Ok hands up. Who's seriously sweaty?

Now I'm not complaining.  No way, not in a million years, as I am loving being able to not wear trousers and have a bona fide reason (not to get my legs out - hell no, I have to be at least the one speaking the foreign language before they are bared to the public - preferably a public who are a 12 hour flight away from home) to wear flip flops and.... hold the press...... a dress!

It's true, I am actually sometimes seen roaming in something that isn't a pair of trousers.  However in typical UK weather fashion, we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.  How chuffing hot?  To be fair, I could normally cope adequately with the heat.  It's not rocket science, either sit in the shade or stay indoors.  But, in my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be a really good idea, on the hottest day of the year so far (Wednesday) to have a quick dash to London.  Obviously last minute holiday shopping for the (least) exotic holiday on the planet. (spending my saved pennies from not having the annual Boots lobotomy as mentioned on Tuesday - oh any excuse).  I also had to unfortunately return my nude leather Cos bag as it the strap had come apart.  I came away with a white vest from there. Not the most exciting purchase on the planet.  I fear it is quite see through - a smash and grab purchase - I will report back on it.  Another chapter in the eternal quest for the perfect set of basics. 

Let's just say it was warm.  Seriously seriously warm.  As if the heat wasn't torture enough in itself, as a complete glutton for punishment, I thought a trip to Oxford Street Primark would be a good idea.  A lovely twitter person (what do you call a fellow twitterer?  If anyone fancies following me, by the way - @doesmybumlook40 - twitter icon thingy soon to be added to site) had let me know that the tan leopard print skinnies from Primark were now down to £6.  Obviously they were sold out (no shit sherlock) but undeterred (with hindsight I'm thinking probably too much sun) I braved the inner depths of Primark and came out with:- 3 new bras (clearly dull as dishwater plain t-shirt bras perfect for fried egg boobs but at £9.60 for all 3, I'm happy as a pig in poo), 4 more vests (one black, one white, two nude) two pairs of ballet flats (left at home, will pap when I get back but seriously chuffed with them), flipflops for RR1 (she's over the moon and they were £1 a pair. ONE POUND!!  Easily as good as Gap ones) and another pair of the Hav rip offs for me.  Again £1.  If you haven't tried them and aren't fussed about your flipflops saying Havaianas on them, then I urge you to try these.  I've yet to see how long these last but my Havs have never lasted more than a year without breaking so I'll report back on the success of these.  Comfort wise, absolutely no complaints.  I also have a pair from George at Asda which are identical but these are a (comparatively extortionate) £2.50.  The cheek.

Just how sweat-tastic the experience was - I went to Selfridges and bought..... coffee.  Didn't even make it to the second floor or the bag hall.  Straight to the basement for coffee pods and back out.  Says it all.  Too hot for shopping.

Scarf print dress - Dorothy Perkins
Silver Hav rip offs - George at Asda
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi by Plumo
Sweat - model's own (I'll fess up - this was taken before I left.  Pics would have been minging had I done it when I got back.  Check out my hair on Thursday - below.  An indication of how "warm" I might have been.....)

Thursday wasn't much better.  The day started with promise but then I was unfortunately a witness to a car/motorbike accident (no-one seriously hurt thank goodness but a number of battered vehicles and a lot of very shaken up people, me included) and an hour and a half of standing in the sun waiting for police/ambulance and the taking of statements etc, left me yet again, sweating like a navvy.

Hence my quick change into a beach dress just to take the kids swimming and for a picnic (with a cheeky spritzer for the grown ups - purely to calm my nerves you understand) 

Beige vest - By Malene Birger
Leopard print skirt - Zara
Mink petal cropped jacket - Warehouse
Bone (plastic!) and shell necklace - By Malene Birger
Matt gold Hav rip offs - Primark
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi by Plumo

Charcoal beach dress - Primark
Silver Hav rip offs - George at Asda
Gold filigree earrings - Etsy

Today later in the afternoon we set off for holiday.  Huzzah!!!  All packed first thing - I will do a low down on my holiday packing.  Even The Husband was quite impressed.  "polish halo"  Of course what he doesn't realise is that my cunning plan is that if the weather changes, I'll just have to go shopping.  Obviously.

