I have become a stalker

Thank goodness there is a large stretch of water between us - I am able to stalk from another continent.  My latest style obsession is the beyond sublime Tiffany Wendel .  Now I will also preface that (at the moment.....) it is primarily her footwear that I have an unhealthy penchant for.  In my dreams, her footwear would a) cost $30 and b) be easily accessible from the UK.

And that would be a big fat no.  Obviously they are a) heinously expensive and b) bloody impossible to get hold of in the UK.   Of course.  The Karma fairy strikes a blow to my inner stalker. 

Undeterred (of course) and in the interests of spreading a little Tiffany love to our shores, I may have spent a titchy tiny bit of time (ahem) researching the options here. 

Starting with the D'Orsay Flat. 

Yes I glibly just threw that in as if we should all be sagely nodding, totally aware of what the heck a D'Orsay flat actually is.  I'll come clean, I didn't have a scooby when I first started looking for this sort of shoe.  I didn't even know they even had a whole name all to themselves.  But they do.  Can you get hold of them easily in the UK?  Can you bobbins.  Please PLEASE feel free to prove me wrong and tell me that the only way of ordering them isn't a) through Shopbop (where they don't have my size anyway) or b) finding a fabulous friend stateside who can send them to you (where you then find the blasted Post Office sting you for taxes - actually it's not the taxes that hurt, it's their ludicrously high "admin" charge - and then they don't fit you anyway. The major peril of ordering shoes online.)

So without further chuntering, here is my current shoe of lust.   

Vince   These are the ones that Ms Wendel has.

Now from my insanely large amount of research that I've done, I've discovered that they're based on a shoe by Jenni Kayne (never even heard of her but in the US she charges upwards of $400 for shoes.  Ouch.)

Jenni Kayne D'Orsay Flats  $415

Now surely there must be loads of cheaper tributes on the market.  Oh yes, there are.  In America. GAH.

Jeffrey Campbell In Love flats   These come in a multitude of colours and leather finishes.  I think this colourway would be lovely for the summer. 

Steve Madden Vampy  These are my absolute fave ones.  Just less than $100.  I think these are a total steal compared to the Vince and the JK ones.  Easy for me to say when they involve a not cheap plane ride or a rather long swim to get hold of them.

Need Supply for $38. SOB SOB SOB These would be a perfectly acceptable alternative for the money.  Never heard of this website but you lucky lucky North Americans. 

Chinese Laundry Easy Does It from Javari at £59.99 Finally I come across ones that I can get here.  I am appalled at paying £60 for fake suede shoes .  So appalled that I haven't yet ordered them...... I shall save that for my slightly hungover self to do tomorrow morning.   A congratulations at making it through the Easter holidays with three children and my liver intact. 

I shall be back with my next footwear lust - there seems to be an ongoing theme of new shoes pretty please.

Finishing with something (not particularly) exciting to report. 

I have found Boyfriend jeans.  The sort that I was looking for.  To some these will seem hugely oversized and all a bit rubbish, but I've been wearing straight legged jeans rolled up for years - these seem now to be known as skinny boyfriend.  The other Boyfriend option is the tapered leg which just does not work on me at all.  

Thanks to the lovely Sharron from Style At Any Age who pointed out that I need a pair of Dad jeans from Current Elliott (which obviously they no longer make so hawking of Ebay for weeks was in order) I am now the proud owner of the below jeans. 

WARNING - first outfit is WRONG DIDDLY.  I had been dressed yesterday and these arrived and I couldn't wait to get them on.  Photo immediately and lesson learnt that one actually needs to think about an outfit rather than throw it all together (for me anyway...).  A huge N O to wearing with ankle boots (I'll stick with the straight legs and them or my beloved skinnies) and the proportions of the top aren't right with them either. 

So here is a lesson in how not to wear oversized boyfriend jeans.  Not good on any level. 


