Quickly, whilst the sun is still shining.

Let's just have a maxi dress round up.  Now I'm a huge fan of maxi dresses, despite being ridiculously tall and therefore only 5% of them actually fit me.  So many people have said to me over the years, that you can only wear a maxi dress if you're tall.  Oh what a crock of balls.  Not true in a million years!  You only have to look at Nicole RIchie, Rachel Zoe and The Olsen Twins - all of whom are of a more diminutive stature and rock a maxi. 

I would say, in fact, it's probably easier.  You can have your pick of maxi dresses as you can have them shortened.  For us Jolly Green G's out there, you can't add fabric.  Although I've always toyed with the idea of teaming up with a shortie - sorry, petite person (be as rude as you like back - it's nothing we Gullivers haven't heard growing up - "ooh is it snowing up there?"  Oh how we laughed) - and having an extra tier to my dress from theirs......There may well be milage in that.

If you are more petite then I would probably avoid the more voluminous maxi - I don't think acres of fabric are particularly flattering to a tinier frame - and add some super sturdy wedges.  Personally I would avoid a thin heel at all costs and only wear a wedge or chunkytastic sandal.   

I love them, as basically they cover my legs.  I can't stand my legs.  Cased in opaque - hell yes, I'll wear a skirt that just about makes me decent, - glorified belt anyone? -  but naked?  Not in a million years.  I am sure I'll look back when I'm 70 and think what on earth was I faffing on about, but to be honest, I remember back to when I was 17 and I was Inter-railing, armed with a Revlon Sun Screen that also had fake tan in it (the first of it's kind prior to a Clarins one they bought out.  We are talking. ahem, some time ago).  I took 4 tubes with me - my holy grail tanning product of the time (there weren't many around then)  And I distinctly remember the pasty whiteness of my legs, the poremarks from whichever hair removal method I tried (I have tried them all - I still get hideous poremarks), the slight doughiness to them.  They weren't great.  I do look back and think I was thin as a bloody thin thing and I thought I was on the large side.  Oh yes, I want to slap my 17 year old face into eating lots but no, I still maintain that I have always had mingtastic legs. 

Therefore I welcomed with open arms (and very very grateful legs) the advent of the Maxi a number of years ago.  The answer to a less sweaty crotch.  What's not to love for those of us who would rather not bare our legs to the public (or to myself - I wince when I catch sight of mine unless they are fake tanned within an inch of their lives and that is just too much effort on a day to day basis)

I have gathered a couple over the years, they actually have turned out to be a great investment.  Some jersey ones from Cos (which are a bugger to wash as they shrink every time and much stretching attention- like making fecking pastry - has to be given regularly whilst they dry), a wonderful tobacco one from Reiss last year, an old faithful navy and white chevron one from Isabella Oliver and a cheeky bargain camel and navy striped one from New Look last year. 

This year though, as I've already raved about, I am over the moon with my scarf print dress from Dorothy Perkins.  I fear it has already sold out in the Tall and is only left in a size 18 online.  However I have seen it instore in other sizes (not Tall though)  But this Butterfly dress from Dorothy Perkins  would definitely get my vote if they did it long enough for me.  I love the way it has extra coverage up top and is (broken record alert) great to dress up or dress down.  If you're of normal height (and they do it in petite as well!) then definitely check it out.  I've seen someone out and about in it and it looked just gorgeous. 

So a round up of other maxis that have caught my eye.  Apologies in advance, as by blogging about summer dresses, I have rung the death knell for summer and it will now pour with rain till August.  I will crack on with A/W preview stuff shortly to try and redeem myself and give us one last shot at a summer. 

Keeping at the more affordable end of the scale, I would definitely be trying this Stripe Maxi dress from Next if they did it in a longer length.

Great for those (admittedly random) really hot days when it is just impossible to know what to wear.  This would work a treat - jersey, so no creasing issues, not clingy round the stomach, no sweaty boobs, a fab dress to have in your wardrobe and to take on hols.  Knock yourselves out the rest of you, I'll look on with envy.

