My new obsession - Scarf Print

I have already a month or so ago, confessed to being inanely fickle when it comes to all things fashion (truth be known I'm an embarrassingly fickle individual full stop but that's something my friends and family have to endure and the rest of you need merely be thankful you don't know me in real life)

Hence when I pontificated a while back that Print was the devil's work and should be confined to scarves and the odd item of clothing only, clearly I was talking out of my backside.  I do believe though, at the time, I may have rambled on about some vague disclaimer, regarding reserving the right to change my mind like others change their undies.  Et voila.

What I may have alluded to (or if not, I'm sure you've got the gist of), is that once I get a liking for something, I can't just have a little like and then walk away.  Oh no, I've got to overdose on it.  Insane.  But fortunately a) I'm in the middle of nowhere and there is zero shopping opportunity of a fashion variety and b) as delivery is so quick these days, can't really order anything as won't be there to pick it up.  And so I'm using my blog as therapy.  A list of lustness that I would love but shan't be buying (this week anyway) 

I've already featured a couple of things to give you an inkling of my current fashion fetish - the scarf print silk jacket from Zara (now complete with Ribena art - thank you RR3) and the scarf print maxi dress from Oasis which I do love but is just a step too far methinks.

It is everywhere on the high street and higher end (not entirely sure it's something I'd be spending a lot on unless money were no object.  I'm on the fence as to whether it's going to be a one season wonder.) Having said that, the shirts featured at the end would probably be my choice of purchase, as they will definitely see you through to the A/W and I'm all about being able to wear something all year round. 

However in this blog, I am going to devote scarf print in it's entirety to Next.  Not a shop you see me mention very often (great for clothes for RR1 - perfect for that icky age between cute and hooker and can't fault footwear for RRs 2 and 3) but I will admit I've struggled recently with fit and quality.  However, having checked the following out instore, I can say with gusto that they are all pretty impressive and I would happily wear any or all of them (legs depending - yawn yawn) 

And speaking of legs, let's start with the Scarf Print Dress  This is absolutely gorgeous. I just wish it were slightly longer.  As much as I don't get my legs out, were this a couple (ok a couple of couple ie lots) of inches longer - to just somewhere near or below the knee, I would  do something drastic with my legs and buy this in a heartbeat.  A midi length (or hell, I might even go for on the knee) with strappy nude sandals (ie my Zara numbers) this would be perfect for my (yawnarama) wedding in Italy.  However the length it is, on me, I would stand a high chance of getting either arrested or propositioned.  (clearly the former)  Perfect to wear a bra under - not too much flesh showing on top, beautiful rich colours and viscose that doesn't actually make you fear standing too near a naked flame.  Lovely texture.  In fact I'm not going to mention it again as all the scarf print "silks" featured are a decent quality feeling fabric. 

They also do it in a Petite (but not a Tall....grrrrrrrrr errrrrrrrr Next??)

Next (boom boom) another Summer item.  Clearly for those going abroad.  The rest of confined to the UK for the foreseeable future should just accept that we've had Summer and start looking forward to A/W (if I say that enough times it won't come true - Jonah will not strike again - ok?)  This scarf top is just gorgeous.  Casual enough for the day but easily dressy enough for the evening.  I love it.  As a trouser addict, it definitely is on my list of might have to buys.

Again for the Summer, but this time, were I 10 year younger and didn't have boobs I could tuck into my jeans, this would definitely be on my wishlist.  Simply lovely. 

Probably far more age appropriate is the Scarf Print vest.  This would be ideal for a dressier occasion under a blazer or for those who do like some extra coverage during the day.  And absolutely perfect for work - how fabulous to take you from day to night?

Another quick number that would be perfect for a Summer work wardrobe (or A/W with tights - I know I know I'm a stuck record, but I just can't bring myself mostly to buy things you can only wear a couple of months of the year.  Tight.  Wad.  Actually it's more that I will probably go off it in a year so need to get as much wear out of it as possible!) is this skirt.   Again, perfect to wear more casually as well and great to dress up in the evenings with a little loose blouse or shell top.  Gorgeous flattering shape and I love the colours. 

Lastly, my collection of shirts.  These are definitely the top contenders for making it into my wardrobe. 

