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If anyone hasn't noticed I am obsessed with accessories.   Now to be fair, I do count shoes as accessories (and therefore boots, sneakers, sandals and everything else designed to be worn on a foot) as that's where they can be found on most websites.  Under the heading "Accessories". 

Which is interesting as I would term an accessory as an extra to an outfit and to be fair, shoes are pretty much an integral aspect. 

But we're clearly talking semantics here and suffice to say, I am totally in love with anything accessory wise. 

And whilst we've got our 30% off code at Mango, valid till Midnight this evening, it would be rude not to have a look to see what would make it onto my wishlist.  (code is still 5WEEKEND and all prices are pre discount) 

First and foremost (as that's what where they have it) let's talk footwear.  You may have noticed that I snuck in a pair of new boots this week (more on that shortly, I promise - I have mentioned that they were numero uno on the wishlist so it's not a huge surprise I'm sure) so I am pushing the limits and then some to justify another pair of shoes. 

But if someone was looking for a pair of stilettos, then this mid heel pair would be top of my Lust List.  Ideal height and style to wear to work and they'd carry you well into the evenings and out at weekends too. 

Camel pump £39.99 These aren't leather but for the 30% off price, I'd be ok with that. 

Or a classic black £39.99

I am very much looking forward to wearing my Delphine pumps from Hobbs again and these are rather reminiscent of them - the ideal statement flat.  But loving them in a navy version.

Ankle-cuff Mary Janes in navy £34.99 - also available in black.

There are loads of great leather boots and shoes online - I have had to stop looking as I officially do Not need anymore....

Bags however - well.  I don't feel that I've really touched the tip of the iceberg with regards to bags this season.  Probably because yet again, there is that fine line between "need and want"..... 

However if you're not bothered about a leather bag than Mango is the place to look.  

Some really great design features at absolutely amazing prices, even before the whopping 30% off.  

Top of my picks would be this Pebbled Cross Body bag £39.99 in black (also available in a very pale beige)  This is more than a little like the Anya Hindmarch cross body satchels.

I've seen this one in store and it honestly looks so like leather, I had to do the sniff test.

Pebbled hobo bag £59.99

And again, there are oodles of lovely - really lovely bags online. 

However it is in the scarves department where I want to shout CALL OFF THE DOGS. 

This is where the 30% discount comes into its own - no these are not expensive to begin with but with a little bit off - these are akin to the price of a not too shabby bottle of wine.  But these don't give you a hangover and will continue to be just as pleasing the following day and the next day and for weeks afterwards. 

So whilst I said I wasn't going to do any form of tartan outfit, I absolutely love the shades of this.  Nod to all things on trend but much easier to wear in my humble opinion, than a piece of tartan clothing. 

Check Scarf £24.99   I have pressed buy on this - in my basket. 

Actually a silver grey scarf is on my list of things to have - basically I think a (don't all laugh...) pashmina - essentially the same as my camel LV from last year but without the price tag. 

However I am loving this oversized grey herringbone scarf £29.99 (I rather love this whole look if I'm honest) 

If navy is your bag this season (and to be honest if I didn't have a navy checked coat, this would be mine immediately), then this is perfect.  I papped it in Mango the other day actually - hugely popular on Instagram. 

Bicolour check scarf £24.99


Red shades now - Tricolor Striped Scarf £27.99

Actually speaking of grey scarves, this is exactly the sort of thing I'm after. 

Metallic Scarf £29.99 (have ordered this as well just to check it's not ok... that makes sense no?)

And I could go on and on and on - please do take a look if you're after a scarf as there are gazillions of gorgeous ones.  I have a Spanish Roast Chicken dinner to tuck into that The Husband has made whilst I subject him to yet more X Factor.  He has no idea how lucky he is... 

Outfit from yesterday - hangover wasn't nearly as shabby as I thought it might be - total result!  Even managed a glass of wine with my pasta last night.  

As you can see, still loving the boots. 


Paola knit dress in putty - Baukjen
Boots - Toga Pulla 
Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Tomorrow I am going for a power walk first thing - I know I said I had meant to do some exercise the other week, well, hmmm, that didn't happen but tomorrow - bring it on.....

Oh and I also may have ordered one thing from yesterday just to suck it and see... any ideas?

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11 comentarios:

  1. The bicolour check scarf is gorgeous!

    1. Honestly it's absolutely gorgeous in real life!

  2. Just ordered the check mohair blend cardigan! Seemed to have sold out yesterday but now back in stock!

    1. oh that is lovely - I can't believe I went to order the scarf and it had sold out. GAH

  3. My money's on the culottes. Or the jumpsuit. Or the black crepe dress? These cliffhangers are killing me!


    1. oh BALLS i should have ordered them - in fact I should have ordered all 3, but I didn't, I ordered the faux sheepskin leather coat. Why??!!!!!!!

  4. Gotta be the culottes?! Audrey x

    1. Don't. I wish it had been the culottes - I ordered the coat. What was I thinking?!

  5. I ordered the checked scarf on Saturday along with a navy square cut top and black coated skinnies...sure it would have been rude not to with that discount. Dithered over the flat navy shoes...they're lovely but at the checkout, I removed them from my basket - gah!! x

  6. I've been looking at scarves too so off to check out Mamgo! Lynne x