Stone the crows, she's not in skinny jeans.

Tis a miracle.  There is some form of cladding on my lower limbs that is not of the skinny variety.  Well, ok so they're skinny at the top bit but due to having the arse of a pancake, I struggle to find a pair of trousers that aren't close fitting round the bum and therefore the thighs. Years ago I did have a semblance of a bum.  Unfortunately over the years it has just slowly descended down the back of my thighs in an avalanche of cellulite leaving me with dimpled back legs and the arse of an 80 yr old man.  Even Rugrat 3 said to me the other day, "mummy why do your legs have holes in them?"  No response to that, really, is there? (other than instantly taking a photo of him on the loo and filing it under "photos to get out on the wedding day")

A friend did remind me earlier of the fabulous cargo pants that Uniqlo do which I tried on last year and I'm sure I did like.  But eschewed on the basis that they'd need extensive ironing, ergo they would never make it out of the laundry basket.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who would rather poke pins in my eyes than do the ironing?  In the next couple of weeks I'm going to try them back on under the premise of research for trousers to wear in the Spring other than skinny jeans. 

I did try on last year and loved the J Brand Earharts but they were clam digger length on me and seeing as they're cuffed at the bottom, did actually look like 80's stylee pedal pushers.  That'll be a no.

So, as you may or may not have noticed, my trouser of choice, is that of the skinny variety.  Be it a jean, a trouser - hell, even a printed jean - as varied as the fabric and colour may be, the fact remains, they're still a skinny jean.

Now I do think there is an argument that says if something does work for you, it's flattering and you feel comfortable in it, plus you're able to change the look by adding different tops and shoes, then why on earth not just stick with it.  You can spend more on quality or justify a more expensive pair you like, as the cost per wear with something you live in, makes financial sense (well at the very least this is how I sell it to The Husband - he's a sensible man and buys this, so trust me ladies, it works).

But as much as 95% of the time there is nothing else I would rather wear, there is the odd day when I just feel like a change. 

The weather isn't helping (no shit sherlock).  In the Spring/Summer I'm much happier to wear maxi dresses and maxi skirts with sandals but as bored as I am of wearing skinny jeans, I draw the line at wet feet. 

And today, yet again, it was chuffing raining.  I had planned on wearing sandals and something with a much more summery edge but the weather was just pants.  All day. (on the upside, I didn't look like a complete numpty in my exceptionally Autumnal outfit)

So raiding the wardrobe, I dragged out a pair of kick flare Jessie jeans.  I bought these last year as I absolutely loved the fit.  But I never wear them.  Primarily as I have a sizeable "shoe/boot to go with a kick flare jean" hole in my wardrobe.  It irritates me (clearly I lived a charmed life if this is what I can define as irritation but I'm sure you know where I'm coming from) that the heel needs to be a specific size.  And with these jeans (due to giraffe style appendages masquerading as legs) it needs to be a mid heel.  Which I relegate happily to my shelf of "Things that look great on other people but I feel like a tool in".  

The mid heel.  Bleurgh.  Because I'm tall, I always feel like they're saying "ooh look at me tall person venturing out in a heel but only a mid heel as otherwise I'd be just ridiculously tall"  Whereas the real me says "balls to being ridiculously tall.  Everyone's legs look so much better in towering heels.  My middle name is fashion victim not sensible mid heel person" (this will of course bite me on my sagging bum when, come 50, I have bunions the size of eggs and the sensible mid heel person is skipping around like a spring lamb.  Bridge. Cross.)

Which is a shame, as I'm loving the selection of mid heel sandals that are around for the Spring.  I just don't feel comfortable in them.  I did even buy a pair of mid heel clog sandals (to wear with the jeans below - that's when you know you need help - when you buy a pair of shoes just so you can wear the new jeans you bought.  Total Bob shopping) from NW3 by Hobbs last year.  And they're gorgeous.  They're really really cute.  But I feel mumsytastic in them.  A midlife, approaching 40, crisis just waiting to happen.  Tis me, not them.

