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...... to your wardrobe can sometimes make the hugest difference.  I spent a while earlier today going through my wardrobe and sorting the wheat from the chaff.  Ok, I'll be honest, it was actually a mission to see if there was anything I *needed*.... And the jury is still out on that (although I will admit I am struggling to get a coat/jacket to work with my A line leather black midi skirt from Whistles which I hate to confess as this goes against ALL my rules for buying it in the first place.  To buy something and then have to make another purchase to actually wear it is unforgiveable.  Properly against all my rules.  Big fat smack on the wrist - whilst I gleefully look for a new coat!)

I tend to do this quite regularly as it enables me to put outfits together from what I have that I know will work.  It also stops that panic every morning of thinking what goes with what.  But it's ideal for making a shopping list to enable you to buy things that work with what you already have.  And not buy willy nilly random things like my A Line skirt...

Putting the skirt issue aside for a moment, as it turns out, what this taught me this morning was that there are certain things I have that are really key in tying a lot of other bits of my wardrobe together.  Different things do this at different times of the year but for the temperature at the moment, the idea thing that I can drag out of my wardrobe and throw over my old summer clothes is a small jacket. 

I love a jacket - prior to my coat epiphany last year, these were the mainstay of my wardrobe.  And I do still love a little jacket that you can throw on for the day over a tee and jeans or even a skirt - would even work over a summer dress and ankle boots for cooler Autumnal days but also come into their own in the evening over skinnies and a top or a blouse and little capri pants.  Throw on some heels and you have the ideal addition to your wardrobe that does more than it says on the tin. 

I will confess - I do not need any more jackets.  From blazers, sequins, tweed, boucle, boiled wool, knitted, brocade and leather, I have these covered.  And to add credence to my tale, some of my mine are 10 years old and are still dragged out every year.  

Today though I'm going to look at a textured jacket - those with something a little bit more to them than a plain blazer - something that doesn't need any other embellishment with it - just a simple jacket that can make big difference to an old outfit. 

If needs be, a plain scarf can be added when the temp drops but until then, it will be your best friend.

Starting with some from M&S where there is....20% KLAXON... off until midnight tonight.  I believe this is off everything.  If M&S can now just persuade Matches to do the same so I could buy the Toga Pulla boots, I would be a happy person (currently residing top of my wishlist)

Now this looks awful in the pics, but I have seen it in real life and it's great (for some reason the photo of it I've taken has disappeared from my phone.  I'm not going to blame a small child who is currently obsessed with Castle Clash and steals my phone at every opportunity, of course.....)  I personally wouldn't team it with a print blouse - maybe a tartan but with a plain jumper, shirt or tee, in my book, this would work a lot better.  These also work well with a thin knit jumper and fitted shirt (or collar - my beloved collars!) 

Tweed Textured Jacket with Zip in navy was £59 now £47.20 (the more I look at this pic the more criminal that shirt combo becomes in my book.)  

Much better pic which they've just added. 

A different shape but similar colours is the Boucle Jacket in a navy mix.  I love this shape  very flattering as it nips into the waist without clinging. 

Boucle Jacket with New Wool was £39.50 today £31.60

A slightly longer boucle jacket from Warehouse (I have to say I think this whole outfit is so cute)

Black Boucle Jacket £50

Back to M&S and now I know this says it's a Bomber jacket and I don't do bomber jackets per se but the back of this is only so so slightly gathered, it passes my bomber test.   It may be expensive (which is where the 20% comes into its own) but I have a similar one that I bought on impulse for a wedding three years ago and it has been the most useful jacket ever.  I've worn it to two weddings since and on the school run over jeans and a striped top. 

With the party season round the corner, this would be ideal over a plain black dress (my staple outfit for mine) for a party.  I love the 3/4 length sleeves. 

Best of British from M&S Shimmer in champagne was £199 now £159.20

I do love this shape and there is nothing more useful than a classic black version.  This one from Mango is amazing.  I love the look of this one - on the list to try on. 

Striped Textured Jacket from Mango £39.99

Which they also do it in a white as well.

Last one from M&S and moving onto good old check now and actually - oh my lord actually - I don't own one of these (quietly hyperventilates in a corner as I discover a jacket I don't own... & breathe...) 

Love the idea of this with a camel jumper (or burgundy actually....) boyfriend jeans and suede ankle boots.  

Buttonsafe Checked Hacking Jacket in navy with new wool was £59 now £47.20

Also getting in on the 20% gig until Wednsday are Boden.  And whilst we're on the subject of jackets, they do a tweed jacket better than most. 

