What I wore today & a Mutton moment

Mondays never seem to be the highlight of my week.  I did manage to convince myself (had a real battle there, not) that I should get on with some paperwork and go to the supermarket rather than flog my saggy behind at the gym.   Tomorrow I Will go to the gym.  Rest of the day, coffee with a friend and then just weekly chores - wholly uninspiring but necessary. (chores and the coffee of course)

All cheered up muchly though by my new scarf which I am getting scarily attached to.  (clearly still hasn't been ironed.  No surprises there.)

Today, for the first time in a while, I did have a Mutton moment though.  The distressed, faded, ripped jeans.  Caught sight of myself in a mirror earlier and thought, oh my lord, that's not working.  Not sure whether it was with the boots or the leather jacket or the whole outfit together but I do think that the hole in the jeans has got to go.  No, I know it definitely has to go.  I will get them repaired though, I had most of the holes (which were there when I bought them much to The Husband's disbelief) stitched up last year.  They had started looking less designer holes and more "you're too fat for your jeans" holes.  The knee "hole on purpose" was still bearing up quite well so I left that one.

But a year on, they are now just too knackered (along with the owner of the jeans) so I'm going to relegate them to Summer jeans.  They're such a great fit and I, like most people I'd say, do struggle with finding the perfect jean.   I reckon with a smart loose white t, a little tweed jacket and some flat glads or toe post sandals (or even ballet pumps), a very distressed (yet without holes) jean could still work. 

Just need some more sun now please!  So here's my verging on Mutton outfit, never to be seen again. 

Burnt orange fine knit jumper - Cos
Knackered straight jeans rolled up - Zara
Chocolate brown leather jacket - All Saints
Tiger print scarf - Dorothy Perkins (I am so tempted to wear this tomorrow as well......Need. Help.)
Tan shopper - Zara
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley

And a close up of the boots which have been one of my best buys of the last 3 years.  I bought them 3 years ago, or actually it may have been 4 years ago....... (Bum. another week, another set of brain cells down.)   Any which way, they are still in very wearable nick and have definitely been worth the money.

Only other exciting thing I've done today is a cheeky online order of some basics tops (and obviously sneaked a jumper or two in as well) which I have high hopes for and will report back on.   All in the interests of research....... (fabulous reasoning or what?)

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4 comentarios:

  1. Can't see any mutton going on there! I really love those boots, they're such a lovely colour and the detailing (and wear) on them is great.

    P.s. I'm geek_kitten, btw :)

  2. :-) teehee have had same boots (mine suede though) for same amount of years and still LOVE them and can not find pare to replace them or even come close.


  3. Those boots are lovely - just gutted that you bought them three years ago - although I might go past R&B on the King's Road today to see if they have anything similar...

  4. All saints have a cinnamon biker for £295 http://www.allsaints.com/women/leathers/allsaints-marsh-leather-biker-jacket/?colour=316&category=25