Whilst clearly I don't need a new a bag...

...it doesn't of course stop me seeing a ton that I would absolutely love.  Now I will come clean straight up - I love a designer bag.  And am fortunate enough to have a number that I am very very fond of.  I will also admit that I have paid full price for very few of them.  I haven't been given any of them I hasten to point out, I have bought them in the sales or from Bicester.  

But with my recent search for a grey bag, the designer allure really didn't seem to be as strong as it has been in the past.  For a start the prices have just gone nuclear.  The most ridiculous hike in RRPs to the point that most are now over £1000.  Well frankly, that's just not cricket for your average bod.  Especially as only a couple of years ago, Mulberry were quite happy charging a good couple of hundred pounds less for the exact same bags.  And their new bags start at around or in excess of £1000.  Nah.  I'm fully aware and always have been, that they're probably not worth the money but for me there's a difference in awareness and the feeling that you're being completely ripped off.  To the point that they've left such a bad taste in my mouth inflation wise, I'm not sure I'd buy one again on principle.  

And on a more important note, there really aren't any that I think I Must have.  They're all "ok". 

Even this year when I had a lovely amount of money for my 40th and could have bought a new designer bag, there really wasn't one that I thought, I love x amount love.  The exception would probably be a Bottega Veneta woven bag but they are so exorbitantly expensive as to not even be in the equation. (creeping up towards the £2k mark for a large one, if not more. Plus there is the tiny issue of a Chanel 2.55 that will haunt me but that's not an every day bag and so doesn't fit into this category - ok so I'm stretching my argument thin here....)

I did however completely fall in love with the grey Cherelle cross body satchel in grey from Whistles that I managed to snaffle with 25% off (and an extra 10% off as it had a tiny mark on the front that I would have done myself within the first day of using it).  Full price was £235 so I got a relative bargain.  Is the quality of a Mulberry et al bag any better?  Not that I can see, that's for sure. 

I have also completely fallen in love with this bag from Massimo Dutti (woven like the Bottega Veneta but in a textured leather) which, of course, isn't for sale.  Huge roll of eyes here (my current bugbear - companies that send you emails with pics or have pics on their website banners/homepages - none of which you are remotely able to buy from their sites.  Irritating much.)  Massimo Dutti have assured me this bag will be for sale at the beginning of April.  Still waiting....

In the meantime, I am of course seeing bag porn everywhere I look.  Whilst returning the cloud jacket to River Island at the weekend (it was lovely by the way - just not lovely enough to warrant keeping at £40.  Very thin, almost like a glorified top, but a great fit.  It has gone onto my sales list) I saw this bag on a rack.  

It is stunning.  Beautifu.l soft, buttery leather, great size, super slouch and not overtly logoed with River Island.  They normally have a large gold emblem on them with RI in prominence.  This has a gold tag which I have to say would not need to stay. 

Another gorgeous hobo style bag is this one from Anthropologie.  Love the colour and the glass bead detailing at the side.   Colour would be just perfect for the summer. 

Whilst searching for grey bags I also came across this one from Topshop.  

Ribbed Sporty Duffle bag from Topshop - £75.00   A really great size - 70cm in height, if you're looking for a bigger bag to cart stuff around in.  I haven't seen this one in real life, but have a close up here and again, it looks like lovely leather. 

This below has been on my radar since the start of the season.  And they're bought it out in other colours. I can't wait to see what the Massimo Dutti bag is like, otherwise this will fill the burning navy bag hole I appear to have developed........  Love the plaited detailing down the side.  

Leather Pouch bag from Boden 

Staying on the bucket bag theme - this is a gorgeous dark grey version from Mint Velvet £139.   This would be a great all year round bag.  Love the minky grey colour.  Very reminiscent of the colour of my Whistles one and I have to say it would have been a toss up between the two had I seen this at the same time. 

Leather Bucket bag from La Redoute in other colours as well - £99   Another bucket bag I came across when I was looking for a cream/white bag.  I know people are often scared of having a bag this colour but honestly, I have a cream Mulberry one (my second as I had one stolen) and both of them have been so so easy to keep clean.  A good spray with protector, make sure you don't use whilst wearing dark denim (or don't hold it down by your side - over the shoulder only!)   If you do get colour transfer, the best thing I've found to help remove it is a baby wipe. 

