You can tell it's Autumn at last... I've got out the knitwear.  The proper, full on, hunka munka chunka jumpers.  These don't have the versatility of the finer knitwear items I love, but they are completely necessary.  For those days called Saturday and Sunday.  In fact, in the Winter for any day of the week.  

The ideal jumper for dog walking, for the school run, for duvet days, for those days when you need a hug from a piece of clothing - look no further than a longline, let your muffin loose, chunky knit.

My favourite way to wear them has historically been with skinnies - denim or leather.  Flat chunky boots or sneakers, huge scarf and a thin layer underneath.  Good to go.  However I am liking the look of them over a pleated or even a maxi skirt - something I wouldn't have contemplated before but considering my antipathy to pretty much anything skirt related until this year, it would be rude not to give it a go.  It may work - it may be a disaster.  I will let you know. 

Then of course there is the mini skirt, opaques and boots option - be them over the knee, knee high or an ankle boot.  Perhaps these jumpers are more versatile than I'd previously given them credit for.

And with some Autumn offers still rife, it's foolish not to invest.  First up - my favourite go to place for oversized knits, Me+Em.  I have a longline dove grey cashmere jumper from last year which I wore to death and was the first choice to break my jumper cherry this season. 

They don't do exactly the same this A/W but they do a couple of equally as fabulous options.

Top of my wish list is this striped version.  Call off the jumper dogs.

Slouchy Stripe Turtleneck in Black Stripe £149 20% off with the code ORDER20

Or in the navy. £149.  I could not love this look more. 

Or the ribbed longline chunky polo which has fabulous longer length sleeves.

Curved Hem Double Rib Polo from Me+Em £169

And in the black

My other favourite oversized jumpers are from Boden - their classic Off Duty Jumpers. Which they don't seem to do anymore.  I have two of their cashmere versions which are coming into their third year now.  They have been complete lifesavers over the past two winters.  The trick I found with them, was to super size up to give them the right sort of slouchy, oversized look. 

Alas though, they don't seem to have them this season but this looks like an amazing option in, in fact, a much better colour range.
Green at Boden with their Margot Jumper £99.50 A3W3 should give you 20% off.

Classic navy?  £99 pre discount 

Different colours now at Jigsaw.  One thing I will say - if these look a tad on the itchy side to you (I know lots of people can't wear wool and I have to say I do struggle with it next to my skin all day, unless it's cashmere or extra fine merino), I nearly always layer mine with a fine longsleeved tee underneath.  Must look out for some new ones this season - leave it with me.

Sheer Mohair jumper from Jigsaw £98 in Violet Haze

Or in the Limestone again £98

I think this is more of a cowl neck now... it certainly isn't a traditional roll neck (as in I like to look as if I'm going to pass out with the tightness round my neck).

Light Before Dark Slouchy Turtle Neck Jumper from Urban Outfitters £46 in navy

Or in the ivory, again £46

Shorter now but still with my beloved high neck.  Interestingly (or not), this is what I would call a Turtle Neck...

ASOS Ultimate Chunky Jumper with high neck in blush £25

And in my beloved black. 

ASOS Ultimate Chunk Jumper in black £25

Another pink in a, I think, slightly looser roll neck style but definitely shorter in the body. 

Miss Selfridge Chunky Pointelle Roll Neck Jumper in blush £35

But just in case you didn't want any form of roll neck but still love a chunk, then perhaps the ASOS Ultimate Chunky Jumper will work for you. 

ASOS Ultimate Chunky Jumper £25 in sage green

Love the shade of this - same jumper as above, different colour. 

ASOS Ultimate Chunk Jumper in Mink Marl £25

And then the ultimate in V necks.   There aren't that many of these around.  But I can't not show you this one as it's too gorgeous, despite being on the spenney side.

MiH Jeans Oversized Chunky Hughes Jumper £235

And my chunky knit looks from the last three days.  The temperature has dropped, the jumpers are up. 