Now today wasn't supposed to be so warm.  Hell on earth knows why I take an iota of notice of the weather forecast.  I actually had a different outfit on first thing for last minute chores (whilst The Husband packed the car) in town (returning parcels to the Post Office, truth be known. Oh and coffee with one of my best friends - urgent urgent business obviously)  And was so hot, came home and changed.  

With hindsight I would have just worn pants and a bra as halfway round the M25, our aircon packed up.  Dear.  Lord.  Hello the 70's.  When was the last time anyone had their windows open on the motorway?  Yup that would have been the 70's.  Instant facelift.  The kids were all howling as it was either too hot, too windy or too noisy.  The Husband looked like he was driving in a sauna.  I've never seen a human sweat so much sat down doing nothing.  But we arrived (obligatory Burger King at the Ipswich roundabout) in one piece, a couple of lbs lighter each.  And it's heaven.  Forecast looks great, view of the sea is sublime, am on glass of wine number 3, olives stuffed with sundried tomatoes and feta on the go (not together by the way.  From the Co-op - definitely worth tracking down - delish), what on earth is not to love?

And and and, I wore my new Ash wedges today (interestingly my feet weren't actually hot. I think they probably knew better than to complain) I settled for the Thelmas in Clay and I completely love them.  Yes they're marmite.  I asked The Husband if he liked them and he looked at me as I was certifiable and muttered "err No".  But I am in love.  And could easily have kept the Camel ones as well.  The colour of them is gorgeous.   The Perkish never arrived - sent separately - and as I've decided to keep the Clay ones, I've cancelled the order.  I am destined never to know the true colour of Perkish.  I'll probably live. 

So outfit number one of holiday 

White vest - Primark
Natural rectangle linen jumper - The White Company
Floral skinnies - Primark
Tan rivet stud cuff - Mulberry
Silver bead and heart bracelet - Local boutique (now shut)
White gold and diamond key pendant - Theo Fennell 
Clay Thelma wedge trainers - Ash
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry

And a very last min Lust of the Day.  Well.  It was a Lust of the Day.  They only had it in small sizes and I thought it needed to be more oversized on me (probably didn't but I feel, as a tall person that if something is supposed to be baggy - which I think this is - then unless it's properly baggy, it just looks too small for you and makes you look even more giant than normal) otherwise I would probably have stretched myself to buy it.  I love it.  I completely love it.  I often struggle (ok when I say struggle that's clearly a crock of shit but I don't find it as easy, let's just say) to find things in my wardrobe that are great for casual/dress down but not scabby, look.  It's from Anthropologie by the way (not online though)  And not cheap.  Otherwise I would have buggered my "you look like Gulliver's wife" theory and just bought it but at £115 it had to be perfect. 

Actually I should say I did love it.  I showed the picture to The Husband and asked didn't he think it was gorgeous.  (told you the sun had gone to my head - what on earth was I thinking?  Asking his opinion.  Doh.) "yes, it's lovely if you're going to a fancy dress party as Where's Wally." 

I give up. 

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5 comentarios:

  1. Oooh, I like that antro jumper. I'll look out for that one in the sales. Enjoy your holidays!

    1. Well I think it's gorgeous too although my darling husband has completely put me off. It's on my sales list, but I don't hold out much hope as a) it was sold out in most sizes instore and b) I've never found it online. Boo schmoo. Mind you I doubt it would be a bargain reduction from £115. There will be better bargains to be had, I'm sure!

  2. You are certainly giving the person who asked if you only wear jeans, their money's worth of dresses! I love the DP one in the first picture. I live and die in jeans except for about 3 months of the year and now the legs are out!

  3. I am totally in love with that DP maxi dress. As I'm 5'10" I'd need it in a Tall as well, but can't find one anywhere. Any ideas? It's all your fault I want it! Love love love your blog (from an already 40 year old!).

  4. Shame you didn't find the Primark trousers. I am the twitterer who told you but have now figured out how comment here! You can always get a cheeky bargain in Primark and I have flip flops in every colour from there that have lasted a few summers now. I am loving the warm weather and have worn maxi dresses galore but yours is gorgeous. Have a fab holiday! Xx