Navy ruched longsleeved top - Jigsaw
Boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott
Navy and khaki boucle jacket - Zara
Gold boots - homemade 
Brown leather belt - Primark
Khaki skinny scarf - Joseph
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Completely undeterred, I soldiered on this morning on the promise of some warmer weather. Crock of rubbish that promise turned out to be.  We've had rain, rain and more rain.  But handily when I ventured out earlier for a quick coffee with a friend, it stayed dry.   And has been monsoonlike ever since.

Much happier with this outfit - definitely needs flats for me - not even sure if I'd wear heels with them, I need to do some trying on.  A closer fitting/shorter top would also work better but I'm happy enough with this and the much more fitted jacket.  They're absolutely not going to be to everyone's taste but as an alternative trouser for the Spring/Summer, they are exactly what I was looking for.  One thing though, I will be getting the holes patched so they still look distressed but not holey.  If that makes sense..... (patched on the back) 


Maroon and off white breton - Massimo Dutti
Boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott
Cream boucle jacket - Massimo Dutti
Rose gold plaited belt - Zara
Cherelle grey cross body bag - Whistles
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Gold fretwork ballet flats - Jimmy Choo

The shoe obsession will continue...

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16 comentarios:

  1. Wish I looked like that in jeans, PLUS LOVE THE SHOES SO SO MUCH!

  2. ASOS Liberty shoe!

  3. I'm useful for some things... http://www.shopstyle.co.uk/browse?fts=d%27orsay+flat (Philip Lim - swoon. Don't say I didn't warn you)

    Nic xx

  4. I was beaten to it but yes ASOS have them. I can vouch for the Vince Nina being incredible - I have the nude and black - just wish they did them in white too.

  5. I became obsessed with Tiffany Wendel's Opening Ceremony red ponyskin boots .. I hunted everywhere for them and finally found them! I absolutely adore them, I have had to build a wardrobe around them but it was worth it! She is such a cool chick!

  6. I did the research on the Jenni Kayne d'Orsay flats as well a little way back and you will probably kick yourself over missing this one but Forever 21 did some at a bargainous price. They'd sold out by the time my search led to them but it's still a little galling.

    The boyfriends look good with the flats and I like the styling, stripy top and all. I don't think the top is too loose - it all works in my eyes.

  7. I just wrote a witty, erudite hello/praise/meeting of the minds message about shoes, motherhood, UK Customs and their similarity to the mafia, writing to let you know that I'm here because my baby blog has virtual tumbleweeds scrolling across... all lost, thanks to a failed login to wordpress. It's 1998 all over again, when I had to save all of my email messages in text files before sending.

    Nice work. We have much in common. I look forward to reading more. I think that was pretty much the gist of it.

    Oh yeah, and The Hobbitt = Chinese Water Torture? Spot on.

  8. I used to have a very similar pair of shoes. They wouldn't stay on my feet. My heels popped out as I walked. Just something to consider if you have narrowish feet and if buying without trying on.

    The jeans look good. You could probably get the same look by buying actual men's jeans rather than boyfriend jeans.

  9. These ones from COS are very similar and of course their leather is divine


  10. Not for me but glad you shown me 'marmite' buys. Would like to see you wearing them.

  11. She has got awesome style!! Love to have the wardrobe. But alot of it is the confidence and I love the way Tiffany mixes it up. Gives me some inspiration to try a few new combos!!

    You have a great style too and have a share of style stalkers too I am sure.

  12. Hi, came across your blog by accident this morning and love it!! I have just bought some citizens of Humanity Dylan boyfriend jeans and was wondering how best to style them, you look great in yours, defo think the jacket pulls the look together. Looking forward to following your blog.

  13. I have also been stalking Tiffany Wendel (and yourself of course!) - did you also notice she has the Dad jeans? I love them, but don't think they're for me as I'm too appley.

  14. Love these style of flats but I'm literally 'the' bigfoot, so can't pull them off. Sad face.

  15. Actually It is a magnificent style!! Love to have the closet. In any case, alot of it is the certainty and I cherish the way Tiffany blends it up. Gives me some motivation to attempt. Best and shoes for men and women, you may visit go there...................