Slightly more expensive is this stripe maxi dress with belt from Mango at ASOS  I love the colours, more unusual but still a classic stripe.  Love the looseness of it yet still clinched in at the waist (but not with a big sweaty belt) so flattering as well.  In my experience, Mango maxi dresses come up very very long ie at 5ft10 they fit me.  But of course if you're shorter, you can easily take it up.  (gits)

The next is a slightly random addition from me - maybe I've had too much sun - but I do really love it.  I am having a scary love affair (from afar mostly bar one Zara jacket that I have come clean about) with scarf print and so this fits neatly into my box of things to lust after.  Oasis lengthwise are completely hit and miss - some are long, some are short.  Go figure.  I may watch for in the sale or, if the weather continues to be amazing (fat chance), I may have to succumb.  The Oasis Scarf Print Maxi Dress

Actually with hindsight, it would look like a sack of poo on my non existent boobage so I'll pass, but I love the colour and the print and the handkerchief hem.  Just more unusual than the deluge of floral numbers that are out there. 

Moving slightly up the pound and shillings scale, we have another striped number from Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren at Coggles  You'd have this for absolutely years.  A complete classic, the empire line makes it much more flattering with less cleavage on show (although to be fair, not the best if you need a bra - best for us bee sting booby girls) and the fuller skirt means you can go to a BBQ and not hold back on the portions.  I don't think that bad for £80 as I'm assuming the quality is excellent (I have no knowledge of this - am being totally swayed by the fact it's RL which normally is pretty good stuff)

I have a wedding to go to in Italy in August and I'm thinking this could easily be a contender.  I love the colour (even though it is so not me in the slightest), I'm ignoring the slightly TOWIE edge to the straps at the front, as to focus on how much I like it disturbs me somewhat.  I just think it's gorgeous.  Only gripe, yawn, yawn, is it long enough?

Lastly, if money were no object then the Abondance leopard silk dress from By Malene Birger would be mine.  Utterly divine in every way.  Practical in absolutely none.  Happily it is so hideously far out of my budget that it's not an issue I have to contend with.

Finishing with a last minute round up of what I've been wearing the last two days.  Photos have been taken and selected by RR1, who, at the age of 7, is quite fancying herself as the next Annie Leibovitz.  She does keep muttering something about the poor quality of the tools she has to work with (I'm not sure if she means me or the new iphone) but a quick threat of an icecream withdrawal puts her in check.  Just can't get the staff these days. 

Yesterday for a fantastic day at the Flavours of 2012, food and drink festival at Henham Park in Suffolk - no maxi dress due to long grass - maxi dress related nightmare.  We all had the most amazing day and I am still stuffed to the gills.

Cream linen and crocheted top - By Malene Birger
White skinny jeans - Next
Cream bone and shell necklace - By Malene Birger
Dull gold Hav rip offs - Primark
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry

And today for a day on the beach with the kids, followed by an afternoon boating on the Meare at Thorpeness.  Much ice-cream was consumed all day. 

Black vest - Primark
Black oversized jersey top with nude sleeves - Cos
Faded straight leg jeans rolled up - Earl (these are now 7 years old.  Do Earl jeans still exist?!)
Silver Hav rip offs - Primark
Hessian sack bag - Sainsburys (meant for a reusable shopping bag - best beach bag I've ever had.  And for £2.50)
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

RIght off for another small (ish) glass of Prosecco and hoping (valiantly) for more sunshine tomorrow. xxxx

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21 comentarios:

  1. The maxis are gorgeous! Love the black and white stripes with the drop waist. I am in the 'shortie' group so even if I could always alter the dress, the idea of having to do so is #$@*#!
    Have a lovely day!


  2. Fair point! Do they do it in a petite? Sod's law, it's rather chilly today. I have officially killed summer.

  3. Mrs C totally agree, also I once spent £20 having a £20 New Look Maxi altered.

    But Kat, at 5ft I could be your Maxi-dress buddy ;)

    1. I'll keep you posted! And yes, who am I kidding that I would ever buy something and get it altered. I can't be arsed to take anything to the dry cleaners - too lazy and too tight.

