Ten excellent reasons...

..to shop at The Cult & The Classic.  If you haven't come across them before, you will hate me.  As if there isn't something you like there now, keep your eyes open soon as there will be in the next month or two. 

Since I'm away on a sun lounger and I can't quite face full on winter research, this seems like an excellent blog to bring you now as I've been meaning to do it for ages.  I am also super limited to battery life on my laptop so am having to do quick blogs and looking at one of my recently discovered (thanks to a lovely Instagram follower) and now favourite sites.  Today - my top ten picks from their current stock.

This is the company that came to my rescue when I was looking for the Tabitha Simmons leopard print ankle boots.  That I couldn't find anywhere else in the world (literally) and still managed to pay 70% less than the retail price.

It was also the site I turned to when I was looking for a last minute treat dress to bring with me on holiday.  Not a summer dress (I snagged a few very last min in the sale from & Other Stories) but one that I could wear into the Winter with tights and ankle boots. 

And one that would go in the machine?  Result.  No it wasn't cheap cheap but it is THE most stunning fit, versatile enough to wear to a theme park and to a smart night out when back at home.  That is the sort of dress that it's worth paying that little bit more for. 

But not a ridiculous amount (not that much more than a Whistles dress).  Which is where I'm starting with my number one buy.  

1. Heidi Georgette Dress from Preen was £595 now £292.50

And in the striped colour way which I am so so ridiculously tempted by.. was £470 now £235

2. The Highwaist Stiletto Jeans in Wallace was £230 now £69 from Current/Elliott

3. Sophia Striped Breton Cashmere Sweater from ESK was £295 now £147.50  I have never made a secret of how obsessed I am with striped jumpers.  Or cashmere.  You can officially never have too many - we've already agreed on this.

4. Eye Intarsia Cashmere Sweater from ESK was £345 now £172.50  A breton with a twist.

5. Heaven Cotton Sweater from Bella Freud was £260 now £130

6. Joseph leather leggings in dark grey were £725 now £362.50

7. Bionda Castana Boots 

The Sahar Tassle Suede Ankle boots were £585 now £175  Out out boot perfection.  This is the higher heel - they come in different heel heights (and are still full price on the Bionda Castana site).

Or the lower version in sand. 

The Mimi Tassle Suede Ankle Boot from Bionda Castana was £575 now £172.50

8. Leather Fringed Brogue from Marc Jacobs was £325 now £97.50  The perfect alternative to a smart brogue.  But not a sneaker for those who don't want to go down that route.

9. Oscar Leopard Ankle Boots from Rupert Sanderson were £885 now £265.50  Leopard.  Enough said. 

And then I'm on a Preen rush.  I adore this brand but simply can't afford it full price.  I think it's completely classic, the cut is amazing, the quality is fabulous.  

10. Ginny Wool Blend Sweater was £300 now £150  This layered over a longline white shirt would be amazing.

And then a skirt and top that you could wear separately or together making it perhaps more versatile than the above dress although for me - a dress is so so super easy. 

Gemma Georgette Skirt from Preen was £470 now £235

Katie Georgette Shirt was £355 now £177.50  Easy to put with the skirt as a suit.  Or wear with jeans.  Or for work.  Opportunities are endless.

And here I am in my Preen dress.  Which no, wasn't cheap but is amazing to wear, fits like a dream, timeless print and shape, is super versatile and I can shove it into the machine.  The sort of dress I absolutely love.  And even more importantly, it's that sort of dress when you have an event that you don't know whether to dress up or down for - that is PERFECT.  Believe me, these are hard to find.

Heidi dress - Preen line
Cara sandals - Apiedi
Haworth bag - Village England

Couple of other outfits from this week.  Trip to the water park.  Yes, I went on 9 water slides.  There are shots over on Instagram to prove it.  They're not pretty.  But it was fabulous fun.  

Maxi Dress - Zara
Havaiana thins in silver - Cocobay

And yet another dress.  Another day, another theme park.  The upside of all these rides is that I have a constant underlying level of nausea so there isn't a lot of eating going on!

Off the shoulder dress in black - & Other Stories
Cara Sandals in black - Apiedi
Smile bag - The Jacksons

Today.  More rides... A perhaps familiar English looking wall at Harry Potter World.

Claudia Dress - hush
Cara Sandals in black - Apiedi
Haworth bag - Village England

So still having an amazing time here.  Off for some late afternoon sun by the pool.  With a beach movie later. 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Of course you look great in the dress ..... am madly in love with the tassel boots!

    1. Thank you! It's definitely definitely a treat dress and not one to have a whole wardrobe of but it's lovely to have something so special to turn to!
      The boots are AMAZING! My best friend has them - she looks epic in them!

  2. I wanted to tell you a wee story for your sunbed lounging - I was out last week in my, very influenced by you, outfit - structured jogging pants, Stan Smiths and a cropped Breton when a random women spoke to me in the supermarket queue. 'You look very 'Does My Bum Look Forty' in that outfit...does that mean anything to you?' (or words to that effect). You have become an adjective.....fame!! PS site is great and I love a bargain but a bit pricy even at the discounted prices.

    1. OMG that's hilarious - I love it! Whereabouts are you in the country? Local to me in Kent? I'm loving being an adjective.

      And yes, that site definitely isn't one for every day - but for a treat occasion, it's a great place to turn to as opposed to the more generic designer sites! One for Christmas maybe. I have a super bargain post coming up today, fear not. xxxx

    2. That's a great story!
      I do read several style blogs, but if I could only look at one, it'd be yours Kat, you've introduced me to new brands, and reintroduced me to others. As well as inspiring me with your style, and even though we are completely different builds (not jealous of those long pins at all!), there is a lot I can take on board.
      Love that dress on you, looks like you're having a great time with the family :-)

    3. Oh thank you so so so much. That's such a lovely thing to read! And I do try and include different budgets and different styles as that's very much a reflection of my personal taste too!

  3. Love your looks from Florida! What size did you go for in the Hush Claudia dress? Some keep popping back into stock but reviews say it comes up small? Thanks

    1. Hmm now interestingly mine's a 10 and I've watched it a fair few times without it shrinking so I don't think it comes up small. I am no way a small 10!

  4. Now living in Lincolnshire (!) after 2 years in Saudi Arabia. I am now able to embrace the layering/roll necks/etc etc.

    1. I love layering but I think I love a roll neck even more...!

  5. You are right Kate I do hate you! I didn't know these guys before and love loads of it. Oh dear oh dear!!! Lol

    1. It's a great site for a proper "treat yourself"....!

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