Hungover Shopping

...can either be a total success or an unmitigated disaster.  For me, along with drunk shopping, it's usually the latter.  And, of course, you never just spend a little bit. Oh no, hungover/drunk shopping usually involves making some monumental spur of the moment decision to a) spend a ridiculous amount of money and b) spend said amount on something that you would never ever ever normally buy (ie a complete Bob purchase).  Because you are hungover/drunk and Bob is on the loose, whilst usually you would take said mortgage sized purchase home and consider it carefully (and probably return it) you rip all the tags off and decide that you simply have to use it/wear it there and then.  And then spend the next month waking up at 3am in the morning feeling sick at what a complete loser you've been.  Or that may be just me......

But this time, I am delighted to report (ok that's a slightly scary assumption to make as I'm still not yet out of the hungover woods) that today was a thumbs up all round. 

Last night was a great night out with the girls in the pub.  Unfortunately we never quite made the restaurant - which perhaps might have something to do with the fact that we all felt on the (exceptionally) delicate side today.  I should have learnt by now that crisps are about as much use as a chocolate teapot for mopping up alcohol.  So today I could either loaf about at home, berating myself for not doing the chores that clearly should be done whilst lying on the sofa eating the contents of the larder that is ordinarily earmarked for the Rugrats' lunchboxes (whole pack of wafer Penguins in one go anyone?) or I could get out in the sunshine and go and do something.  

"London calling".......... Hop, skip and a jump onto the train then a bus and by 10.30 I was mooching in Anthropologie.  To be more accurate, I should say salivating.  Retail porn, both fashion and home.  I could honestly have bought pretty much everything in there.  I will put together a lust list shortly as I think I can devote an entire blog to the mecca it is. 

So firstly I was super chuffed at myself for returning two necklaces that had been languishing at home from my trip a couple of weeks ago.  First pat on the back of the day.  Kerching!  Money going in the right direction for once.

Secondly, imagine my delight when I caught sight of these jeans 

Citizens of Humanity - £198. 

Remind you of anything??

Primark - £13

They are the identical fabric and pattern, bar the CoH ones have an orange flower as opposed to the lilac in the Primark ones.  I didn't try them on but I'd go so far to say the detailing on them was very similar as well (the lower belt loops, the pocket detailing...) To say I instantly started to feel better was an understatement.  I was just gutted I couldn't share it immediately (not entirely sure staff of Anthropologie would have been as over the moon as I was).  So proof, if proof was needed, that the floral Primark jeans are a good idea.  And I'd "saved" £185. (The Husband rolling his eyes at this point at the lunacy/wonder of female logic).  Kerching Kerching.

Thirdly, whilst trying loads on and wanting to buy all of it, I left empty handed.  "polishes halo". Result.

My next port of call before lunch with The Husband, was worshipping at the alter that is Cos.  Another reason for not loping around at home was that I had remembered a Cos Gift Card which I had for my birthday.  Hence this little beauty which I raved about the other day is now mine.

But essentially free shopping as it was a gift.  Was I doing well or what?

Of course it did have to go Pete Tong eventually.  I blame the fact that there is a Zara every 50 yards in central London and I do have a (very) serious Zara addiction.  So after doing well for a couple of hours and doing strange speed walking every time I passed one, muttering under my breath in an insane lady type fashion, I finally caved as I was walking to the station through Covent Garden. 

The "only" reason I went in, was to see if they had the black sandals that I've been after for ages but have been out of stock.  So it was either sod's law or meant to be (take your pick - I'm plumping for the latter obviously) that they did have one pair left in my size.  Now - justification alert - I did buy a pair of tan and black Zara sandals for the Big Event that I had last weekend which have been burning a hole in my wardrobe as I wasn't completely convinced by them but they did go very well with the Whistles leopard print jeans (neither of which I've worn yet).  I actually wore a pair of very old (but lovely) Reiss peep toe heels and so I'm planning on taking the tan and black ones back and keeping the (cheaper - note - cheaper) black sandals.   SO I didn't really "buy" a pair, I replaced a pair........ (did I get away with it?)

Anyway, these are an absolute bargain at £29.99 and are super versatile, not too high and pretty comfy (she says having stood up in them for 20 seconds).  I adore them.

I am now officially shoed out for the season.  Maybe.

So a quick round up of what I was wearing as I think I might finally need to go and lie down in a darkened room.