  4. What a blast from the past Earl jeans!!!!! I sooooo remember them! Great photos!

    1. Thank you! I know whatever happened to Earl? I'm sure they must be under another guise now - they are fantastic quality jeans - I have a couple of pairs that I roll out every year! xxx

  5. I need a maxi dress buddy too...if you have a surplus, let me know ;)

    1. Oh fantastic - another tall buddy. Stick with me chick, we'll be fine!

  6. I once was a bridesmaid and although we weren't wearing maxis per se, we were wearing identical maxi-length column dresses purchased by the mother of the bride from Dotty P's. She bought them all the same size for 3 bridesmaids of vastly differing heights (with me being the tallest).

    She had to add an extra panel on to the bottom of my dress and into the back seam. And this was on a satin dress with a pattern, so it looked totally obvious. Despite being a size 12 and 5'10", I felt like a giraffe/hippo for the entire occasion. And she sewed up the side splits, so we waddled like penguins. Or giant penguins, in my case.

    Yeah, it's great to be tall ;)

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Another member of the club! I know, I know it's fab being tall but it does have it's downsides no?

      Will email you about scarf as am back on Friday

  7. I am the 'shortie' of which you speak :) I have always stayed well away from maxis, fearing they are only for the tall. However, I have just bought a slim navy stripe jersey one from Dorothy Perkins petite range. Great with a pair of wedges and even got the seal of approval from DH.

    1. Fanbloodytastic. I honestly think they look so so great on shorter people as well. Am just beyond jealous you get to wear wedges with them. Such a great look. You go girl! (in the rain tomorrow???!!!)

  8. I'm only 5,2 1/2 (the half is very important) and my eldest is 5,10 - how did that happen? I love a maxi and don't care if I look short and stupid. My favourite is the coral one but maybe a bit too much flesh on display for my bingo wings! Love the Malene Birger necklace, remember when I was going to buy it, don't remember why I didn't!

    1. Love, check out My Wardrobe as I'm sure they still had it in the sale. And you so wouldn't look short or stupid in a maxi - you'd so rock'em! It's all about the attitude anyway. And check out the tall girl! Tall husband or tall postman........?????????

  9. I'm a shortie and usually if I buy a maxi skirt - it becomes a maxi dress if I hoike it up over my chest. I guess that's a bonus if that was the look I was going for. I love your second look - so relaxed - so chilled. I love the shopping bag - River Island did a more expensive version last year which I missed out on and I'm still hankering after. Or you could make like my friend and take the ever useful blue IKEA bag to the beach! Though not quite as chic.

    1. Fab look - lots of skirts they sell on Plumo and Toast are multi skirts - so can become dresses.

      I have to say the shopping bag was a complete steal. I've had so many people ask me where it's from and I holler SAINSBURYS with pride!

      HAve to say, I think I might draw the line at an Ikea shopping bag although I do applaud the practical element to it, not sure I could bring myself to!

  10. Kat, I notice you wear flip flops from Primark - do you find them ok? I usually buy the Havaianas from John Lewis but they are £20 a pop! However, I never buy cheap ones on the grounds that they may break/only last a summer. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi! I only got them a couple of weeks ago and so am going to see how long they last. Tbh though, if I buy one pair of Havs, they only last me a year as I wear them to death. So I could buy 4 pairs of different coloured Primark ones (I like the gold and the silver) and have them for a year and be quids in.

      But I will let you know how they fair quality wise. Comfort wise, I really can't complain. HTH!!

  11. Kat - What are you trying to do to me? I NEED that RL stripy number. Funds alas wanting!
    Great roundup of lovely Maxis though, bit dubious on the TOWIE number though.

    1. It'll be the sales in a matter of weeks, hold fire.

      The My Wardrobe Sales preview has already started (my bloody coral number is not in it though - grrrrrr) so the others will follow suit in a week or two.

      I'm assuming you mean the Scarf print Oasis one? I have to say, I love it! So not me but I think it's just great for the summer! Actually I'm having a complete love affair with scarf print full stop - blog to follow......!

  12. You've just reminded me that I've got a pair of Earl jeans at the back of my closet somewhere. I LOVED the look of the jeans on you! Lately, I've been busy trawling the online stores for prints and dresses. Perfect combination for summer.