Grey cashmere jumper - Me+Em
Grey cardigan - Zara
Black brushed high waisted skinnies - Boden
Boots - Seven Boot Lane
Haworth bag - Village England

Navy Off Duty Jumper - Boden
Army green cardigan - Acne Studios
Khaki skinnies - By Malene Birger
Haworth bag - Village England
Boots - Seven Boot Lane

This coat I was given today by one of my very good friends who was having a wardrobe criss for the weekend.  She dragged this out, said she hated it, I said I LOVED it, she said have it.  There was no telling me twice.  Yes it's remarkably similar to the Whistles one I have but with a completely (honestly) different collar.  Also reversible - I cannot get enough of grey coats.

Grey jumper - Bella Freud
Black ankle zip skinnies - Boden
Grey coat - My lovely friend!
Grey cashmere scarf - Black 
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Haworth Bag - Village England

Tomorrow I am shooting something super exciting and just praying it doesn't rain... All will be revealed shortly - I will be back with my best picks from somewhere.  The husband is out tonight, I have battled with homework (which is ALL DONE FOR THE WEEK) so I am rewarding myself with a glass of wine and some perusing off new season loveliness which just keeps on coming. 

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22 comentarios:

  1. Love the outfit with the army green cardigan Kat. Jealous of your collection, although it's a *bit* warm here today to be thinking knitwear - it's hit 90 and not summer yet.
    Just received this in inbox re knitwear sale - most under £30, although postage isn't cheap. I find sportscraft generally tts but bought a s/m in the sue sleeveless (I'm a uk 14/16, which usually means L).

    1. OOh haven't seen this brand before - off for a look, thank you. And struggling to muster up any sympathy here for your Summer weather...!!

  2. I am curious about your ankles. Do they not freeze? I love the jeans and trainers look but that bare bit of skin gets so cold on me and I had to give in and put socks on this morning. How do you carry this look through all winter?

    1. Now this is something I'm asked about all the time but genuinely that bit of my ankles doesn't get cold! I know it sounds random but it honestly honestly doesn't. And I know lots of other people say the same. When it gets super cold, of course, I then put on ankle boots but I never wear socks with my trainers.

      Having said that, I have a friend who lives in ballet flats until it snows and that I couldn't do as there's more of my foot on show. So go figure!

      I will say though, that pop socks might be your friend....!

    2. No, no, no, could NEVER go down the pop sock road - particularly flesh coloured ones!!

    3. Oh they're FABULOUS these days! Although I have to say, I go the cold ankle route personally!

    4. Why don't you try some sheepskin insoles available from Amazon. They keep your feet really warm in trainers and then you don't notice the ankle chill!!

  3. Love the khaki/blue outfit you're wearing above Xx Just read your blog on floaty macs - there are some lovely ones on the All Saints site - including some in the sale and a new season suede mac (the proverbial chocolate teapot), which would be my first choice.

    1. A suede mac sounds gorgeous but also sounds heinously expensive! My Zara one arrived today and I LOVE it. Although ridiculously long so I fear on most it would be sweeping on the ground...

  4. Yup, the temperature has definitely dropped. It was 7°C here this morning brrrrr. I am still trying to wear my thin raincoat over a fine knit albeit with gloves and scarf. It's nice when the sun comes out, but I think I might have to relent and get out my parka for the school seems too early!

    Love your chunky cardis but it's been too rainy here for those, sadly.

    1. That is chilly! We've been lucky with the rain so far.. *cue loads and loads of rain*.

  5. For someone who's not into polls, those Boden sweaters are really looking tempting! I love the way they're knit, and being looser they don't make me feel too booby!
    As for the weather, it's definately autumnal, I can't get my head around that it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were in the grip on an Indian summer. It's about 6°C here in the mornings, so for the 6am dog walk I was wrapped up, but by the afternoon it's reasonably warm (for the time of year).
    As for no socks, that'll be a no for me! Only wish I could.

    1. I do think your climate is a good gazillion degrees colder than ours in the South of England. Not sure if I could go bare ankled in Scotland..! But that's an amazing excuse to buy boots boots and more boots!

  6. Hi, where is your friends grey coat from?

    1. Alas - she has no idea! There is no label in it at all (it's reversible so she had to cut it off) and her mum bought it for her!!

  7. Perhaps a blog on pop socks soon??!

    1. I should do a socks blog, shouldn't I?!

  8. Hi Kat, these jumpers are great but I was wondering whether you're planning a chunky knit update as the season progresses? Essentially this is me being lazy and trying to avoid a shop trawl, apologies.

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