A little bit of leopard does you good

Apart from if you're The Husband as he hates it with a passion.  It is the one major thing we disagree on fashion wise (oh and Uggs.  There is nothing he says about these I can type without an imaginary bleep bleep bleep over the top).  He loathes all things leopard print.

Why?  "Because it looks cheap", is his answer.  "Brassy barmaid.  I can't get past Bet Lynch and women who wear ankle chains", was his follow up.  He's not even persuaded by a Louis Vuitton scarf (possibly, nay definitely my most favourite leopard print item I treasure) 

Ah feck 'im.  I love it.  I love it more every year and I think the connotations of cheap and nasty are long long gone.  Apart from if you're The Husband and he is still firmly in the 70's Coronation Street Camp.

It makes a plain dull outfit suddenly special (in my book anyway) - just by adding a belt, a pair of boots or shoes, a scarf or a bag.  Or, throwing caution to the wind here, how about a whole coat? (I can just see The Husband rocking in a corner now at the very thought) 

I did start this post by thinking that most of my leopard print ensemble is accessories based but actually I have a Zara sweatshirt, a silk Zara sleeveless shirt and some dark Great Plains leopard print jeans.  I think there may be more but at the moment I'm having a leopard blank....

However I am Queen of Accessories.  The easiest way to inject a little leopard without going over the top.  Mentioned the LV scarf (and I know these are scarily expensive but cost per wear it has to be one of the best investments I've ever made) but my next fave things have to be my boots (good old M&S in the sale) and a Tory Burch clutch (Bicester special).  Brining up the rear we have the fiver special shoes from H&M which I love love love too. 

Now there may be more stuff, but typing that out, I don't think that's much (this always comes back to bite me in the derriere as someone points out the oodles of other leopard print things I have languishing in my wardrobe) and there is clearly lots of room for more. 

(Oh yeah, I may have just remembered my ponyksin skater shoes from Next and bag from Zara but in my defense, those are more cheetah print than leopard.  Know thy Big Cats)

(Oh I've also just remembered the three leopard print dresses I have. Ho hum.  I never said I had a good memory.... But I'm sure that's it.... )

Moving swiftly on, there are loads of fabulous leopard print things out there.  Some can just be a nod to the theme - the Reiss Cuff from the other day for example or a belt. 

I love this one from M&S (and I don't have a leopard print belt.)

M&S leopard belt £19.50

A bag - especially a clutch can be ridiculously useful to give a whole different look to an old black dress, or even just plain black shoes and a black blouse.

Leather Ponyskin clutch from ASOS £30

Or a Zip top clutch from Boden £79

Moving into a blue arena, I love this scarf from M&S.  Great size (huge) and yes, it's a take on old LV favourite but at £15, you can't really complain. 

Modal Blend Lightweight blue leopard print scarf £15

Another move away from the classic tan print with an orange scarf from ASOS. 

ASOS Orange leopard print scarf £12 - adore the blue in it and think this would work so well with navy. 

Of course the ultimate scarf may well be the Cashmere Leopard Shawl From Hush £150.  This always sells out so if you want it, nab it (and shove in a drawer for Christmas if needs be!) 

Cashmere Leopard Shawl £150 from Hush 

And they're so thoughtful, if tan isn't your colour palette then fear not, they've bought out a grey version too.  Isn't that kind?  I bet your husband will be equally as impressed....

Cashmere Snow Leopard Shawl £150

And blow me down with a feather, there's a blue one as well.  Although this isn't cashmere so it's only £35.  Result! 

Leo Print Scarf £35 in everglade, mallard and black (not blue...) 

Shoes - well, as I've said, I think these transform an old outfit into something new and - I know this sounds unbelievably sad, but exciting to wear.  Shoot me now, but yes, I get excited when I have something new to wear that I love.  It makes a massive difference to my mood (which the small thing I call offspring try to kill on a regular basis but they will NOT bring me down... not when I have new shoes on anyway.....) which can only be a good thing.  Every little helps as someone once said...