Love this look 

British Tweed Blazer in blue check £149 before discount

Another fantastic colourway for the adventurous out there - this is the grey check.  This would look great with basics - so black or navy - throw on lots of denim and white, keeping the rest of the outfit simple.  Chelsea boots, brogues or tennis shoes would be perfect.  

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think this was gorgeous.  Over dark denim jeans and a crisp white shirt.  Or even faded boyfriend jeans, black/grey/navy round neck jumper and white collar.  GAH I want.

The pink herringbone option. 

Or a deliciously Autumnal olive - I love olive with pink - honestly try it if you're not convinced, it looks fab. (pale pink in my book) 

There are a couple of other gems at Boden. 

In navy and white this is a great jacket for work or play.  Love the leopard print shoes with this. 

Isabel Jacket £89 pre discount

Another navy one this time with black spots - the Lombard Jacket at £149 pre 20% discount. 

And a Beetroot and Orchid Print spot version £149

Now for some slightly more way out but I am having a real yellow thing this season and River Island have always come up trumps for jackets for me.  Alas I don't have a wedding this Season but if I did, I think this over a black clinging midi dress would look amazing. (tries desperately to think of an outfit when I would need to wear this....) 

Black Dogtooth Colour Block Jacket £55 

Having said that, I've seen they do it in a pale pink as well.... oh now hello.  I could totally justify (not) both of these. 

Pale Pink Dogtooth Colourblock jacket £55 from River Island 

And here is just one of my gazillion jackets - this I have for 5 years now - maybe 6 actually and it gets worn often.  Still one of my favourites.


Black crepe top - Zara
Real Straight jeans turned up - Gap
Black and tan sandals - Clarks
Pearly King and Queen jacket - Phase Eight
Back Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow I shall be back with a different sort of dress, I have covered it before but up there with the jumper dress from yesterday this is top of my must have dress shapes for A/W.

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18 comentarios:

  1. Really like the Warehouse Boucle one, I never think to look there! But I'm on a self imposed jacket/coat ban. I've got far too many. I ebay/charity shop them but I swear they multiply in my wardrobes!

    1. Noooooooooo you can never have too many jackets - we live in England for god's sake!

  2. I recently won the Boden olive tweed jacket in an instagram competition. Gorgeous.

    1. Oh you lucky lucky duck! How many competitions have you won at Boden?!! Totally gorgeous

  3. I love the Mango one, in black, I'll be having a look at that tomorrow.

    1. What did you think? Couldn't see it in store today. x

  4. I like the grey Boden tweed jacket, and I don't have a tweed jacket. And I do have a Boden £15 voucher. But I really, really, really shouldn't!

    1. Oh but if you don't use it, won't you lose it??!

  5. Elle are doing a 20% River Island discount card at the moment!

    1. Oh my lord - right, that's me sorted as I'm after a pair of jeans from there. Which I do officially NEED! Thank you x

  6. Totally agree getting one or two pieces can link things together so well. I bought a pink jacket that has done that for me and the PERFECT black drapey tee. I could see a patterned jacket working for me too - love that one of yours, it has served you very well!

    1. It's been fab hasn't it? I do wear it a lot and always get so many compliments on it! x

  7. Loving the M&S checked blazer, might have to seek that one out and try it on! Please please please could you do a post on coats to wear with skirts as I have decided to wear more skirts this autumn/winter but have realised that my usual coats aren't going to work. Ooops!

    1. Right with you there. What sort of skirt do you have? To be honest, even a pencil skirt is quite hard - although I have to say a pencil skirt for every day is just not going to be happening here. A midi skirt yes but I can't walk properly in a pencil skirt! x

  8. One of your links for the John Lewis dark denims is a pair of jeans for small boys. Are you serious??

    1. Oh my lord no of course not! It's the software having a mind of its own. I've tried to remove it and have hopefully removed what was making it add random stuff from now on. Apologies!

  9. I've had my eye on the Boden olive tweed jacket for a while. Just gorgeous. I worry I'd look a little too 'country' in it, don't have your effortlessly cool style! Lynne xx

  10. Hi Kat, I've been following your blog for just over a year and love your style ideas and bargain hunts. I know you are a big fan of the Ash Jalouse ankle boots and I've found some very similar ones on one of my online hunts from Freemans http://www.freemans.com/products/ravel-65-suede-cowboy-ankle-boots/_/A-86T329_4 They are just lovely boots and a much nicer slighty darker mushroom colour than in the pics online - I also got a further 25% off the sale price as a first order!