My Lust of the Day

So I admitted yesterday that I have a scarf addiction.  Which I definitely do.  However I also have a number of other things that I simply can't have enough of in my wardrobe.

On considering this earlier, I did worry for a minute that it might just include every item of clothing and accessory I could think of.  But fear not, there are wardrobe staples for other people that pass me by. 

Coats for instance.  I think I own one.   A functional parka (which has its own interesting story.  Years ago, I accosted a woman in Waitrose and asked her where her, frankly divine, parka was from.  She ummed and ahhed and said she "thought" it was from Littlewoods! I asked her what brand, she said she couldn't remember and before I knew what I was doing, I was yanking her coat down at the back and peering at the label.  I don't know who was more shocked - me or her.   I apologised profusely, muttering something about lack of sleep (thank the lord I had all 3 rugrats with me crammed into the double buggy.  As one did) and she did laugh.  I fear it may have been a laugh of pity but hey ho, I tracked that bloody parka down!  And still have it to this day.  Holding pride of place as The One Coat I own. 

Macs don't count.  I have a couple of those (we're going to gloss over the genuine Burberry one I have with the print on the outside.  Oh yes, you read that correctly.  On The Outside.   In my defence it is the very pale print that -many many many years ago - did look quite lush.  I promise you!  Before it gained its less than salubrious image)

So Coats don't rock my world.  But Jackets?  Oh how I adore a Jacket.  A blazer, a leather jacket, a sequin jacket, a tweed jacket, I don't think you can ever have too many.  To some it may be a question of semantics.   However I will propose that generally, a Coat is something that keeps you warm.  It isn't part of an outfit - generally it goes over an outfit.  Whereas a Jacket can make an outfit.  Clear as mud?

The reason for my rambling is that Jackets are number two on my list of addictions.  I don't have "too many" but I do have rather a lot.  Therefore to justify the purchase of another one would take some serious work (obviously nothing is insurmountable and the chances of me purchasing at least one more before we hit Summer are quite high)

Therefore as soon as I saw this absolutely stunning number the other day, I started the ball rolling with the justification spiel. That moment of scrolling down the page and suddenly something jumps out at you and screams BUY ME.  The most beautiful long Jacket.

But hang on, call off the dogs, it's apparently not a long Jacket - they call it a Coat! 

The Adandes Silk & Cotton Coat - By Malene Birger

The only thing that's stopping me purchasing right now is the creamness (me and mess are good friends unfortunately.  I struggle to keep anything spotless)  and the £500ness of it.   But that's not to say I won't get it eventually.  I can think of already a number of different outfits to go with it.  I even have the same outfit they've styled it with above (down to the leopard print blouse - my singular Print clothing purchase from two years ago, further to my blog I yesterday)

It would look fab with skinny coated black jeans, stilettos, little black top, big statement necklace for a night out.  Or a pop of colour with a loose fitting emerald or fuchsia t-shirt.   And then during the day with 7/8ths faded skinnies or straight legs rolled up and a loose oatmeal/camel/black - any really - t shirt.  Little black or silver pumps.  And even the Alice Temperley scarf from yesterday would look gorgeous with it.  

It just needs a bit more deliberation.  On the upside I don't have to justify fitting it into my wardrobe where it could sit happily next to my Other Coat! 

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