Proof, if proof were needed...

... that the cold has finally addled my brain to a deranged frozen mush.  

I have a burning desire to purchase gold boots.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Gold.  Boots.

Maybe it's the fact that it's snowing outside and one would be forgiven for conjuring up thoughts of Panto season (I'm sure these would take pride of place in any theatre company wardrobe). 

Maybe it's the fact that even though I have an embarrassingly large collection of ankle boots (I could attempt to justify them - they are the only boots I own and I go pretty much straight from boots to flipflops.  In this climate that means I get a significant amount of wear out of each and every pair.)  I have been wearing them all for months and months and there seems to be no end in sight to this truly freezing spell. 

Or it could be that we off again to Suffolk for a holiday in a couple of weeks.  It wasn't a Caribbean budget.  The boots cost as much as a round of drinks in Dubai.  Last year I treated myself to the Ash Thelma wedges in Clay.  Which I wore to death.  And am still wearing.  Clearly I shall be in no need of new sandals.

I did try with the slouchy suede Isabel Marant Jennys. (OOS in a 40 but there should be a pair back in stock any day)   And all the variants that I could get hold of.  They didn't work for me.  (still love them but they don't love me. I am too tall.  Which is a random thing to say for a flat boot but that's what I've come up with.  There is too much leg and not enough boot).  I then tried with the All Saints Manifest boots.

And for some reason I am now drawn to a gold boot.  There really is only one I'm after but obviously I've done the research to see if there is anything I can get cheaper.  And the answer is no.  In my book these are pretty much perfect and will actually work really well for a Spring boot as well  (if gold boots are your thing that is and assuming we ever get a Spring and don't fast forward straight to Autumn.  I'll go and wash my mouth out now.) 

The Russell and Bromley Luxury Gaucho Boot in Bronze   Rubbish pic.  Truly rubbish pic.  But they are a thing of beauty in real life.  

One of the others that I thought may work was the Metal Hessian Boot in gold from All Saints
I had high hopes for these.  Which were dashed as they looked slightly like gold wellies on me.  Appropriate for the weather perhaps but no.  Not as bad as they look here - the colour isn't quite as solid but they still do look rather sprayed on.  In fact, a lady in the changing room said that I should definitely look at the R&B ones as they were so so much better. (with absolutely no prompting from me whatsoever)  It's a conspiracy. 

The last option I had on the High Street was the greatly reduced were the PIckers from Dune.  Oh I really really wanted to love these.  But I think my feet were just too big for them.  They looked wrong diddly on me. 

These look great but couldn't see in store and I'm not convinced by the gold heel......Aldo Mooneyham Gold ankle boots  A scarily similar boot to the much more expensive Alma Boot by Acne (I'm assuming that Acne must subscribe to the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery school of thought....)

Bertie Polencia Boots   These aren't for me but this all the market has to offer (maybe I should take that as a hint...)

Pied a Terre Ozora square toe boots   I am so so tempted to order these and sod it, will do tomorrow, just to get them out of my system and see how they compare to the R&B ones.  Yes.  I.  Will. 

And now we move on to our European friends' websites where they seem to be way more into their metallic boots than we are.  Is there method in their madness?

Jonak Artiste boots in brown 

Meline boots in brown 

Ash Judy Platine boots 

Strategia Biker boots in bronze

So.  The plan for this weekend is to purchase boots.  Of the metallic variety.  Come forth and snigger.  I shall have gold boots.  I'll look festive (sweet lord, shoot me now. It's April) 

Here is the reason for my madness - the view from my car along my road earlier today.  It's still like this (but dark.  Obviously)


Clearly I had absolutely zero desire to spend any time whatsoever outside today.  Even my football mad 6 year old only spent 10 minutes in the snow with his friends, proclaiming it was too cold.  

And in my defence, it didn't actually look like it was going to snow snow when I got dressed this morning. 


Black longsleeved fine knit top - Cos
Marigold swing cardigan - Goat Library
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Black Ohio suede boots - Pied a Terre
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Gold chain bracelet - Made from Whistles
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tomorrow I shall be back with something far more normal.  Another Wardrobe Staple.  In the meantime, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go... (am anticipating the reaction from The Husband on the gold boots.  I don't think there is a height high enough to which he will be able to raise his eyebrows)

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14 comentarios:

  1. Strangely, I don't think you're mad at all. I saw the All Saints ones and was inexplicably drawn to them in the store. A bit too gold perhaps, so I can see how a duller metallic would work. Dying to see what you end up with. (We both know it will be the R&B but I'm going to humour you and play along that another pair might work!!!)

  2. Fed up with snow ! You've cheered me up with the gold boots. Know they are a totally marmite purchase but I do like them. Think I prefer the r&b boots and £ per wear with the weather the way it is, I may well purchase. Thanks. Kat. x

  3. I like them, lots of fun!! I did read the polka dot jean post but they are definitely not me.....mind you I have chunky thighs.....I think they might only get one or two wears and I prefer items that I can keep for a wee while.

    In NZ we have had a long summer (drought in fact) and I am over my summer clothes. So I will send the sun over to you now.....your turn.

  4. I'm rather liking the look of burnished boots. These aren't bad for the price...

  5. I love some and hate some, but my fav's are the pied a terre ones. Are they the same as the black ones you have on in the photo above? And I need that yellow jacket!!

  6. Go buy the Russell Bromleys. You know you want to. I want you to!

  7. Hi Goat yellow cardigan good

  8. The burnished ones are easy to wear and if you get bored of them you can probably polish the gold out! Something cheerful is what we all need for the weather!

  9. Hi! have you seen the Rag & Bone Newbury ones? Jasmine WornOut has them in the silver/pewter (, but they also do them in gold: (, which you can buy from ShopBop ( Happy shopping! Belinda WornOut

  10. I love them, but then am a total and utter magpie Fi The Geek xxx

  11. The R&B ones are the best. Lovely shape and heel height and the colour more subtle. I quite like the Aldo ones if the heel had been more like the R&b ones.

  12. God, I must stop reading your blog. These are lush. The R&B ones would be top of my wish list.

  13. Wow. I hadn't come across tarnished gold shoes before. I was picturing some shiny, shiny gold patent shoes. These are much more normal than I was picturing.

    Recently J.Crew has done a few looks with gold (shiny) shoes with navy and white clothes. The three colours look great together.

    Am interested to see what you wear with gold boots!

  14. Ok I'm up to speed now.... I like them!