Roll or polo?

I so wanted to say rolo or polo but in the history of jumpers, I can pretty safely say, no one's ever called it a rolo neck.  Although there is a first time time for everything no?  

But in the interests of trying not to be a cretin - do you call them roll(o!) necks or polo necks? (or do you call them a no go area?!  In which case could I ask you to just look at the first one - assuming you don't like them because of a bust issue - and then you can stop reading.)

For me it's always been a polo neck.  Which, as I've discovered if you say it many many times over sounds completely bonkers.  Roll neck makes much more sense but since any form of sense that I may have had seems to have a done a runner with my first placenta (children have ruined me), the more randomly titled polo neck is my description of choosing.

Regardless of what you call it, it is possibly my favourite jumper of all time. I try and hold off as long as I can into the Autumn but when I cave, I cave big.

I love any sort of polo neck - ok so there are possibly only two types - a finer and a chunkier version but I seem to have amassed a fair collection of both.

Today though, I'm looking at the more fitted versions. 

These for me, are my absolute go to jumper in the A/W.  As someone who is super white (think Caspar without his tan), I love the fact that I have less skin on show.  Which sounds weird but it just works.

I also love their versatility.  As I always say - the ideal purchase for me is something I can wear during the day and also out at night.  Looking back on my list from the other day, these pretty much go with every form of bottoms that I own.  Except skinnies - but that's where the chunkier versions are pure gold.  Peg leg trousers, boyfriend jeans, midi or maxi skirts and wide leg crops - these are perfection in a jumper.  

This is my current favourite which I am very grateful to Fenn Wright Manson for sending me.  I am always on the search for a new black jumper that I will wear and wear and wear and this one ticks all the boxes.  The only teensy gripe for me, is that I'd like the arms to be a couple of inches longer but I do have Mr Tickle appendages.  For the more normal amongst us, this won't be an issue at all. 

This is the perfect fine knit to wear out in the evening as well as during the day.  There's nothing worse than a fitted jumper that makes you feel like you're a boil in the bag ready meal.  I wore it out for the first time last night and am exceptionally tempted to wear it this evening as well.  

I also think this could be the perfect option for those who are bustier amongst us.  The sheer yoke makes it far less constricting across the breast and it does come up big - ie I'm a small and I'm a 10/12.

Fenn Wright Manson Taurus Jumper in black  £89

Which they also do in a grey again £89

My other must have version that I have had for the past three years is the silk cotton mix one from Jigsaw.  Neither the Fenn Wright Manson one above nor my Jigsaw favourite are the cheapest but - and she's back to banging on about cost per wear again - these will honestly pay for themselves.  If you're going to wear them a lot, it does make sense to buy quality.

Silk Cotton Polo Neck Jumper from Jigsaw £89

And in the charcoal.

If you prefer ribbed, then look no further than Me+Em.  Best bit about this jumper (apart from the quality of knitwear from Me+Em being sublime, full stop), is the super long arms.

Perfect Ribbed Polo from Me+Em in black £99 Don't forget 20% off with ORDER20 as the code 

Love it in the soft pebble £99

And the super fabulous grey £99

Extra fine merino from Uniqlo £24.90 in ten different colours. 

Brown wouldn't be my first choice but this gives you the best idea of the fineness of the jumper.

I do however love it in the olive which is a perfect alternative to black.

Or ring the changes with a pink.

Then there are the wool jersey options from Me+Em.  These are perfect for layering but with the ruched side detailing, I would happily wear on their own. 

Luxe Polo Neck Top from Me+Em £69 in navy - it's harder to find a navy polo neck than it should be.

And in the black (always got to be in the black... )

Obviously I've been building up to justifying a new one and this one I know I would get more than my money's worth out of. 

Roll-neck 1970 wool sweater from Bella Freud £295

And here I am in my new Fenn Wright Manson one.  I can confirm it's the perfect weight for a night out - you can't really see the sheer detailing on the yoke here, it is subtle but an effective detail.   

Black Taurus Polo Neck - Fenn Wright Manson
Metallic skirt - Marks & Spencer
Carmen Black Velvet Boot  - Penelope Chilvers
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch

Last night, really great dinner party and I'm off out again this evening to a Pop Up restaurant.  Need to think carefully about what to wear as it's a fifteen course taster menu so experience says, something loose is probably a good idea.  Tomorrow morning, up early for rugby.  That's going to be fabulous.  

In the meantime, I'm now off to peruse more skirts like the one above, as I have been asked about it numerous times on Instagram and it's old season.  Off to see if I can find some great versions available for now.  Note to self - I do not need to buy a new one....

