An initial foray into Print and My Lust of the Day

So print is everywhere this S/S.  Tribal print, floral print, animal print, any print goes.  And apparently if we're feeling really brave we can wear them all together.  Or maybe not.

The older I get, the more Print scares me.  Actually I've never really been a fan.  Fully paid up member of the Stripe fanclub, check,  but I'm not sure that really counts as Print.  And, god forbid, it should be a brightly coloured Print.  I can feel myself coming out in hives just typing this.

It's a classic frump/mutton minefield.  Will that Aztec print make me look like I'm attempting to gatecrash the Student Union? (which would not be a good look)  And that fabulous floral blouse?  Is it really fabulous on me or just a bit old people's home?  I'm not even going to start on the printed trousers which are everywhere.  Suffice to say, pretty much a minefield.

Plus generally, I tend to now want to buy clothes to last.  Like I've said previously, I find the older I get, the more discerning I have to be about the quality and cut of things.  Therefore I want/need/expect clothes to last longer than one season.  And Print can be very seasonal.  The obvious choice of course, is to buy at the lower end of the High Street and enjoy it for one season and then charity shop it.   (or ebay it if you're one of those organised people.  Like me. Not.)  There definitely is something to be said for more disposable shopping.  (contradictory much?!)

But I do find there is one very easy solution. In fact, I could wax lyrical about the beauty and function of them for hours (and probably will over the coming months!)  The humble, delicious, holy grail of outfit solutions - The Scarf.  (aka My Addiction)

I can't think of any other way to so easily add Print into your wardrobe.  It's the perfect solution to instantly update an outfit.  Plus a far more versatile and wearable option that just one butterfly print blouse (that only goes with one jacket etc etc). And they're so easy to wear all Autumn/Winter as well as in the Spring.   Doubling up as a cover up for Summer evenings, you can pretty much wear a scarf all year round.   With the range from Designer to High Street being so huge, it's easy to build up a collection that will last you for years.   

My favourite scarf ever was a huge investment a couple of years ago.   The classic Louis Vuitton leopard print stole.  Eye wateringly expensive but I wear it at least once a week which makes it, cost per wear, utterly bargainous.   The husband would definitely disagree with me, but I genuinely think that leopard print (as a whole - we could find some absolute leopard howlers if we looked!)  has managed to transcend it's Bet Lynch image and is an easy addition to any wardrobe, any time of the year - especially in all the different colourways you can now get leopard print in.

I love it so much that I'd have it in every colourway if I could afford it.  Alas I can't but I do have some inspired versions that aren't the best quality wise, but are certainly fab for a colour/pattern pop.

This season, Zara have some great leopard print scarves in store.  Huge, lovely quality, definite good buys.

Two other higher end scarf designers (and much more reasonable than LV) I can highly recommend are Virginia Johnson (more difficult to get hold of in the UK but worth tracking down if you see a style you love.  The quality, pattern and colours are gorgeous. I have a camel one and I totally heart it.) and Lily & Lionel .  I don't have one of the latter but I know a couple of people who do and again, they're lovely scarves.  (also sold in Whistles as well as other outlets)

Another of my "go to" haunts for scarves is the wonderful By Malene Birger.  In fact, she's a "go to" haunt for a lot of things in my wardrobe, as will become evident.  I have a staple khaki leopard print scarf and a tan and black reptile print one, both of which have been excellent buys.  And have been worn much much more than an item of clothing in the same print would have been.   There does seem to be something about a scarf that makes it easier to wear more frequently than a top say, in the same pattern/colour.  Go figure. (actually don't, just go shop!) 

This season, if I did have a pink scarf hole in my wardrobe I would definitely be purchasing this little beauty.  No doubt  I'll happen to find one later in the season........  I love it.  A definitely contender for My Lust of The Day.

Just to prove that you can add pattern and colour much more cheaply as well, I've found this lovely number from Warehouse  which is a fantastic £20.   (and rather reminiscent of a Mulberry one I got for Christmas!)  Haven't seen it in the flesh but it looks so pretty online.

Whilst we're talking more reasonably priced scarves, if the Virginia Johnson ones did take your fancy then I can highly recommend this one from Dorothy Perkins at a staggering £12!  Ok so it's not going to last forever but you can't go wrong at that price.  

 (and if you look, there are some camel ones as well which are scarily similar to the VJ ones.......hmmmmmm.  They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  And obviously the quality is very different. - she says trying not to think how much she paid for her VJ camel one.)

My Lust of the Day however, is completely not to everyone's taste.   But I do have an inner rock chick that does try to get out (I have a lot of weirdos in there to be fair) and therefore she has chosen this.   The Alice by Temperly Talisman Scarf.  Need. Need. Need.

This certainly won't be my last blog about print, there's way too much of it around this season not to have to talk about it again.  Plus as soon as the sun comes out, all rationale goes out of the window and each season I end up buying at least one massively random item.  And of course, it's nearly always a Print one!!! 

Would love to hear your thoughts below about Print and/or Scarves.  Please do comment!!

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6 comentarios:

  1. I have to say out of all of those my favourite is the Warehouse one, closely followed by the DP!

    Nic x

    1. Well that's handy, isn't it?! I think the Warehouse ones looks gorgeous. If I didn't have the finches one I"d definitely get it. I think the colours will just be so useful with everything in the S/S. And I can highly highly recommend the DP one - actually they now have even nicer ones online. A stunning paler one with camels on, honestly you must go and have a look. Utterly bargainous!


  2. Love prints Cat and do love scarves, but can't 'do' them. Every time I put one on (very few exceptions) I turn into a middle ages Dutch woman. And after a week there I can confirm it is not a good look.....

    Did buy some leopard print jeans there though. Bit last season, but they were a bargain ;-)


    1. Laura you just need to find the shape that works for you and a lesson on in how to tie them. I personally can't wear square silk Hermes style ones round my neck (fab for a headband/headscarf in the summer). I look like an air hostess regardless of how I tie it! So I do know where you're coming from.

      And that is so so spooky about the leopard print jeans as I have my eye on a couple of pairs but i'm not "quite" sure I can get away with them (or justify them in my wardrobe) But the more I think about it, the more I think (if I can find a pair that are a fab fit) then they'd be fabulous for a night out (or with a loose white t and sandals for during the day) They are SO not last year either love. Get wearing them you gorgeous girl!

      (and so so lovely to see you here xxxxxxx)

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