Hard Rock Time

Seeing as I'm being inspired by all things Hard Rock this week in Florida, staying with Rock Royalty (ok so a lot of costumes and pictures and music but definitely all v rock inspired), I have become obsessed with band costume.

Full on.   I will confess that I'm not entirely sure where the battle line is drawn between military and full on band jacket, I feel it is a line that's easily crossed either way.   I am confronted with this pic every single time I go up to our room.  It's like a brain worm.


Think Hendrix, think Prince, think Sergeant Pepper, I'm thinking all things rock.  

A lovely lady I know got married on Saturday and over the past couple of weeks, we've been going back and forth with ideas for a jacket for over her wedding dress - full on band jacket, vintage stylee was the look she was after.  So G, this blog is for you - I hope you had an amazing amazing day and I can't wait to see the pictures and which one you went for in the end.

It also got me to thinking - hell, I'm going to get myself one of these.  Seeing as I have bought the some total of NADA on holiday yet (the entire contents of the Harry Potter souvenir shop doesn't count.  Sweet jaysus, is that a licence to print money or what?  By the end of it, you're so indoctrinated, even I was contemplating a Gryffindor sweatshirt.  No, I didn't cave, you may not be surprised to hear), I have put together a little wishlist of things I *need* when I get back. 

And top (sharing the spot with about three other things, obviously), is a band jacket.  What colour? 

Navy.  As I already have a pared back black version two years ago from Zara. 

Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren Marching Band Jacket was £210 now £168

Collarless at Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy X Gigi Ban jacket from Very Exclusive £250 

Or slightly more in your face at Zara.  I'm definitely not putting all my eggs in the Zara basket as we all know this could go one of two ways.

Jacket with Toggles in navy £89.99

And now I know I said no black.... but... oh but but but.  Inspired by my lovely friend, I am thinking this over my white lace Self Portrait maxi dress with black velvet boots is the perfect Christmas party outfit.  That's that decision made then.  Any point in going on?

Black at Zara again - Toggle jacket with velvet £79.99

Of course there's every point in going on, as these may be too in your face for some.  Not that this is any more subtle but I've a feeling the waistcoat bit may be removable (not that I can find any evidence of that, but otherwise, it's not a 2 in 1, it's just a 1, surely?)

Black Sultry 2 in 1 Velvet Jacket from Joe Browns at Debenhams £74.95

Lovely detailing at the back.

A neat version at M&S.  Much more pared back for those who are looking for a nod to the theme and less full on Hendrix.

Military Button Jacket £65

Less again in black at M&S. 

Buttoned Military Jacket from Per Una £69

Then I'm throwing in full on Sergeant Pepper.  This elicited a belly guffaw from the husband.  He knows nothing.

Velvet Military jacket £79.99  In Pumpkin.  I feel I need to order it as I haven't got a Halloween costume.

Finishing with a selection of jacket that are definitely a variation on the theme.  There's a hint of military to them, but to all intents and purposes they're much more mainstream.

Contrast Trims Jacket from Mango £79.99

Or they do an ivory version also £79.99. 


And some slightly oversized versions from Mango & M&S.

Double Breasted Jacket from Mango was £89.99 now £59.99

And from Indigo at M&S - the Military Pocket Overcoat £69

Or the cape version which I've seen instore and is truly amazing.  A great option. 

Blanket Coat with Wool from Indigo Collection at M&S £79

And here is today's outfit.  I absolutely love love love this dress - I lost count of how many people today said how great a dress it was.  So easy to wear, goes in the machine, rolls up perfectly in your suitcase with no ironing.  Probably not most people's choice for a theme park but I could not have been more comfortable in anything else. 

Issy dress - Rixo
Cara black sandals - Apiedi
Black Haworth Bag - Village England 

Finally one that my children absolutely love.  Me getting the bejeezus scared out of me by the Green Goblin.  It's not the most flattering but they've said it's the best pic from the holiday.  I obviously disagree...

So tomorrow, it's back to the water parks for us.  Character dining tonight - I am currently sat under a palm tree, having been swimming with the children, I have a cold beer and I couldn't possibly want to be anywhere else..... Ok so maybe already showered and dressed with a steak and a red wine is not a bad other option for the next couple of hours.  Can't believe we've only got three days left.  GAH!

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19 comentarios:

  1. Gorgeous jackets. I would probably have to go for something a little pared back as it's more versatile (and I'm not remotely in a band!) but a great look. You look like you're having a great time in Florida.

    1. Now you say that but Kate Moss has been wearing one forever.... !! And we're having a fabulous time. Seems like we've been here for ages!

  2. Laughing at 'not remotely in a band' but I feel the same; the full-on ones will date really quickly. Love the concept and the more pared back ones.

    1. I think they're just a very specific look - v costume for sure but I think they always work actually.. .it's just if it's you or not! (not sure I've got the cojones to wear a full on full on one but we'll see...!)

  3. I am madly in love with the velvet .....

  4. Hope this isn't cheeky and might help someone snap up abargain, but I'm selling my size L (UK 14) Zara military jacket on ebay:
    Thank you!

    1. I don't mind at all! That's the one I've got, isn't it? Hope someone bags a bargain!

  5. *hangs head in shame as remembers unworn Gryffindor t-shirt in wardrobe!!!! But thanks lucky stars for not getting the $100 robes too *idiot!!

  6. Oh yes to HP - I bought various bits of C**p that I have never used! I like the M&S and Mango ones - I do think that the more full on ones will date but if you buy cheap what the hell! I can see them over a party dress for sure

    1. Well that's it - if it means I can recycle an old dress instead of buying a new one AND wear it during the day as well - double bubble!

  7. The cream Mango one is calling my name, it has "next spring" written all over it!
    Glad you're having a fab holiday

    1. It would definitely work all year round for sure!

  8. Hi Kat - I have the black velvet and gold Zara one. I was worried what it would be like as, like you, I find Zara quality a bit hit and miss but it's awesome - definitely looks more expensive than it is. Order a size down - I often need a medium but small was just right.

    1. OH DARN IT!! I ordered the medium. I'll order the Small today. Should be waiting for me when I get back. WHOOP!

  9. Ha! Hello! Well i am said lady who got married, and after all our back and forth, and me ordering nearly every jacket in Zara, it was too warm (yes on 29th October in London!) to wear a jacket, but i got a couple of pics just for you!! I wore the navy one. I bought the velvet pumpkin zara one but it isn't flattering so it's going back. i am keeping 2 zara ones - the navy with toggles and the black, slightly 'chelsea pensioner' one with embroidery on the back. I love a band jacket and as i am married to a popstar i thinks it's ok!! lots of love, Gina xxxx

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