Back on topic - if you are of a more normal height then I think kick flare jeans are a fabulous smart casual option.  Topshop recently did the Jessie in black as well, although they seem to have disappeared from their website (interesting observation - out of 104 jean they have online at TS, only 7 pairs of them aren't skinny.  Seems I'm not the only one with a skinny obsession)  If you do have a smart casual work code, these can easily pass as trousers, teamed with a lovely blouse (blog about blouses on list of things to do) and (obviously - this is me after all) blazer.

Today though, I have them on in dark indigo.

Dark indigo Jessie kick flare jeans - Topshop
Navy and silver lurex striped top - Topshop
Grey double breasted cropped jacket - Topshop
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Chestnut knee high mid heel boots - LK Bennett (as old as Rugrat 2 - on their last legs but due to earlier mentioned issue with mid heel I don't want to replace them)
Tan shopper - Zara
Tan leather and rivet cuff - Mulberry

And oh bum, this was supposed to be a brief blog.  Hmmmm. 

Tomorrow, regardless of the weather and what I end up wearing, I am determined to eventually talk about something summery and so flat sandals are the name of the day (flat, not mid - noted)

Another huge thank you to all the comments and emails I have received.  On my list of things to do tomorrow, is reply to every single one.  Please please do bear with me and feel free to email on 

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9 comentarios:

  1. I love the outfit. I must say your hair always look lovely and never flat. What do you do to it? x

    1. Thank you! And I am very fortunate with my hair in that it is very thick (well it's actually fine but I have a lot of it so it looks thick). At the moment, I'm still sporting a blow dry from Saturday - the joy of having hair that has the texture of wire wool is that it never gets greasy. But normally I am the biggest fan of the Babyliss Big Hair. Am completely evangelical about it. Honestly has changed my life - my hair looks like it's been salon dried as opposed to the frizz it used to be - regardless of what product I used to use.

      Hope that helps.


  2. I love the outfit, I only wish I could look so 'put together'. Please tell me how you've tied your scarf? I can never get mine to look like that - it's probable simple but can you give me instructions?

    1. The trick to tying a scarf is to hold it at just one corner. Wrap it round the neck once, fluff the bit at the front and tie the two dangly bits in a knot. Play around with it and bouff it up a bit. I'd practice. It also does depend on the scarf - in my experience, the bigger the scarf the better, but I do think the trick is still to hold it by one corner. Try it and let me know if it's any better.


  3. Ooh, ooh, I get a mention as Uniqlo cargo pant wearer! I have the skinny cargoes on today (I never iron these), but yesterday I was wearing the slim cut chinos, which I fear do need pressing. They are fabulous though, really great quality for only £29 (although they were £10 off earlier in the Spring, even better!). My suggestion is to size down, and although I have both boyfriend fit and slim cut, the slims are far less bottom flattening and are my favourites.

    I love this outfit; you always look fab but it's great to see a look that you don't do very often.

  4. Of course it was you!! I've no need for the skinny cargoes (sort of defeating the point in me trying to break away from the skinny concept) but the slim cut chinos (which yes, I accept need ironing!) are what I had in mind. I will try again............. And are the slims more or less bottom flattering.. Did you mean more bottom flattering (and are therefore your favourites?!)

  5. Can I ask about the tan leather shopper in this post, I have been deliberating over it for a week, it's €119 here (Dublin) which is a lot more than I usually spend on a bag but I am so in love with it. Would you recommend? Is it not impractical but just the small short handles??!

    1. MM there is actually a fabric inner bag to it so it's not necessarily the bottomless pit it appears. I would say though that it's easier to put your things in a smaller bag (sounds madness I know) into the bigger bag. I actually have a large leather make up bag that I have all my bits in - so bits of make up, kids detritus, lippies, tissues, keys and phone etc, that I move from one bag to another - just that and my purse.

      There is also a long strap on it so it can be a shoulder bag as well but it seems a bit flimsy to me and I've never used it. I've never seen anyone else use it either. If you don't have a buggy to push around and you don't mind either carrying bags in your hand or in the crook of your arm (both of which I am a big fan of doing - I never ever wear a shoulder bag) then I think it's absolutely fine and easily usable. The quality of it is great - definitely for the money.

      So if you love it, I'd say go for it. It's a great bag for all seasons and for all outfits, colourwise.

      Hope that helps!


    2. Thanks, I just ordered it!!