Last night (I did take this pic after the event.  Hence it's more pants than usual, if that is actually possible) 

Burnt orange and blush tunic - Zara (this wasn't creased when I went out honest guv. Only as I was sat down drinking for nearly 4 hours)
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Chocolate leather biker jacket - All Saints
Tan wedges - Sam Edelman
Chandelier earrings - Primark
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

Today.  Oh the joy of not having to think about boots or an umbrella.  Absolute bliss.

Tunic dress - DVF
Black coated skinny jeans - Cos
Cream swing cardigan - Goat
Black patent ballet flats - Primark
Black and silver multistrand tube bracelet - 10m2
Black patent Tilly bag - Jaeger
Sunglasses (which were mostly worn - huzzah) - Tom Ford

Right.  There now must and shall be junk food.  Until tomorrow. xxx

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16 comentarios:

  1. Love this post - and so glad I could share my hangover with someone today - I polished off a bottle of vino in front of some Real Housewives last night - 2 episodes DVRd and a bottle of Chardonnay - perfect! LOVE the Cos bag - I rarely buy bags as the Husband is particularly good at buying very expensive ones for me for birthdays etc...and Mother's Day here is on Sunday ah hem!

    The sandals are lush though you may have seen my post the other day where I had to cancel my order as after actually trying them on in store my feet are too wide and my sad little toes were left perching on top of the front strap - not the look I was aiming for. Envious of your skinny feet.

    Pickled Onion Monster Munch always help with my hangover - FIL brings them over for me in bulk - sadly they are not on the Jenny Craig list of foods:(

    1. ...actually - just realized a bottle of Chard isn't on Jenny Craig's list either...ooops

  2. The Cos bag is gorgeous and looks like it will get even better with age!

    1. Hopefully! Slightly concerned that it might looked trashed but should probably get used to that seeing as it will!

  3. Oh to be a hop and a skip from London . Looks like you saved yourself hundreds today - Mr 40Bum will be pleased. Hangover shopping rocks :)

    1. But Belfast is fab too no? I'm pretty sure we have nothing in London that you don't have there (or maybe you don't have an Anthro or a Cos, in which case I'll get my coat!!) Along with Zara, I could happily die in all three. Appreciate that we are v v lucky. xx

  4. I love your blog Kat, your clothes are fab and you have great style. I'm sorry to hit a bum note but you use the word "mong" in your post, as you might know this is short for mongloid which is a dated and offensive term for Downs Syndrome. I was really shocked and disappointed to see you use it. As you may guess I have a child with Downs and am sensitive to this issue. I'm sure you didn't mean to be offensive.

    1. Oh Elizabeth as I said to you in my email I am absolutely mortified at such an ignorant mistake. I am horrified at my stupidity and carelessness and please take my apology as it's meant, full and abject. It was, as I please please hope you appreciate, not meant to be offensive in the slightest and I am stupefied at how I could have been so foolish. I will edit it as soon as I get home as I can't from my iPhone.

    2. Elizabeth I have now changed it to a far less offensive term. Once again I do apologise - it would never occur to me to use it in relation to a person and I should have been far more sensitive and thought when using it in relation to just hanging about at home (hence I changed it to "loaf"). As I hope you are aware, I didn't mean it to be offensive in the slightest. I do hope you will still read and continue to post.

      Thank you for brining it to my attention in such a polite way, very much appreciated.

      Kind regards Kat

    3. Thanks I really appreciate it! I love your blog and want to keep reading it! Am currently poised to get those Zara shoes in the nude/black/orange colours!!

    4. Oh definitely get them. A friend had them on on Sat night and they look just gorgeous. So much more expensive than they actually are. And I think they're pretty comfy as well - win win or what?!

  5. Wow those jeans really are alike. I must look out for them. Just found your blog through Twitter, you have a great sense of style

    1. Thank you so much. And yes, hunt those jeans down. In fact hunt all the print jeans down from Primark. I'm going back for more! Katxxx

  6. Nice to meet you, Jody here. Love that tunic over the skinny jeans - perfection. And yes, I have that same (impeccable) reasoning when it comes to saving money (which I do every time I take something back.)

    1. Lovely to meet someone else with the same (not remotely warped!) logic as me! xxxx

  7. I bought the Zara shoes in the black/nude/orange on Thursday and couldn't think where I had seen them before !!