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23 comentarios:

  1. I say polo necks, too! I bought a couple last year from Banana Republic, but am on the lookout for more so will definitely be taking a look at some of your choices. I love your M&S midi skirt too. They have some great options this season - I wouldn't have thought to look in the Per Una section, but there's a skirt very similar to yours, only in pink tones: x

    1. Saw that in store the other day and it's my number one choice on the next blog! Great minds... I think it's the same skirt but in pink.. I also seem to remember though that it has pockets whereas mine doesn't. Which is a MASSIVE bugbear

  2. I agree, it's definately a polo neck.
    They are not for me any longer, when I was 18 and only a D cup I could get away with them, but 20+ years, two dress sizes (to think I could squeeze into a size 8 once), not to mention two cup sizes later, they just make me feel as though my boobs start just under my chin!
    Although I do have a poncho (why oh why are they called ponchos?) with a relaxed polo neck, more cowl neck, which works okay. I suppose the looseness of it hides a multitude of sins!

    1. It's strange isn't it? I bet you look amazing in a polo neck but if it doesn't feel right, then no amount of someone telling you it looks great is going to persuade you otherwise!!

  3. I went off polo necks for quite a few years but this year I've felt like wearing one again and the olive Uniqlo looks perfect for me. Also, can't wait for your post on the skirts. Saw a lovely one in Next with various peacock type birds on it but feel it will be everywhere, so won't be buying that particular one but would love alternatives. I think this type of skirt is great for hiding a multitude of sins and 'winter insulation' that we may or may not acquire before the Christmas party season. You also mentioned 'peg leg' trousers. I would love a post on these. Tried a great pair on in Zara and for some reason did not buy them. Now kicking myself and have become obsessed with them.

    1. I've been eyeing up that skirt as well, and not living in the UK means I'm unlikely to see someone else in it (although that has been known, with a next sweater in a Danish Pub!).

    2. I've been eyeing up that skirt as well, and not living in the UK means I'm unlikely to see someone else in it (although that has been known, with a next sweater in a Danish Pub!).

    3. I did a shopping event last Monday and that skirt was my number one pick!!! I loved the fact that it had a matching top so you could make a *dress* but still wear them separately as co-ords. It really is AMAZING. And it has pockets!!!!!

    4. I've ordered the Next skirt and it was already sold out in some sizes. M&S also have an amazing skirt with birds on which is already nearly gone too!

    5. I tried that on on Thursday! It's amazing too!

  4. Sorry Kat; as lovely as the FWM and Me+Em polos look, I will leave them to the less busty. I'm with Danish Pastry on this one - they make me look (and feel) bigger than I am...also I now have a hankering for a tube of rolo (do they even still make them?), which given it's early morning here in Australia does not bode well for the day 😏

    1. Yes you can still get rolos!! And I am more than aware that you either love 'em or hate 'em (polo necks that is, not rolos. Although I can't stand rolos as I don't like caramel!!)

  5. Only chunky polos for me but love the look of the Me+Em one with the extra long sleeves. And did I blink and miss you buying the PChilvers velvet ankle boots? Hope you're not holding out on us KF!

    1. Aha.. the lovely Penelope Chilvers boots were a gift from them - I LOVE them so much. Saving the reveal for a blog on velvet which actually now that I think about it, is way way overdue! They are amazing - the perfect night out boots. More comfortable than a heeled boot should ever be!

  6. Oh thank you lovely - I did think of you with the FWM one as it's perfect for the bustier amongst us with the sheer detail at the top. It also stops the black looking "Milk Tray Man".....

  7. I thought roll neck was American too. Makes more sense, I suppose. I love polo necks, but I am not that busy, so it's not really an issue. I'm on the lookout for some jersey ones for layering under jumpers, shirts etc. I have a heattech one from uniqlo and want something similar but not thermal for now.

    On the subject of polonecks, I spied a mum at school in a gorgeous poloneck jumper dress, dark grey and swingy. Very chic. I didn't get a chance to ask where it was from, sadly.

    1. AHA! They used to do a silky jersey one at Autograph which was £25. They've done it for the past couple of years. They're amazing.

      That jumper dress sounds epic.

  8. Busty not busy (autocorrect is obviously a bit prudish!)

  9. I've always called it a polo neck when it's high necked but the fabric doesn't roll/fold over and roll neck when it does. Either one doesn't suit as boobs too big but cowl neck does. Any chance you could do a blog on these please Kat. Thank you.

    1. Of course! They do tend to be chunkier in my experience though, do you think?

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