My Master Plan

Well.  It's not entirely a master plan.  That makes it sound rather grandiose.  It's more of a pretty basic plan for what I am going to be wearing this A/W.

I'm just going to throw it out there in list form, for you to peruse over and ask questions about.  I have been asked numerous times what my must have pieces for this Autumn are and so here (most of it?!) is.  

It's in no particular order and there will definitely be things I've missed off but I think my life might be complete if I were to find the "perfect" versions of all of the below.  Colourwise well... that's a personal thing but suffice to say, mine will be a conglomeration of black, navy and grey.  With some gold and khaki thrown in for good measure.  And any other colour I fancy along the way.

Metallic top
Stripe top
Polo neck
Intarsia jumper
Logo tee
Crew neck jumper
Wide leg crops - plain, pleather or leather
Tapered black trousers - plain, pleather or leather
Cropped kick flare jeans
Leather leggings
Midi or maxi skirt
Maxi or midi dress
Oversized knit
White shirt
Biker jacket
Sequin jacket
Oversized coat cardigan thingy
Leopard coat

Skater shoes
Ankle Boots x a million

And surely that's pretty conclusive?  Ok clearly that's me being ridiculous - that's for starters.  But seriously, without busting too many brain cells, I think that with the above list, I could happily dress until Spring.  And most of those things would merrily take you into next season too.  Without accessories...(that's a whole new delicious ball park to explore).

So what I plan to do - rather than go through each one now and describe how I'd wear it, is to tackle a piece at a time and devote a blog to my favourites available and what else in my capsule (capsule being code for massive) wardrobe would go with it.

Starting with one of my favourites (although I pretty much love all of the above which is why they've made it into my list of Must Haves) - the good old striped top.   I won't limit it to specifically Breton as I am a stripe whore and anything in a two tone will do.  Jumper, top, any two colours you fancy, I'm in.  Cotton, cashmere, wool - I am not fussy.

For the purposes of this item though, it must be short. (although not cropped.  Dear lord, not cropped).  I do have a rather amazing breton tunic in black and white that I fortunately found in H&M last year (I say fortunately as I've never seen it since - the quality is genuinely as good as my Joseph one which cannot be said for much of H&M), but today, I'm all about the shorter top or jumper. 

And what do I plan on wearing mine with?  Jeans (oh I can feel a complete jean splurge coming on.  At the moment I only like one pair of my jeans.  Does anyone else go through this - they totally fall out of love with most of their wardrobe and only want to wear ONE thing), maxi or midi skirts (love this look) with a biker or blazer (the latter being especially perfect if it's a quite straight skirt.. I may have one in mind, my leopard print one). 

Also looks amazing with wide leg crops and a more tailored trouser, as I have on today.  Blazer, trench or oversized cardigan coat and it's the perfect Autumn (I actually nearly said Fall then.  Who am I and what have I done with myself?) outfit. 

Colourwise, I have to say at the moment, if you held a gun at my head (please don't) it would be black and white as opposed to the more classical navy.  I know I love navy with black but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I do love black, black with more black even more. 

But they have historically always been difficult to find which is why it makes sense to bag 'em whilst you can.  Look no further.

Long sleeve breton from Boden in ivory and black £26.50  Plus 20% off everything at Boden at the moment with the code A3W3.

Another classic style from Jack Wills - perfect if you prefer shorter sleeves.

Jack Wills Aldeburgh Breton Stripe Top £34.50

Slightly looser at Me+Em and don't forget there is currently 20% off - code is ORDER20 (I have just spent way too long perusing all their new stock online and need to devote a whole blog to what I would choose.  The short answer is "a lot").

Double Layer Stripe Tee from Me+Em £69  I probably wouldn't wear this with a skirt - but definitely all styles of jeans and trousers.

Lovely detailing at the back. 

A jumper style.  Not entirely sure how this has passed me by but guess what I'm ordering tomorrow?

Breton jumper £75 from hush

But there's navy and white in the sale at Me+Em in a crewneck style. 

Stripe Raglan Crew jumper was £89 now £62

Or a fine knit jumper from H&M £14.99

However I have found two complete bargains (this is when you're comparing them to a) their full price and b) everything else on the Matches website - then they're a "bargain") from Isabel Marant in the sale.

Emsley Striped sweater was £190 now £95

Or the Isabel Marant Etoile Erwan button shoulder stripe jumper was £175 now £105

But one that I have and can highly highly recommend.  I have the medium which I would say is a small 12.  I bought this at the beginning of the Summer and have worn it a couple of times - it's perfect this in betweeny weather.  It's actually a brown metallic - which sounds ming but it's a khaki brown, it does indeed look pretty darn good with olives if I say so myself, ditto black.  It's also short in the body so is ideal with higher waisted trousers and skirts.  Not so good with anything low rise, unless you have a penchant for flashing your prosecco tyre (speaking for myself) to the world and her dog.

Mango Stripe Long Sleeved Top was £25.99 now £12.50

I can also confirm that you simply cannot have too many of these as they are so ridiculously versatile.  And anyone who tells you that you can (usually someone husbandish looking), is wrong.  There are loads more out there, of that I am certain and will bring you them as I find them.

