It's that time of year again. The Dress Thread.

But fear not, there is no wedding.  So no issue about colour.  Well, I say that.  But actually it's First Holy Communion season for us.  Now this really is an oddity for anyone who's not Catholic.  So let's just gloss over the ins and outs and surmise that it's a Big Deal for us.  Which, means party time. Which equals dress time. 

Which means lots and lots and LOTS of dress research for me as, god forbid, I should leave it till the last minute.  This is clearly an absolute, large, steaming pile of bilge, as I always leave it till the 11th hour.  But had I not done any research, that would result in inordinate amounts of panic.  It doesn't make sense obviously and, as one of my best friends always says, I've never turned up to anything in just my pants.   Form for me, is normally buying one (which is code for five) dresses, smugly claiming I'm sorted, then having a huge change of mind, taking everything and buying something completely different a day or two before the event.  But at least I have had a back up......

And so here we go again.  Now there is the huge temptation to wear the blush pleated Cos dress I had altered and wore for my Italian wedding last year again.  I have the shoes and bag to go with it, it's loose so I can eat to my hearts content the weeks before (bliss or what?).  But I had promised myself that this summer, the first of my 40's, I would get my legs out.  I have finally woken up to the fact that, come 60, I am going to be gutted that I was so precious  and pathetic about a couple of wobbly, flobby bits.  And with my new found love of fake tan mousse, I shall be ready to rock. 

Where to start.  Right, first off, I'm going down the practical route.  Now, if anyone has read my blog for a while, they'll be aware that I am from the getting multiple use out of something school of purchasing.  I hate wasting money.  Don't mind spending it (I have a first class honours degree in that).  Hate wasting it.  

And to me, a dress that costs a large amount of money and then sits in the wardrobe as an "investment piece" is a waste of money.  As personally, I don't have that many investment piece worthy occasions to go to.  And they always need dry cleaning.  I loathe anything that needs dry cleaning for a plethora of reasons, all to do with me being lazy and tight.  Oh and last time I took two jumpers to be cleaned, I got a parking ticket.  Just to add insult to injury and remind me how much I detest the whole dry cleaning malarkey. 

Which lead me up the jersey path.  A dress I can dress up and dress down.  Something that will be appropriate for a dressy affair but won't look inappropriate for a party in the summer, dinner with friends or lunch with the girls on all those fabulously sunny days we'll be getting come June (one can dream) 

They go in the washing machine, they don't crease and look like you've slept in them after you've been sat down for more than 5 seconds and they're normally not as expensive as their more formal, structured sister dresses. 

Starting with some stunning print ones from Reiss.  Both have a bit of ruching which I love.  Yes with these, Spanx (or my Sainsburys fabulous versions) will probably be your friend.  (let's just hope it's not too hot or my cunning plan results in a sweaty mess. Details schmetails) 

Gilda Pointelle Multi Print dress  £120

Reiss 1971 Gilda Cream printed jersey dress £120

Moving onto House of Fraser and the No Brainer dresses from Mary Portas, which I'm reliably informed are designed to hide a multitude of sins with their ruching and draping. 

Mary Portas Twist detail No Brainer dress  £99

And in Mustard  

And printed.  Also £99

The Queen of jersey dresses has to be Baukjen and this for the summer, would be my port of call.  The fabulous ruching (spotted a theme yet?) of the skirt means you can taylor the length to your requirements.   I actually have the shoes that she has on in the khaki dress pic but in a different colourway.  I have the black, tan, neon yellow and snakeskin versions.  I'm thinking with the pale tan belt and a snakeskin clutch this could be a ready made outfit for me...

Baukjen Rosamund dress £89

And in Khaki 

Belt looks great with it £69 which I know is seemingly a heinous amount of money for a belt but it would go with so many different things.  Just have a flick through the Baukjen website.  A whole new lease of life to so many pieces with just a belt!   And not so bad if you think of it as a whole outfit rather than a belt and a dress purchase.......As I already have shoes and a bag that would go perfectly with the dress I wouldn't need to get any more (she says.......oh how we laughed) 

Actually love the belt in the orange as well. 

Speaking of orange, I have been hankering after this dress since the beginning of the season.

By Malene Birger Dusa Jersey Drape Dress £159.  I may have to cave and order this.  My only reticence is that it's so bright, people would remember it so unless you had the most fabulous social life with lots of different groups of people, it's quite a distinctive one to trot out a lot.  

By Malene Birger Elizao Sleeveless jersey dress  £145  Love this colour and it's the most gorgeous, heavy jersey that hangs beautifully.  It is for those of more lofty proportions, on the short side.  Ideal if you are one of our petite sisters. 

