A style staple of mine for this Spring.

And seemingly I can actually call it Spring.  The snow has gone, there is a strange yellow ball thing in the sky which seemingly gives off a degree of warmth and I've been able to leave the house without gloves.   Now I'm not going to get ahead of myself and assume that I can pack away everything that is vaguely jumper related, but I have high hopes. 

It gives me the perfect opportunity to wear my favourite new purchase of this season, my quilted biker jacket.  Now mine is from Zara, but it's pretty clear where both they and everyone else who has done one this season have taken their inspiration from - the hugely popular Isabel Marant.  I am an enormous admirer of her style - I can't profess to being a fan as that would assume that I've purchased something of hers, but I haven't.  I did try and buy the boots (the recent Jennys that were utterly hideous on me) so I have given it a good shot but instead, I am able to get my Marantesque fix from - where else - but Zara. 

I will say that whilst an element of it is financial, I actually prefer the jackets that my favourite high street store knock out. 

This will be my go to jacket for casual outfits - which primarily are what I live in and so the perfect wardrobe choice for me.  With flats for super casual but add heeled boots for a more dressy daytime look (or for a laidback evening). 

So without further ado lets see what there is on offering this season.  

Firstly from La Marant.

(ps - if you have hideous memories of quilted jackets as a child - look away now.  Clearly some 70's trend my mother missed out on - some were gadding about in quilted jackets whilst I was all about the velour tracksuit.  One in wine and one in navy.  Yeah baby) 

Isabel Marant Etoile Sumac reversible quilted jacket from Matches  £225 

In a aqua blue 

Apologies for the awful pics but it's very difficult (well I find it difficult - I'm sure it's probably not that hard) to get decent pics from Monsoon.  However there jackets are much better in the flesh than they are in print.  They also (in my opinion) don't tend to do laid back very well in their online pics...... Am not entirely sure (ie i wouldn't) team with printed jeans.  Interesting combo. 

Monsoon Camilla Print jacket 

Monsoon Mathilde Print Jacket   This is gorgeous.  I am completely in love with the colours, the shape, the embroidery, everything.  

Monsoon Deepa Printed jacket 

Quilted Printed jacket - Miss Selfridge £59   Another great addition if you like pinks.

H! by Henry Holland quilted black floral jacket  £13.50  This is a slightly random inclusion - I would completely ignore the styling unless you're 16.  But with the right outfit - over a little denim shirt and white jeans, a plain tee and loose casual jeans - this could really be a winner.  And for £13.50!

Navy quilted jacket from Red Herring at Debenhams - £39.20  Both in red and navy.  Lovely detailing.

Same in red again £39.20 

Indigo Floral quilted jacket - J Crew  Adore this.  I think it may only be available now in small sizes though. 

Linea Weekend Ladies ikat quilted jacket - £66.50.  In navy.   For me, this is the only one that could work for casual and a smart occasion (without looking rather frumpy) 

And of course the old favourite - Zara.  Like I said before, I actually prefer these to the Isabel Marant ones.  I infinitely prefer the price tag, that's for sure.  Will they last the test of time?  With most out there trends of this ilk, one would assume no, but I have to say I love the quirkiness of them - puts me in mind of a 9 year old Wallis jacquard one that I have that I wear every single year.  And am always complimented on.

Zara textured jacket

Jacquard pattern crossover blazer 

Ethnic jacquard pattern jacket

Jacquard cardigan with ethnic printed trims

Foolishly I don't have a photo of me in today's outfit - that will be up tomorrow.  Am fighting time trying to get three small delightful (read horrors) out of the house to go and watch their Daddy and some of our friends run a Half Marathon in memory of one of our closest friends who passed away nearly 16 months ago.  An amazing tribute and they'll all trained so hard.  Currently trying to blog and supervise banner making.  However I will be wearing my jacket..


White longsleeved top - Baukjen
Oatmeal linen square top - The White Company
Distressed bleached skinnies - Zara
Clay Thelma Wedges - Ash
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch


Grey and coral vest - H&M
Grey longsleeved tee - Zara
Grey harem pants - Toast
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Blush and coral star scarf - H&M
Bea suede wedges - Ash
Black Faridah Hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Just like to wish all my lovely friends and husband running the Paddock Wood Half Marathon, the absolute best of luck! xxxxx

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15 comentarios:

  1. I love them on others, just not so sure about me! Maybe it's an over exposure to hospitals and nursing homes in recent years, but they always look like bed jackets when I try them on! Having said that I think both you and Sue (Susie So So) seriously rock them. I think this is one trend that I'll have to be content admiring on others.

    1. Have you tried on a plain one like the Zara one? Much easier to wear imho. I may have bought as well......!

  2. What a lovely thing to do for a friend,thank goodness the weather has changed for it!

  3. Really love the Monsoon Mathilde jacket, it is so much better in the flesh too!! Not sure I could justify £90 on a jacket from Monsoon now though as I see here you could buy an Isabel Marant for £225!! With the amount of stuff I have already purchased in the anticipation of Spring coming along it may now pay to start buying investment pieces instead of just accruing a load of stuff that I will never get the wear out of anyway!!

    1. There definitely is merit in that. Having said that, I personally prefer the Mathilde jacket to the Isabel Marant one! Not entirely sure about the gingham lining.... And they're definitely not any better quality that I can see. I definitely think it's worth buying what you love (and keeping an eye out for this in the sale!!)

  4. Well you know I love them - I have a thing for a pretty jacket I have to say. Love the Linea one - I rarely look on the House of Fraser website but this is a very nice looking jacket in great colours. I'm not going to get one though ... I have enough pretty jackets for now. I think....

    Love the Springlike feel of the first outfit ... there is light and colour at the end of the dark miserable winter!

    1. It's great that Linea one isn't it? I reckon it probably has the most longevity out of all of them tbh. And Sue - you can NEVER have too many jackets, you know that..!!

      I have to say I definitely feel much better when I'm in spring colours. Fingers crossed it's on its way at last!

  5. I need a jacket in my life .. thanks for providing so many to choose from!

    The Isabel Marant oozes class and sophistication and if money were no object I'd be having myself one of those!

    1. Do you really think it looks that much better than the others? I personally think a lot of that is due to the excellent Matches photography and styling as opposed to the jacket itself. But that's my opinion. I honestly struggle to see the justification of some of these prices (Even though it's not that much compared to most on that site!). You know you'll love one of the others just as much!

  6. Just not sure I can buy into this trend as I remember wearing, albeit a beautifully hand-made by my Mum, quilted jacket as a child in the 70s. But I do love how they look on other people.

    1. Kay, you are so not on your own in this thought! Honestly so many clients have said it. Like I said, I am similarly scarred by the velour trackie!

  7. I just cannot get my head around these jackets. I mean, I see the jacket.....but what I REALLY see is a quilted knitting bag from years ago (late eighties I think). Anyone else remember these or am I just too old to be reading these blogs??!!
    P.S. love the blog!

  8. Ooh. I think prints are really difficult. Divisive.

    I do love the stripes / floral clash - and the jacket does look good on you!

  9. Kat, I'm in USA ATM and am coming home to London on 28th. Want me to bring you any shoes? Not that I want to be an enabler or anything. *innocent face* 8-)