also in black online. 

Revere Collar Overcoat in pink £59

And in the silver grey again £59

Longer again and this time functional as well as stylish at Autograph.  This trench is amazing.  I featured it on the trench blog a while ago and had to try it.  If you're not into a belted trench, this is spot on.  The quality is superb and the colour is a flattering dark toffee.  Although I wouldn't say it's *quite* this dark in the flesh.

Back Pleat Trench Coat from Autograph £129


One area in Marks I was super impressed with is their new Indigo area.  I say new as at Bluewater, it's moved and definitely has a very different feel to it. 

Coatwise, they are winning.  Again, none of these were in when I did my shoot.  And to that end, one thing I will say about Marks these days is their turnover of stock is so quick.  Which can be frustrating but does mean that you're far less likely to see the same person in what you've got.  It just means if you see something you love, buy it.  Buy it immediately as chances are it won't be there next time you go in (black maxi coat from Indigo, I'm looking at you... *weeps*.  Seriously I could KICK myself for not getting it.  "I'll wait", I said.  Well I'm an idiot I now say).

Faux Fur Overcoat in black mix from Indigo £79

So here's what I mean about the new Indigo Collection being drool worthy.  This is sublime. 

Military Pocket Overcoat in black £69

If we're looking at shorter jackets, then I also need to mention the faux leather biker.  Amazing fit.  Lovely buttery soft, believable faux leather in two colours.  Take your usual size.  As you can see from the pics, it doesn't look that shiny in real life at all.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket £55 in black 

And a slightly different version in the tan also £55

Can I also please do a special shout out for the white leather Autograph trainers?  So I had ordered the Isabel Marant Barts as I really wanted a pair of "box fresh" sneakers.  I wear trainers A Lot.  I really do.  I adore them, more than I should.  The Marants were teensy.  As I've mentioned before, they also had an off white suede top to them which would be "not off white" aka filthy in all of 20 seconds on my feet.  So when I was coat shopping, I happened to spy the Autograph trainers.  I love them.  Size up (I'm a 6.5 at M&S but these only come in full sizes so I got the 7.  The 6 wasn't an option unless I fancied no circulation to my toes).  They are amazingly comfortable, with a leather insole and I've been wearing mine with no socks and no blisters.  Perfection for Autumn.

Leather Lace Up Trainers from Autograph £49.50

I would love to say that this is the last of my coat purchases for this year, but I would by lying.  I've already spied a black trench from the new Alexa Collection that has my name all over It.  Watch this space.  I shall be reporting back on the whole range as soon as it comes out.

Proving how much I'm loving the trainers, here I am in them again today. 

Black swing polo neck - Me+Em
Grey wide cropped trousers - Me+Em
Black Onyx Biker Jacket - hush
White leather trainers - Autograph at M&S
Black half moon bag - APC

So now I MUST go and pack, but hope you like the M&S article.  And happy 20% off spending.  I will be reporting back with the other bits I spied when I was doing the shoot as there are some amazing things that didn't make the article.

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24 comentarios:

  1. Well, you are always going to get plenty of wear out of coats in Britain, aren't you, you might as well look stylish as well as warm. Lots of lovely choices, like the grey ones, particularly. I have just rediscovered a black trench coat I thought I had thrown out (does anyone else do this? I also found a grey beanie too...). I'm definitely going to be wearing it a lot.

    1. I m SO in the market for a black trench!

  2. Leopard coat and white trainers ordered. I've been looking for both for ages. I tried the Isabel Marant trainers on yesterday and they were uncomfortable but I do have awkward feet! Thanks for the tips.

  3. Ooh, thank you! Have ordered the trainers, plus a grey frilly jumper I found and...huh...something else that I have already forgotten. Oops! Ironically, it wasn't a coat!

    1. Ha ha ha - grey frilly jumper... this rounds rather epic (looks at mountain of knitwear shamefully...!)

  4. Congratulations on being asked to do the M&S feature, it was great.
    Just ordered a grey funnel neck jacket and navy ankle boots (which I'm hoping I can walk in as they look incredibly high). I had a different 20% code (TREAT16) not being in the UK, they have a new website for those of us outside of Britain. Free tracked delivery too! :-)
    Hope the packing is going okay, and I for one am not remotely jealous (yeh right, I'm dead jealous really!).

    1. Oh that's great news about the discount! Well done M&S! Packing went well so far.,,,

  5. Can anybody help me read the M and S article please? Brit living in matter how I try all I keep getting is a pop-up asking me if I want shipping to Austria. Err no, I'd just like to read the article on my favourite blogger...unless they mean they'd ship Kat to Austria;) In that case...A BIG YES:D

    1. I read it on my tablet, here in Denmark, with no problem at all. I can't find it if I'm on the new international site, you need to be on
      When the pop up vindue comes up, there it is usually possible to stay on the British site, so have a look to see if there is something to click on to stay on that site.

    2. I'm in australia and keep getting the pop up too. When i select t h e shipping country, i am sent to the site and away from the article. Can't work out if the website is too smart for its own good or I'm doing somethi g wrong.....

    3. Oh gosh! I'll see if I can cut and paste it somehow...

  6. I got maybe leopard print coat today, it's my first leopard print clothing item, I've only done footwear 'til now so I found it a bit of a shock! I think I need to try it on a lot to get used to it. Any tips for overcoming my self consciousness?!

    1. Wear it with pride! Honestly, if you look like you love it, it will look fabulous. Maybe team with all neutrals to begin with?

  7. I've been muttering some darkly Naval swear words as every time I try to add the leopard coat to my basket it updates with an 'out of stock' message. Grrrrrr.
    Do you know if the 20% off is available in-store? I've checked availability and a store local-ish to me has one in stock in my size...

    1. Hmm I think it is although you might need the email.... Sign up to Sparks and you'll get it x

  8. Coat totally out of stock, even though showing stock on website!!

  9. I missed out on the faux fur leopard which I was gutted about. But every cloud and all that because I found the bargain of the century faux leopard. From Matalan. For £40. I know! Size up though as it comes up very small. I got a 16 rather than my usual 12.

  10. Black Swing Polo Neck - GENIUS! Off to google immediately! Love 'rigout' above! Have a great hol, Audrey x

    1. It is honestly honestly amazing. I could totally justify in the navy as well... and maybe the pebble (which is actually a v pale blush...)

  11. I just couldn't get on with the M&S trainers. I found them very hard and tricky to get on and for me sizing up from a 6 to 7 just didn't work.
    I did strike lucky with Boden. Their white trainers qith the gold stripe (also sized up to 7) are hugely comfortable. Xxx


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