Let's just pretend it's not raining.

As frankly, if I sit here and look outside at the miserable, dank, damp, yucksville weather, the temptation to hurl myself off a nearby cliff (thankfully there aren't any) is quite high.  

Surely there can't be a soul left in the country who isn't beyond pissed off with this vile, depressing weather.   I know, I know I said I wasn't going to harp on about it and I'm not (anymore).  Done.   

With an optimistic hat on I have been searching for flat sandals. However, you'll be pleased to hear I'm not actually going to buy any.  For if I were to buy them, that would be the ultimate death knell for our summer.  I am that Jonah, who, a number of years ago after a couple of months of fairly decent weather caved and bought a sandpit.  That was in June.  It rained pretty much solidly for the next three months.  Ditto the following year when I bought a climbing frame for the garden.  Following that thought process, if I don't buy any sandals, you can guarantee that the weather will change and we shall be basking in tropical heat come the end of next week.  And I shall be sandal-less.  Don't thank me all at once. 

So this isn't a round up of all the sandals that are out there, this is an homage to the Sam Edelman Gigi.  I promise I will do a best of the rest when I am actually able to look at sandals with a lamenting sob - I'm trying, honestly I am.  

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Let's hope that Sam is somewhere feeling the love, as the plethora of Gigi imitations is overwhelming.  I've always struggled with buying sandals (as I may have mentioned before, as The Husband says - "you don't have feet, they're more like trotters....."  Note to self, book pedicure on his credit card).  I did love glads for a couple of years but last year was Roman'd out and wanted something different.  And there was pretty much bugger all choice.  I know that sounds ridiculous but hopefully if you are a regular reader, you will have ascertained that I'm nothing if not thorough with my regular traipse round both the lower and higher ends of the high street and the myriad of top notch boutique websites there are out there. 

The only thing that came close to love was the Gigi sandal by Sam Edelman (in, I believe it's second year).  I got the rose gold crocodile skin which were £68 I think and I wore them to death.  They went with everything, smart or casual and were magnificently comfortable.  And I shall be trotting them out again this year (she says optimistically - see?!)

Here are some of this years versions - Leopard Gigis from Coggles

They're now about £70, depending on the fabric and I would personally say they are worth it.  Mine have lasted and I will get two seasons out of them which isn't bad in my book. 

But let's take a huge positive from this rubbish weather  - oh yes, there is one!  That every day that it's peeing down with rain and we're all consigned to boots, is one day less wear out of our sandals.  As the weeks march by (drag by - let's be honest), it's only a matter of time before sandals are the last thing on our minds and we're all hyped about new boots. (I am notorious for talking about new season stuff perilously early - you have been warned - I will be all about the A/W collections as soon as I get a sniff of a release) 

And so it does make sense to look at cheaper sandals that we don't actually need to last.  Of which there are a myriad to choose from - the Gigi imitation.  Clearly there's no patent on the design of a shoe (I don't think) but this selection is so scarily similar to the Gigi, I'd be gobsmacked if it wasn't the inspiration.  Happy days for all of us, as there are some great options out there.

Here goes.  Leather - check, leopard print, check, shaped sole, check, muted colours, check check check. Oh and the best bit - £15 at the moment.  Slightly different at the top of the strap to the original but I can live with that.  I want to say they do them in another colour strap as well (ie as opposed to the bronze, but still with the leopard print) but that may just be me having similar sandal overload.  Carina sandal in Bronze from Warehouse

Another excellent option (again I haven't bought despite being beyond tempted.......) are these from Next  Exactly the same tab at the top of the strap round the ankle, I love the detail of the pink on the sole and leather - for £18.  Literally biting my fingers to stop myself ordering them (you lot so so owe me....)

These plaited leather ones are from Accessorize - again leather and £22. Not my first (or second, or perhaps even third or fourth choice - which means we can guarantee these will be the only ones left in stock when we're all getting sunburnt)  They don't have the same tab top and the colour is perhaps a shade too dark for what I was looking for.  Plus I'm not convinced by the shaping of the sole.  But the fact they're leather and I quite like the plait detail and are £22?  Had to include them.

As I have mentioned before when waxing lyrical about the Gigi sandal (honestly I promise I'll give other sandals their due another day), there is a bargainous pair in M&S, should you be more diminutive of foot.  It appears that actually they do come up very small - I've heard reports say that it helps if you are also thin of ankle.  But should you blessed with petite hoofs and pink is your colour, then I would definitely check out these from M&S Kids range. £12 - £14.

If blue were my colour, these would definitely be a contender.  Simply gorgeous.  Leopard toe post sandals from Oasis  Again, leather and £22.  What's not to love?

