The procrastination has to end.....

and therefore here is my first post.  That's if it works.  Which, seeing as I have the technical ability of a sloth, is highly unlikely.  But I have procrastinated for far far too long and I'm certainly not getting any younger. 

Which neatly brings me to the point of this blog.  I am nearly 40.  Very nearly 40.  And I can't just bomb along the High Street and pick something up in 20 mins to wear out tonight/tomorrow.  Because invariably it's aimed at people a Lot younger than me.  There.  I've said it. 

But I honestly don't think it means that I have to start shopping in, err a certain sort of shop yet.  In fact I'm not ever sure I'll wake up one day and think, today is the day I shall start shopping in Viyella/Country Casuals/Windsmoor etc.   At the moment, I still want to go into Top Shop, H&M et al and be able to pick up some bargains to make me feel a little bit less like I've been put out to pasture.

However I have found that it takes more time and more effort.  I have more bumps (the gym and I aren't the best friends in the world.....) and lumps (thank you kids) than I did 10 years ago.  Cheaper fabrics often aren't as forgiving as something that hangs, or is cut, better.

I shall be sharing what I think are fantastic finds (even if I can't personally wear or buy them - darn being 5ft 10 and darn being not fabulously wealthy!) and shall generally be around for chats about what we can and can't wear heading into the best years of our lives. 

So to start with today 

Jeans - Top Shop
Burnt orange fine wool top - Cos
Navy knitted military peacoat - Zara
Jade and mustard scarf - Aubin & Wills
Tan shopper - Zara
Camel ankle boots - Acne
Gold bee necklace (just seen) - Alex Monroe

A close up of the boots as these have just been the best bargain of the year (ignoring the fact it's only Feb I do think I'll be hard pushed for a better bargain all year)  Acne boots, originally £460.  Down to £138 in the Net A Porter sale.  Chuffed or what?!

And this is a pic of another new arrival this week.   The Cos burnt orange fine wool top.  Comes up exceptionally small (I have them in large!)  I already have it in the black and have worn it extensively this A/W - really easy to dress up or dress down (as you'll find out, v important in a piece of clothing I think!).  Love it in the green but it never went into the sale.  But the orange one is now 14euro (20 including delivery).   V useful piece for Spring methinks.

Cos Burnt Orange top link

Well, like I say, there went nothing.  

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow....

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2 comentarios:

  1. Yay at last! Looking great Kat, I love it. Happy blogging!
    Nic x

  2. Thank you so so much love. Thanks for being such a great inspiration! xxxx