Brown leopard pony hair slip on trainers £45 from River Island (and for the record I have been more than impressed with my white sliders that I got from there in the summer.  They are unbelievably comfortable and have lasted really well, considering they've been worn extensively and are white!) 

Slightly more formal but to be honest they would work as well with jeans as they would with a smart look for work, and are frankly, quite fabulous. 

Fashion Pointed Pumps in tan leopard from Boden £99

Now these are high - totally taxi shoes - but they are so gorgeous from Dune.  Love the detailing on the heel. 

Dune Bellini Leopard Print Shoes £85

A cheaper option would be these in the sale from London Rebel - these are identical to mine from H&M which I wear all the time (in A/W anyway)

London Rebel was £35 now £28

From the sublime to the ridiculous now - scarily expensive boots.  Which most people will probably think are mingarama but I am more than a little bit in love with.  Now I have my pointy wedge leopard print boots so not even I, Queen of Justification, could wrangle a story that anyone would believe to enbable the purchase of these.  

And I'm more than a little bit sure that I have seen a much cheaper version of these somewhere (do help me out with this if you can.  Although even at £20 I'd still be struggling to persuade even myself that I could justify these as well as the other ones) 

Kurt Geiger Ezra Boots £295

Of course if you do have a totally plain wardrobe, then an injection of leopard can work wonders. 

I love this, even more than I love my sweatshirt. 

Brown leopard print fluffy brushed jumper £35

Simply adore this tunic shift dress from See U Soon in the sale - partly silk so this is a great price. 

See U Soon Leopard print dress with curve hem was £54 now £28.  This with the black accent sleeves and in the grey shade, doesn't seem quite so in your face as a tan leopard print, I don't think. 

River Island leopard print faux fur oversized coat £100  Full. On. Bet. 

Finishing though with my bargain of the day from Splendid - love this sweatshirt. 

Splendid Leopard print sweatshirt was £108 now £30

So are you in mine or The Husband's camp?  Love it or loathe it, let me know.  And if you've seen anything leopard that you think is too wonderful not to share, please do point it out.  You can never have too much.... (in my personal opinion that is...) 

Finishing with my outfit from yesterday.  Rugby.  All day.  Can't say I'm fully won over yet.  90 mins watching the 6 yr old, followed by 60 minutes watching the 9 yr old.  Then the club house.  Which the men try to tell me is "greatly improved".  Hmmm, really wouldn't have wanted to see it before hand.  To be totally fair, I haven't spent that much (ie any) time in recent years inside a rugby club, so this may well be the Chiltern Firehouse equivalent of rugby clubs.  I am prepared to totally readjust my opinion (whilst I dream about Sunday mornings on the sofa with tea and croissants.... to my friend who texted me that that's exactly what she doing whilst I was getting told off by the 6yr old for drinking his "rugby water", you can go off a friend, you know.....) 


White linen tee - Max Studio
Turned up jeans - Earl
Chunky knit cardigan - Hush
Black sliders - Zara 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

And yes, that is a pink Peppa Pig plaster on my toe.  Don't ask. 

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37 comentarios:

  1. Cat, I totally share your love for leopard prints, which is why I got this coat for winter:
    And these chelsea boots (real bargain):
    As well as these skater shoes:
    I just realized I should probably stop buying leopard things now...

  2. Love, love, love a bit of leopard. Now that it's officially classed as a neutral ;-) I don't think there's any excuse not to have at least one piece in your wardrobe. My favourite piece is a lovely ASOS faux leopard cocoon coat that I got on Ebay for about £20 last year, and I've just ordered a Becksondergaard scarf in white with navy and neon pink leopard print at a bargain price, again from ASOS (sorry can't link, it's sold out). I've got those skaters on the blog tomorrow, and it's getting harder and harder to resist buying them - you haven't helped!!

