What I wore today

Ever so slightly (ie massively- hence short blog today) hungover today which was interesting when the rugrats were up at 6am.  Hmmmm.   But with a true Dunkirk spirit, as it was the last day of half term (there is a god), I rallied slightly and took the kids out for lunch with friends. 

Needed something comfy and ended up in 

Nude oversized fine knit jumper - H&M
Grey Baxter jeans - Topshop
Black Madonna sneaker boots - Ash
Nude and magenta Camel print scarf - Virginia Johnson
Grey poncho - Ebay (only item of clothing I've ever bought from there but it's a good 'un!  Bought a couple of years ago when I couldn't find one anywhere else for love nor money)
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Fuchsia Roxanne Tote - Mulberry

Not going out tonight - I have a date with the sofa instead (and the husband who hopefully will be home!)

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