Throwing the towel in, I'm scarf shopping.

As it was a cheaper option than buying a new pair of wedge trainers, which I am genuinely teetering on the edge of purchasing.  I have completely come round to the school of thought that I shall get a pair (I already have the Madonna stud wedge trainers by Ash and love them) it's just  deciding which sort and finding the funds. Of course it would make sense to stop buying lots of little things and just save up and buy one thing.  Well, yes, that would be ridiculously obvious but Sensible and I simply don't inhabit the same planet.

There seems to be absolutely zero point in buying anything remotely summery as frankly, it's freezing.  Hence I am now the owner of a beautiful new scarf.  Found this lovely website Scarf Envy  Really reasonable, beautiful quality scarves, not of horse blanket size (of which I will admit usually I am a fan) but of a much more useable size for this weather. 

It was a toss up between the Olive star print scarf which would have fitted perfectly with my wardrobe and in fact, as I wore my By Malene Birger khaki scarf on Sunday, I did think I could do with something slightly lighterweight for this new variation of a Summer that we're having.  I thought it would go really well with the cream/blush/apricot tones I seem to have gathered together.  Also would look great with my floral jeans... oh balls, I may well be just talking myself into buying another one. 

The one I did go for though, was - in an attempt to muster up some interest in the impending Jubilee celebrations, can you tell I'm not chomping at the bit with excitement? - the Jubilee Scarf.  Here is a pic of mine 

I love love love it.  Completely different to any scarf I already have and fills a great red/navy/black scarf hole in my wardrobe.  The majority of my scarves are on the darker, heavier side but, as I've mentioned, finding something to be able to wear in this weather is just great.  But not a silky scarf.  I can't do silky scarves without looking as if I'm going to break into "Doors to Manual" any minute.  Pure and utter air stewardess.  P'raps not.  

I wore it yesterday and was over the moon with it.  Gorgeous colours, great quality and RR1 thinks it's fantastic that I'm finally getting into the groove of the Jubilee.  Oh and great service as well.  I believe it's a business run from home so patriotic tick two for the day in being able to support an up and coming UK business.  And I believe the scarves are all British too.  What's not to love?  Anyone into scarves and feeling a bit chilly round the neck (isn't it impossible not to right now?) should go and have a look.  I am also going to be doing a scarf tutorial on here shortly - something I've had numerous emails about.  What this space!

So a quick round up of what I've been sporting the last couple of days. 

Wednesday for my big day out with the girls.  What a fabulous day. But can you believe, no shopping?   We did manage to stagger into a couple of shops but really the whole day was about catching up.  Which is code for loads of high octane banter (ie "only dogs can hear you now") fuelled by rather too much champagne.  Pure bliss.  This photo is taken at the end of the (very long) day.  Please do excuse my rather bedraggled state. I promise the the outfit did look far less lived in for the majority of the day.

Cream (or unicorn or pavlova according to FCUK....) cowl neck jersey top - FCUK
Navy/black/camel leopard print cropped trousers - Whistles
Navy blazer- Zara
Cream "bone" (ie plastic) and shell necklace - By Malene Birger
Tan leather & rivet cuff - Mulberry
Tan fretwork wedges - Sam Edelman
Tan shopper - Cos

Thursday - Admittedly I didn't feel Great.  Of course, it was nothing at all to do with the fact I may have overindulged slightly on a school day/night, but because I was very very tired.  Yeah right.  Well a relaxed day doing chores with RR3 and then an obligatory trip to McDonalds for tea with RRs 2 and 3 as RR1 was on a playdate and this was a treat for them.   And I may have devoured a Big Mac Meal (made large) with an apple pie.  Just to keep them company of course.....

White tee - Isabella Oliver
Indigo Baxters - Topshop
Navy jersey blazer - Monsoon
Tan leather belt - Primark
Jubilee Scarf - Scarf Envy (so so pleased with how it looks!)
Gunmetal Hi-tops - Ash
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Friday - Today this is the most casual I get (bar a tracksuit which equals pure slobdom and a not leaving the house day).  We had a skip delivered this morning as I am going to clear out our garage and reclaim it as a games room for the kids. (It's half garage, half junk room but should be useable space. My excuse for not having cleared it, is that it's detached from the house and so the kids couldn't use it as they were too small and I needed to be near them) Now however, I really don't need to be them.  In fact, it's infinitely preferable to not be near them.  The lure of not having to listen to Jake & the Neverland Pirates/I Carly/Victorious/Spongebob at full volume has persuaded me that the misery of clearing it out will be worth it.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Unfortunately the skip that's been delivered is less skip like and more small sandpit size..... Clearly some people's definition of "a lot of junk" and mine is rather different.  WIll worry about that tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  Am going on the adage that, if we haven't opened a box in five and a half years, it really can't be that important and can be binned.