    1. Sorry - I just can't get enough of it. I'm dragging you all down with me!

  3. I like it on other people (usually young and beautiful people) I like it on the shelf. I like it in the pictures. I like it on the hanger. But on me? I can't seem to rock that one. Makes me feel like a mad ol woman from the market. Whatever that is. I occasionally bring some home and stroke it but it always goes back like an unwanted pet...

    1. Too funny! Try something small maybe?? Teensy pair of flats to wear with classic neutrals?

  4. I love it! The right accessories it looks expensive to me. Will be checking out the M&S belt

  5. I'm afraid I'm totally with your husband on this. The coat can only be accessorised with huge dangling earrings, nail extensions with glitter, platform shoes and a smoker's cough. ( love you and the blog though!! Xx)

    1. Well you are in excellent company! (and thank you xxx)

  6. I have just got a leopard coat from M&S, the husband commented that I looked like a tart with a heart ! And some other unmentionable comment ! I love it !

  7. Love lily and lionel for leopard print scarves. Also re the dresses post. Have you seen the gorgeous LK bennet pink shift dress? You'd love that.
    Lucy x

    1. Excellent point, I love my L&L scarf. And no, I must go into LKBennett, was salivating outside their window the other day. x

  8. My favourite shoes: http://www.shopbop.com/variee-strap-hair-calf-pointy/vp/v=1/845524441946382.htm

    1. oh they are so so so sweet. Just gorgeous. x

  9. I love leopard, I have last year's pointy flats from Boden and have worn them to death. Have had my eye on the Boden clutch too, I like the electric blue trim on it.

    1. I hadn't noticed that, but yes indeed! Actually I think that might irritate me - I'm not doing cobalt this season!

  10. Lol my husband and I had been a similar conversation over tea about my leopard print espadrilles I am wearing today. He said they remind him of his mother, a lady known for her love of garish garb!!!!! I like you filed his fashion advice in the "whatever" cabinet xx

  11. It's love all the way for me. Love the Hush scarf in tan and the River Island slip ons and gorgeous. Very tempted... Lynne x

  12. I bloody love a bit of leopard print, always have, always will!! My husband is in the same camp as your hubby though, he's really not keen but has accepted I'll never stop wearing it, lol! I was whiz zing round Tesco the other day & a LP coat stopped me in my tracks....until husband came along & shuffled me away from it, meh!! X

  13. I'm all in for leopard. Those Great Plains leopard jeans you suggested last year were a hit with my husband. First compliment on clothes I've had from him in quite a while.

    1. They're amazing aren't they? Can't wait to wear mine again. Although cant' say The Husband liked them either.....

  14. Leopard is a big favorite of mine, it jazzes up an outfit better than any other print. I have leopard everything except for a coat/jacket. I'm eyeing a snow leopard (blue/black palette) car coat from Loft.

  15. Love leopard, love the asos scarf (off to purchase right now !) and love the asos leopard slides you recommended a while ago that I grabbed eagerly that very day and are absolutely wonderful ! Carry on the excellent work ....!

  16. Lol at brassy barmaid... I have a leather tshirt which DH calls my Liz McDonald top. Love a bit of leopard as well. In my defence I steer clear of sequins.

    1. *hangs head in shame and tries to hard sequin dresses and jackets*

  17. These Mint Velvet boots are very similar to the Kurt Geigers but at £149


    Rumour has it that the catalogue is about to go out with a 15% off code, so it might be worth hanging on, if you can manage it!


    1. I KNEW I'd seen them somewhere else! Well done you. I had a catalogue from them yesterday *rushes off to see if there's 15% off*!

  18. oh that is lovely - and yes, you can never ever have too many x

  19. That is really really gorgeous - I've got a cardie from there actually which is my to sell pile as it's just too small for me (I've accepted over the years that I simply cant' squeeze myself into it!)

  20. I love it as an accessory too but having said that I have leopard print harems & I've just ordered the H&M coat which is quite dark to be fair & not too bling! I've got that M&S belt & its a beauty! I picked it up in the sale last year for £10! Ax