Oasis also have another couple of pairs.  Love these in green

And these in pink  Definitely my favourite - the Oasis ones.
Both Aldo and New Look have similar but they're not leather.  Which I don't particularly have an issue with for the odd occasion - my Primark jewelled nude ones that I bought a couple of weeks ago aren't and I don't mind for £8.  However I draw the line at paying £30 for pleather sandals which Aldo are charging - when every single pair I found elsewhere were cheaper and they were leather.  Go figure.  The NL ones are cheaper but only marginally cheaper than one of the leather pairs.  I guess if you're after a specific colour that you only find in pleather then fair enough but with the rest being so similar, I have to say I'm not sure why you'd bother. 

Right, that's me done.  There is another sort of sandal out there that I do have my eye on.  Will research and will be back.  Now bring on the sunshine.

So a quick what I'm wearing today.  I have succumbed and dragged out yet again, relics from    A/W.  Yawn, yawn, yawn.  However, positive thoughts, I'm out tonight, I'm TOWIE'ing myself up with the Fake Bake and I'm wearing something vaguely summery.  There will be toe on show.

But for the moment 

Indigo stretch super skinnies - Zara
Stone and black striped jersey dress - Whistles
Black stud Madonna wedge trainers - Ash
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Chocolate leather biker jacket - All Saints
Cheetah print ponyskin shopper - Zara

Oh how I'd love to able to sign off and say "Enjoy the sunshine"....... (soon, soon, when I will no doubt be moaning like a hound about how hot it is....)

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15 comentarios:

  1. I've been after a pair of gold sandals but haven't fell in love with any as yet. I also love leopard print and couldn't believe this post as I had just tried on my R&B Laura sandals from last year and thought how much fatter my feet look compared to last year. I am sure they would look thiner in a pair from Chanel!

    1. Everything looks better in Chanel!


  2. Am going to order these Gigi sandals so if the rain continues its my fault not yours!!

    1. I promise you won't regret it - they are just sublime. And yes, join me on the Jonah bench. xxx

  3. I love the oasis ones best but as per usual with shoes they don't go past a 41. I'm going to persist though and try and find something in a similar style and such a gorgeous shade of green.

    1. oh boo schmoo. Good luck. I do thank my lucky stars that despite being Gulliver, I do only have a 6/7 size foot. xxx

  4. I've been looking at sandals today too despite not needing any and it raining anyway. Keep up the good work Kat.

    1. Have fallen also in love with an Acne pair which unfortunately I would look like a librarian in. (actually quite handy as they were offensively expensive!)

  5. I am loving these sandals. Just picked up a pair in Florida a couple of weeks ago and am DYING to wear them again. ARGHH! Now i want them in black...and gold... and maybe animal print! oh choices, choices..... Am loving your blog, great inspiration to us 'not quite past it'!

    1. Thank you so so much. And one can never Really have too many pairs of shoes. The Sam Edelmans are classics and so you're doing yourself a favour by buying more as you won't wear out just one pair. Justification surely?!

  6. Love Sam Edelman - I have his Alvin loafers on today in leopard print. Have to say my favorite sandals are Tory Burch Emmy - extravagant yes - but I only buy a pair a year so that's not too bad is it? This year I have these divine turquoise ones http://www.toryburch.com/Solid-Emmy-Sandal/11128221,default,pd.html?dwvar_11128221_color=488&start=18&cgid=shoes-sandals

    Sorry but it was a fabulous 71 degrees here in Atlanta so sandals and flip flops are out! Hope the rain clears before I get to Blighty!


    1. Oh you are so so so lucky that Sam Edelmans are half the price they are here (well nearly - still a lot cheaper!)

      And Tory Burch - oh hubba hubba. I dream about a pair of Revas. I can't find quite the right tan I'm looking for but once I do I shall be nabbing them. Gorgeous (but also much cheaper over there, darn it!)

      Those sandals are lovely. Really lovely.

  7. Just love your style. Many of the stores you mention though aren't in Brisbane :( I'm from Brisbane, Australia and we are lucky enough to be able to wear sandals all year round. Although I do hang out for those few weeks in winter where I can drag out the boots.

  8. I wish I could pretend its truly sandal weather but alas here in Northern Ireland it is most definitely NOT, in fact even in July and August sandals rarely make an outing.
    My current dilemma is rain related and am wondering if you can help?
    As my summer will be spent in Ireland's rain capital - Fermanagh - I am looking for a nice 'wax jacket' or similar that I can throw over jeans and will keep me dry but stop me from resembling the local farmer.I have spotted one in Jack Wills but at 44 I think I am a bit old to be sporting that label?
    Any ideas would be welcome and perhaps if I purchase the sun will actually come out - Fingers XXX

    1. Hmmm leave it with me. Actually in the meantime, check out the Plumo site as I did get a random email the other day with, what looked like, a lovely stylish raincoat on the front. Would you look at parka style as well? And definitely with a hood?