Now a blog on jersey dressy dresses wouldn't be complete without a small VW number (and that's not Volkswagon) for good measure.  They don't tend to fit me that well - somehow they seem to cling in the wrong shape on my legs and if I go up a size then the top swims on me.  They are my boyfriend jeans of dresses.  But other people I know swear by them and have racks of them for every occasion.  As appropriate to wear to a wedding as to a beach bar with flipflops. 

Whilst we're here, I'll just ping this cute beyond cute number in on the end.  Love.  Another VW special.  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania from My Wardrobe   Maybe I should give them another go......

So a quick round up of outfits now that the weather is warming up.  Am loving it.  Please stay warm and not just fly straight into sweltering.  As I'm warning you now - I will moan.  Personally I'd just be far happier if we had Spring and Autumn.  All year round.   Would happily swerve Winter and Summer. 

Definitely getting into the groove with my now beloved boyfriend jeans.  I'm not going to admit that I "may" be purchasing an entire new wardrobe around it.  See if you can spot the new things creeping in that I haven't fessed up to.  Ssshhhh


Breton top - H&M
Dad Boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott 
Navy blazer - Zara
Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Stone maxi zip satchel - By Malene Birger
Snakeskin ballet pumps - Primark
Sunglasses - Dior

Yesterday I had a fabulous day in London at a Fenn Wright and Manson press day.  Can't wait to be able to tell you all about the new A/W collection.  Very very very surprising (in a good way!)  I have already earmarked my Christmas presents, than you very much.  Am also awaiting some photographs that we had taken so I can give you a heads up of their current S/S range. 

The lovely photographer there Max took my photo for me. 


Silk printed tunic - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Cream quilted biker jacket - Zara
Royal blue jersey scarf - & Other Stories 
Grey Cherelle cross body satchel - Whistles 
Gold boots - homesprayed but originally Peacocks

And today, I'm on my hols!  More on on this tomorrow.  


Navy marl sweatshirt - Zara 

Dad boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott
Gold plaited belt - Zara
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Gold leather sneakers - Gap

I'll be back tomorrow with holiday wardrobe news! 

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18 comentarios:

  1. I moaned out loud at the VW stuff. Yum.

    1. Sorry Bex, I meant to reply to you but managed to post a comment in itself. Duh.

  2. They are rather lovely aren't they? I fear I may have to try on - just to completely get out of my system you understand.....

  3. Love the blue Mary portas dress belt and that belt is gorgeous the Rosamund dress looks like it would highlight even the teeniest tummy totally get your autumn spring comment have been saying this for years!

    1. I was hoping the drapey bit might sort of slouch over and the ruching would hide any sins..... Baukjen dresses are normally very forgiving!

  4. The belt is amazing - expenditure is completely justified. LOVE the final look - you are totally rocking those jeans - have an amazing vacation!

    1. I am just loving loving loving the jeans. Totally got them sussed now! Thanks chicken xxx

  5. Hi Kat, where are the shoes in the Baukjen catalogue from? Ive been looking at them for ages and being a bit cross that they don't credit them anywhere! BTW, the Mary Portas need to try it. It either sits right on you or it doesn't. I couldn't get along with it at all, despite really wanting to.

    1. The Mary Portas dress was awful on me too. x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. They're definitely from Zara. I got them last year in that colourway but never wore them - was desperate to get them in the snakeskin ones I got. Love them.

  6. The yellow MP dress - you MUST buy
    If I had guts the orange one is amazing
    All of your dress picks are gorgeous

    I never thought I'd say it but the gold boots DO look good here

    1. Orange is definitely more my colour than yellow. For the money I'd rather have the BMB dress. I will be hunting it down I think! I adore orange.

      And yee ha re the gold boots. Avril and Natalie said they definitely looked better in real life. I am becoming very attatched to them. Now that it's sunny. Natch.

  7. I've just bought the Baukjen dress in navy and I completely love it!

    That said, I now also love all the other dresses you've linked to here. Hmm...

    Claire x

    1. oooh the one I posted here? Does it cover your tummy ok? (not saying you have a tummy or anything......) Is it a good day dress as well? Questions, questions...!

    2. Yes, the Rosamund one! The bottom half is quite tight (on me...) but because of the ruching it looks ok - I'm more conscious of my bum than my tummy in it. It comes to just below my knees but I'm only 5'3". I think it will work for day and evening. Love it (did I mention that?)!

      I was considering getting the orange belt as well but have seen some similar but cheaper ones on the Mango website that I might try first...

  8. Love all your outfits and like the first dress. With bright green, blue or metallic accessories

    1. The Reiss dresses are gorgeous aren't they? That first one and the orange BMB are definitely my two fave. I should really try them on as there's nothing worse than having something in your head and relying on it working and it then looking like a pile of CRAP on !