So here I am in my massively practical garage clearing outfit.  And I will admit I haven't done a bean yet.  But I am having friends for dinner so have been cooking all day instead.  Steak chilli with chocolate and chorizo, followed by summer berry pavlova and cheese (not together by the way)  And of course I simply had to blog.  Wearing my Procrastination tiara.  

Nude vest - Primark
Natural rectangle linen jumper - The White Company 
White skinny jeans - Next
Gunmetal hi-tops - Ash
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara

Unfortunately I seem to have it too late to do any junking today. Oops......

As an aside, a number of people have been emailing me to say they find it very difficult to comment on my blog.  I am looking into it but in the meantime, if anyone does have any idea of how to make it easier for people to do so without having to create an account themselves (I believe that seems to be the problem), I'd be very grateful if they could let me know. 

And please do continue to contact me on if you can't/would prefer not to comment on here. I am getting round to all the replies!

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20 comentarios:

  1. Love the outfit with your new scarf!

    If you removed the captcha where people have to uncode a jumble of words before publishing their comment, that would make it much easier to start with ;)

    You should really add a bloglovin widget to so that people can follow you by that. Just go to add your blog then google bloglovin widget - very easy!

  2. Hi - I've only just found your blog but I love it. Unfortunately, my bank manager (who is also my husband) is not so delighted as I have already purchased a sequinned jacket (French Connection) and Zara bag because of you. And I'm totally blaming you :-)

    What would make your blog really easy to use would be to arrange for your links to open in a separate window. For example, I just went to look at one of those Jubilee scarves but had to come off the page to back up to your blog. I like to shop and read blogs at the same time!

    Have a great weekend. Nicki x

  3. So glad you like the scarf Kat! We aim to please :)

    You're right, I do run Scarf Envy from home. And the scarves you featured are indeed British. They're from Glen Prince, a British brand based in Cornwall.

    Really enjoying your blog btw - keep up the good work!


  4. Am glad that I am not the only one blaming you for my recent spate of purchases (Hudson Keira Boots (2 pairs eeek), Sequin Jacket, Butterfly Scarf and now Jubilee Scarf) also leaning perilously close to purchasing wedge trainers (dilema - black or metallic?) and skinny jeans.

    Husband is appreciative at the mo as he likes to see me "looking like i've made an effort", but he hasn't seen the credit card bill, yet.....

  5. Claire - ShropsFriday, 18 May, 2012

    Hi Kat

    Loving the Ash high tops.

  6. Primark jeans, check. Ash wedge check. Looking for white company jumper!

  7. Hi - Really enjoying your blog - well written, amusing and a style we can all relate too. As with the girls above I too have ordered a pair of Gigi sandals on your recommend. Keep up the great work! (Would also agree that links would be better opening in a new tab.)

  8. Loving your procrastination tiara lol.

  9. do ypu ever wear skirt/dress?

  10. Would you consider doing a scarf tying tutorial in the near future? I love you way you wear your larger LV scarf/ves(?) and would very much like to know how you manage to tie them without looking bulky.


  11. I love that Jubilee scarf and its about as close as I will get to wearing anything relating to the Jubilee!

  12. I love scarfs too.. can never have enough. The danger about having too many is that I lost track on what I have. I found one recently and was thinking "When did I get this??" But my favourite from my collection is my skull Alex Mc Q. Actually the Jubilee scarf looks great once you put on.. great with navy blue definitely :)

    Come and check out my post today!

  13. Loving the scarf and your outfits. I got a lovely blue scarf in Primark today reduced to £1 but hopefully won't get to wear it for a while if this sunny weather continues. Let's hope we can crack open the summer wardrobe soon! Xxx

  14. Just getting into scarves, but husband tells me that they are what old ladies wear to hide a wrinkly neck and I am not (quite) there yet. I think I will persevere, he usually comes around in the end, my basics are always a bit shoddy so a scarf might just up the ante a little.

  15. I'm in love with those gunmetal high tops!


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