What I wore today & A New Purchase

Seeing as we were allegedly again basking in verging on tropical (for Feb) temperatures it would have been a sin to wear boots, so today out came the ballet pumps.  As that pretty much is my Spring wardrobe footwear (a blog on which is in the offing.  Not a blog on purely my Spring footwear as that would be mightily dull, consisting of a photo of three pairs of ballet pumps.  Yawn.)

But as it's Feb, I can't quite get rid of the scarf just yet.  I did show willing and put a lightweight scarf on but I'm not ready just yet to bare my neck to the elements.  

Actually I didn't really see a lot of the elements today.  A half hearted attempt at a Zumba class (truly pathetic effort if I'm honest) and then a trip shopping with a longer than intended lunch.  More on the shopping later.

Despite actually getting dressed much earlier, I didn't get home till dark (out with the kids for tea and lots of fresh air.  Them not me).  Hence photo is odd.  Apologies.

Camel silky t-shirt - H&M  (I bought this a while back but realised how great it is and went to see if they had any more today.  Am on a mission for basics and this one would work quite well.  Failed mission though.  All gone.  Bugger)
Khaki skinny zip jeans - By Malene Birger
Black vintage style (ie knackered but it was like that when I bought it!) tweed blazer - Zara
Khaki zebra print silky scarf - Hong Kong (from ebay.  This is actually very similar to/if not the same as a Primark scarf that I accosted a friend about but she'd bought it months before.  Randomly found some seller in Hong Kong who was selling them in khaki and a whole host of other colours.  And it cost about £3 delivered.  Unbelievable.  Always gets commented on.  And I always end up repaying their compliment by telling the entire story as I'm a moron)
Black quilted patent Tilly bag - Jaeger

And now on to the very exciting topic of shopping.  Actually it wasn't that exciting as there wasn't a huge amount of it done (very unlike me) but time was not on my side.  I also (again very unlike me) had the Headless Chicken Approach to Shopping on.  When you either

a) like everything you see, end up buying it all, come home and realise actually you don't like it nearly as much as you thought.  In fact you don't like any of it.  At all.
b) buy something, come home and realise that you'll never have any occasion to wear it (but don't take it back "just in case".  Three years later it's still in your wardrobe unworn.
c) buy something, come home and realise you have three other pretty much identical versions  already (that you've probably never worn)
d) buy something, come home and realise that you have absolutely nothing else to go with it.  And wearing a jumper/t-shirt/blouse out on it's own with no bottoms, shoes or jacket probably isn't an option.
e) have money burning a hole in your pocket and see absolutely nothing you like. 

Today my Headless Chicken Approach was a combination of all of the above but I didn't actually buy anything (polish halo).   Spring/summer was everywhere.  A myriad of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics.  Confused much.   Need to sit down and think about all the options and decide where the holes in my wardrobe are (and think about getting a life along the way.  I actually do sit down and plan my wardrobe.  Saddo alert.  My excuse is that it saves me a fortune in the long run.  Which I then spend on more clothes/shoes/bags.  Obviously)

So in times of dire straits, I returned to a familiar bolt hole and went scarf shopping (well I couldn't come home empty handed, could I?)

Whilst looking online with a friend yesterday at the Dotty P's website (no I'm not addicted, I haven't bought anything else from there) I saw a scarf that bore a passing resemblance to the Talisman scarf by Temperley.  Of course it probably wouldn't be that great in the flesh but as we were passing Dotty P's and I had no extra bags to weigh me down, in we popped. 

Oh how pleased am I that I did!   Completely appalling photo as the flash was on and it needs a good iron (which clearly I'll never get round to doing) but I am over the moon with it.  And the best bit - £9.  It should have been £12 but there was 25% off.  It's not the peachy tan of the Temperley one, it's more of a golden tan but on reflection, that's probably more what I was after.  More tiger and less Tigger.

I shall be wearing it tomorrow.  I may even sleep with it.   

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5 comentarios:

  1. I'm really enjoying your blog and clothes. Can you tell me how you tie your scarves? I can't do your way. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much! Very much appreciated. Right, well I'm sure this will be as clear as mud but here goes. Firstly all my scarves that i've worn so far are big (it does work with a smaller scarf but you get a slightly different effect). If the scarf is triangle, fold it in half. If an oblong one just hold (bunched up a bit if wide) Hold it in front of your body, up close to your neck. Cross over both ends behind your neck and back round to the front again. Not too tightly obviously. And then either let the ends hang or tie them loosely over each other at the front of your chest. Now I think the trick is to just loosen the scarf and play around with it in situ, making sure it doesn't come untied.

    Like I say, I'm sure that will be clear as mud - any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.! I can easily put some pics up and do a photo tutorial if that would be clearer (Rugrat 1 would be delighted as she's dying to take some photos for me!)


  3. Like you I should have though and bought nothing...instead did headless chicken thing A through to E and bought bikini's, jeans (without fitting) and all else one can think off. Too late in evening now, but will have to check what is actually suitable.....

  4. Thank you! No, that made sense to me. I do the same as you but not the final tying of the ends at the front. I will have a play around as yours do look quite different to how mine end up looking.

  5. I did my scarf like so yesterday and was very pleased *saddo* Just that last tying the ends bit made a big difference. Thanks Kat!