Finishing with a complete left fielder, but a bag that I keep coming back to again and again.  Maybe it is that it reminds me of my beloved Mulberry Roxanne (my all time favourite Mulberry shape.  I know to most it's old hat, but to me it will always be a classic.  You can keep your Bayswaters, I'm a Roxanne girl through and through).  

This is an official camera bag with inserts, but I don't see whey there is any reason at all you couldn't use it as a shoulder bag. 

Camera bag by Grafea from Red Direct - £180

Also in a pink 

And a darker brown 

And I could go on and on and on and on but I need to stop before I buy one.....

Finishing with my pic from yesterday in my quilted jacket.  Huge congrats to The Husband and all our friends who did so unbelievably well in their half marathon yesterday.  Much respect to all of you, running in memory of an amazing individual xxxxx


Blush ribbed longline vest - Miss Selfridge
Grey and cream striped top - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Grey jersey scarf - Cos
Floral Quilted biker jacket - Zara
Cherelle cross body bag in grey - Whistles
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Gold link bracelet - Made by Whistles
Gunmetal grey Virgin hitops - Ash

I am currently on yet another shoe based mission...... I will report back. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. And there I was thinking I didn't need or want another handbag....
    Looking great in your quilted jacket...suits you so well. And well done to all the runners too - great achievement xx

  2. What about the Cambridge Satchel company? I think they do lovely classic bags, I want one for my birthday in September :-D

  3. I've never been lucky enough to own a designer handbag. However, my husband has bought me a Longchamp Leather Le Pliage in "Paprika" for my 40th in a few weeks! OK, so it's not mega-money, but the most I've ever spent on a bag! He's made me promise not to buy anymore bags for a whole year though!!!
    LOVE that Zara quilted jacket, but I'm too fat to fit into one! I do have the Red Herring one in red though, and it looks better on than it does in the photos.

  4. I'm like you, I love a handbag, I have way too many but always want another one. I have quite a few designer ones and used them all to death but agree the prices now are ridiculous. I have a pink satchel a bit like your camera bag on here on its way to me, it's beautiful and from a local boutique for £12 I couldn't believe that's all it was, so be rude to leave it. I love your whistles one.

  5. Sigh! In my world, you can never have too many handbags. I too have a Mulberry one (bought courtesy of lovely vouchers from lovely friends for my 40th) and I too have been aghast how the prices have risen in recent years. It's become ridiculous now. Love, love, love the Anthropolgie one ... WANT! (I may have to have a chat with my sis in the States!!) I've also had a few RI bags in the past (minus the large logo, lol!) and I've found them to be as hard wearing and long lasting as the few designer ones (ok, I may have more than one Mulberry - God bless eBay!!!) I have. Definitely worth the money.

  6. Agree with you completely on Mulberry and their ridiculous price increases. I have two of their bags which I adore and was lusting after a large Antony and had finally made the decision to purchase thanks to some birthday vouchers to discover the price had gone up by 20%! I just couldn't justify the cost and to be honest it has kind of put me off Mulberry and the fact that there are so many fakes out there now.
    My latest lust bag is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Billy.

  7. love your look Kat!
    Have you seen the bags at nat and nin - French and not crazy GBP!!!
    I think you'd like them

  8. Boden bag looks pretty good! Anyone seen one in real life?

  9. Gorgeous look of the day, loving the stripes under the jacket (which I am spitting sh*t jealous of)


  10. I am loving pouch bags and have just splurged on the Hobbs one in tan leather - £229. Excellent quality leather and good stitching. The strap is adjustable so I can carry on my shoulder or wear across body (2 for the price of 1 simples!). I had looked at the Mulberry effie but yes, felt I was being ripped off.

  11. I'm looking at bags at the moment too but just really can't decide what colour to go for, I always steer towards tan as it goes with nearly everything but I probably need a black one but that just seems to boring coming into Spring. Love that RI one though, may have to investigate that furter. Love the Zara jacket on you, and the little bit of sun creeping in too. Well done to the hubs & co!! x

  12. Check out the Mint Velvet double pocket in Clay, just purchased it from JLewis and it's gorgeous and a snip at £149.00

  13. I've just started using my duffle bag again. Love it for all the pockets and its a lovely indigo colour