Here I am in one of my very many tops. 

Breton top in black and white - H&M
Black pleather peg leg trousers - Zara
Oversized Blazer - Me+Em
Black Flame slip ons - Seven Boot Lane
Black fringed Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So I would love to hear if there are any surprises for you on my list or if you have anything that I should add.  I can guarantee that I've left some corkers off, so please do let me know.  

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25 comentarios:

  1. I had a rather rude awakening a couple of weeks ago when I sorted out my wardrobe and realised I have seven striped tops. You can never have enough and now I would like another two - the Me&Em one (the detail on the back - wow!) and the Hush one - I'm also wondering why I didn't earmark that one earlier too as I visit the Hush website almost daily! Those Boden ones are a classic for me. I've bought a few over the years. It's the ultimate capsule piece that goes with everything.

    I'm really looking forward to your other blogs along the same theme. Great idea x

    1. It's a relief that someone else spends too long perusing the Hush website. I've been obsessively waiting for the new black Claudia dress and it paid off yesterday morning to pounce on it quickly when it arrived it the new star print! And yes, stripes are addictive, too easy to acquire many tops...

    2. Pleased I'm not the only one. You really could just buy your whole wardrobe from there couldn't you? The new Claudia dress is absolutely gorgeous. I think the star print is even lovelier for the winter months.

    3. You could SO SO buy your whole wardrobe from there. You probably won't want to hear that they have some absolutely divine pieces for Christmas!

    4. Oh no I love to hear that! :) x

  2. As I was reading this I was wondering if I'd find my 'holy grail' of striped sweaters, navy/ cream with raglan sleeves. I love the way the stripes match up with a raglan sleeve! I have seen them in black, but navy and cream, think rocking horse poo! If only my Mum still had her knitting machines, I could get her to run me one up in no time!
    So that Me and Emma one is so close...but it is navy and white and for some strange reason I'm not into white at the moment, can't explain it, but I can't get my head around it, which also means my white straight leg jeans from last year haven't been worn since last year, and don't even get me started on my straight leg jeans generally.....
    I have just invested in Boden's striped cashmere sweater, which is very colourful, and cosy, and will brighten up a dull day.
    Love your list, so many good things on it, that can be done in so many ways.

    1. That should read 'Me and Em ', sometimes I hate auto correct!
      Danish Pastry

    2. Oh I am LOVING white at the mo - navy and white but specially black and white...

  3. I love Uniqlo for really good quality Bretons in very thick cotton. They are cheap but last for years and this year they are slightly cropped. Result!

    1. Oh I ALWAYS forget to look there. DOH! I will have a look, thank you x

  4. I've just got the Boden breton with velvet ties at the shoulder - thought it would be two trends in one!

  5. ON the coatigan theme, have you seen this? Admittedly it's listed as charcoal but there's 20% off today with FBFANS20....just a thought.

    1. Seen what? Sorry - can't see a link? (possibly me bring dense))

  6. ON the coatigan theme, have you seen this? Admittedly it's listed as charcoal but there's 20% off today with FBFANS20....just a thought.

  7. Mango black coat/coatigan is good... but huge (M is closer to a 14 than a 10) and it has a weirdly synthetic feel on the inside which you can see when sleeves rollled up. But I love the style and length... and reckon it might look better in the Small (and I never size down!)

  8. Oh so useful thank you Kat!!!! Are you going to do a pleated skirt this A/W? Think you have a couple & assume they come under midi category? Am desperate for new jeans but no clue what kind. Skinnies are still useful for over the knee boots but otherwise am looking for boyfriends - not girlfriends as am not keen on the narrow cuff at the ankle. Bought the Whistles grey long cardi btw - not done a coatigan before.

    1. YES! But this comes under maxi or midi skirts... I have a couple as I completely adore them. Really really love them and would happily wear them every day. I've been looking at jeans and I just want another pair of Phoebes. I know they fit me, I have worn my others so so much, every single other pair I've tried on and have been utterly CRAP. Oh but then I was thinking about kick flare black cropped ones... hmmm that's an option too... But again, I've tried cheap and I've tried more expensive and it's only the expensive ones that work. The others just don't come close.

    2. My absolute fave and pretty much the only ones I wear boyfriends are from Me&Em last season. I love the Phoebes too but had the waist gap problem when I tried them on (the bane of the pear shape...) Need to devote a day to jeans buying. Not my fave thing a bit like bra & swimwear shopping but has to be done!

    3. Forgot to say have bought 3 pleated midis (knee length really) and love them - a totally new look for me. Black velvet from M&S, burgundy from Hush (fab - with pockets!) & a real ringer - leopard print from Zara but I love it!!!

    4. Oh wow they all sound amazing!!!

  9. *Snort* at stripe whore! I love the whole nautical, but slightly punk edge to stripy tops - who am I kidding? But seriously, they are so easy to wear.

    1. I've just bought one in a dusky pink and burgundy which is EPIC!


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