Blouse in the same pattern as the bandeau top above. Gorgeous with a navy blazer and faded denim skinnies and killer heels. 

However this is my ultimate must have.  Primarily because I think it would look lovely with my nude (ok so they're slightly peach) skinny jeans and an offwhite blazer that I plan on nabbing in the sale from Zara.  Love the colours, absolutely love them.  Not nearly as practical as the one above for all year but ah feck it. I love it.

This is only a smidge of the selection that there is at Next.  Here is a great round up.  Not everything is up my street, can I please point out, but impressively, there is more on that page I would buy than I've seen in Next for the past couple of years - every single Directory put together.  Can't wait to see what they come up with for A/W!

Would love to know what you think of Scarf Print - one trick pony - or a print that's here to stay? 

And now a dismal addition to the album that is the disaster of my holiday wardrobe.  To be fair, this is the best of a bad bunch.  It will all go horribly Pete Tong tomorrow - the forecasters are hedging their bets to say the least but it does seem clear that the weather I start from in Suffolk is completely different to the weather we'll end up with in Kent.  Joy. I've given up caring and will rise like a phoenix from the ashes on Saturday. 

Today though - like I say, didn't feel too bad at all and absolutely loved the blazer.  Even The Husband said he thought it was lovely although did ask who I'd stolen it from as it was colour and he couldn't recall ever seeing me in something so bright.  Cheeky git.

Excuse Annie Leibovitz Junior.  Apparently the photo looked better if she tilted the camera.  "That's what they do mummy".   Remembering the absolutely crap quality of my photographs, who am I to argue? 

Nude vest - Primark
Fuchsia linen t-shirt - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Floral blazer - Zara
Clay Thelmas - Ash
White gold & diamond key pendant - Theo Fennell
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Looking forward to seeing how marmite scarf print is!

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14 comentarios:

  1. I love scarf print items, I bought a Kate Moss scarf print dress from TopShop a few years ago and I wear it every summer. The Zara jacket looks great.

  2. Love the jacket:) Scarf print - hmmm - maybe I could take my one and only Hermes, fold in two and tie around my boobs? I've been trying to think of other 'novel' ways to wear it! You are, needless to say, making me VERY excited about shopping back in Blighty in June!

  3. over her in Queensland, Australia, it is officially the first day of Winter and I am dressed in all black. I do love the scarf prints you have featured, and will keep an eye out for the scarf print items that will eventually hit the shops! smiles, A

  4. HI Kat, great article! I haven't been keeping up with the fashion .. this is great! I love the looks and suggestions.
    Your skinny jeans are fab, I must look them up for myself! I find jeans really hard to shop for.. and any shopping these days are for my partner who is even harder to shop for (he is v. slim).
    Do you have your own fashion blog by any chance?

  5. Hmm, not sure on the scarf print, bit to 80's for me i think! Love the Zara jacket thou, saw it in store this week, not my size thou :( Looking forward to seeing your A/W clothing, i shall be channelling my inner Kat!

  6. LovIng some of the scarf print tops in Next. Your jacket looks lovely though you could probably wear a bin liner and look great! Xxx

  7. Love the floral blazer on you honey. Kent has been shit today, all hot and stuffy with no sunshine and now its raining, again.

  8. Love the blue scarf shirt and I am green with envy.. your blazer, I want!! can't find it here in Dubai. Zara here is always backdated :(

  9. Really like the floral blazer! Scarf prints aren't for me. I'm definitely on the hate them side.

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    and please if you can like my blog on the facebook:

  11. Agree with you on the peach scarf blouse - definately the best. Bought the floral zara blazer today as had seen on a few people last week and looked lovely. Can't wait to wear it tommorrow! x

  12. I actually work at Next and I love their take on the scarf print trend! Funnily enough I just did a similar blog post here: so it's great to hear a different blogger's opinion on the trend!


  13. Just stumbled across your blog and like you had been umming and ahhhhing about the clay ash Thelma's. They look fab on you and as someone of similar height and build,have ordered them. I await their arrival. Great blog!

  14. Hi, Love you jacket from Zara. Fabulous. Im abit obsessed with scarf print too and recently purchased a lovely dress from Dorothy Perkins.Great review - Tracey :) xx