One of my favourite discounts of the season

Yes, it's 30% off time at Mango.  They did this in the Summer and I know it was hugely hugely popular.  Certainly I did a very large order and then I think they had another day when I may have snuck in some more gems.  I didn't keep it all but the thrill of having a huge box turn up full of goodies was worth the treck to Bluewater to return then. (I probably shouldn't admit that out loud, should I?  Sad or what - please can someone else say they love getting a huge parcel of clothes to try on??) 

But moving swiftly on, I've already had a gander and try on in Mango this season - seen here in this blog post.  But of course there's loads more to drool at.  And with 30% off, it would be rude not to have a little look.... Code is 5WEEKEND 

Actually Mango is one of those stores that instore is pants.  Ours is tiny and they have hardly anything compared to the plethora of goodies that are online.  The website is incredibly easy to navigate and the styling and photos are gorgeous.  Free delivery too and I believe free returns although I've always just taken back into store.

WIthout further ado, let the salivating begin. 

Now I'm not going to say I've already begun to think about the party season... but.... It would be FOOLISH not to have given it a tiny thought.  For it will be with us before we know it (not to scare you or anything)  I do believe I may have been heard to say " I don't need anything new this year...."  Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.  Maybe I'll try and get through on the dresses I have.  Totally love the Sandro black leather block dress and the Me+Em turtle neck swing dress and am very much looking forward to wearing both of them. 

But another great option would be a jumpsuit and this viscose one looks simply gorgeous for a great price.

Flowy long jumpsuit £59.99

Staying with classic black, I adore, absolutely adore this simple black "wrap" dress.  How perfect is this?  You could let the shoes do all the talking.  My concern is that for someone as tall as me this would barely cover the essential bits and leave not a lot to the imagination but on someone smaller, this would rock.

Crepe Wrap Dress £59.99

You may or may not have noticed I have become dress obsessed and this one fits the bill perfectly.  Ideal for dress down during the day - would be gorgeous out for dinner too. 

Tie Print Dress £44.99

The perfect blazer to go over the above dresses and jumpsuit would be the one I had on the blog on Thursday.  Honestly this is stunning, amazing quality, especially for 30% off.  Crazy price.

Crepe Blazer £44.99

Now I tried on the Whistles version of this yesterday which was lovely but not lovely enough for £500plus.  However I am ridiculously keen to see if this is warm... the hunt for a warm practical (ish - oh totally ish...) coat for rugby Sundays will commence shortly. 

Faux shearling-lined coat £79.99  I simply cannot believe how amazing this looks for the price.  It simply has to be pants in the flesh, surely?  Actually, I am sat here on a Sunday evening watching rugby (HOW???) and frankly, it would therefore be rude not to order this, just in case it does happen to be totally fabulous.  There may be method in my slightly hungover madness.

Obviously I'm not going to get through the season, especially when discussing practical clothes, without mentioning a parka and this one looks gorgeous. 

Military hooded coat £119.99

Mango leather has always been fantastic and is definitely worth having a look at with 30% off. 

Shearling lined leather jacket £169.99

Or this one - swoon. 

Fur applique biker jacket £169.99

Or the Faux Shearling version if you wanted to suck it and see and weren't that sure how much wear you'd get out of it. 

Faux Shearling biker jacket £69.99

Ok so it appears I am officially obsessed with the shearling aviator look.  ADORE this.  Simply love love love this and wish it was slightly longer.  These are all a ridiculous price with 30% off. 

Faux Shearling lined jacket £69.99

Thinking of rugby = comfort and these are top of my must haves for dress down outfits.  Already planning on wearing a pair of these tomorrow. (not these precise ones - I have very similar which are infinitely useful for those totally laid back days) 

Flecked Jogging Trousers £19.99  I'm loving the look with the polo neck - noted.

Now I haven't mentioned culottes yet - one of a couple of big new trends I have to explore (obviously I wasn't going to ignore them!).  Will I or won't I indulge?

Wool-blend culottes £44.99

I did have a quick squiz at jumpers and will be back with more of them tomorrow but in the meantime, as a little bit of a teaser, this one totally caught my eye.  Very like the lovely Hush one I have but at a fraction of the cost, especially with 30% off. 

Monochrom Sweater £34.99

Now I have some Strictly and some X Factor to catch up on so I will leave my picks of the accessories till tomorrow. 

Finishing with the much deliberated over outfit from yesterday - lunch at the Chiltern Firehouse with the girls.  Amazing, amazing day (evening....) This is what I decided on in the end.  More on the boots which yes, are new and I didn't think would arrive in time but did, very shortly. 


Felsted shirt dress - Baukjen
Boots - Toga Pulla 
Camel coat - Zara 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Off for a small glass of red and some sublime Saturday night tv.  I am bribing the 10 yr old to watch Strictly with me.  Sinking to a new parenting low. 

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21 comentarios:

  1. You look gorgeous, great outfit yesterday! Everything works so well together and each piece stands well on its own. I also love the hair. How was your meal at CF? Hope it exceeded your expectations.

    1. oh thank you so much! CF was good - we had such a craic, food was ok - not great, but then you don't go there fore the food! Lovely atmosphere and gorgeous venue. x

  2. You caved and bought the togas! Gorgeous.

  3. You looked great! Totally agree that Mango is not great in-store vs. online.

    1. Absolutely pants instore, for sure (and thank you!) x

  4. Isn't it Saturday today Kat? You still hungover? Gorgeous outfit. Really loving the boots xx

  5. Gorgeous fabulous boots, so jealous! And yes, went into mango on regent street the other day and it was such a mess, so much easier to see everything online!
    A x

    1. That's possibly one of their biggest stores and it's just a jumble sale. Zara really have their instore merchandising much much better figured out x

  6. I am ashamed to say I put in three orders yesterday. That'll teach me to try and be frugal the first time. And the second. The third time, I forgot to put in the code and ended up paying full price! Was only £19.99 though, so I'm prepared to take the hit as life's way of teaching me to stop spending :-) Now I'm sat here praying that all the stuff I'm planning to use on the blog next week doesn't sell out...

    Your Friday outfit looks fab. The boots are not for me, I'd look ridiculous in them, but I love them on you.


  7. Great boots indeed! I took advantage of the Mango promo and bagged their navy pointy flats with the ankle straps. The official excuse? That style is hard to come across in navy (which is what I'm replacing black with this season). Do get that crepe wrap dress, it looks 200% more expensive and is way cool. I have a similar one from Zara and it reinvents itself each time I pair it with a different shoe. It's the one black item I kept infact....

    1. This is exceptionally true re navy and I can't believe I forgot to order the dress. GAH!

  8. Just placed my order, jacket, dress and joggers. Also ordered the wishbone blouse you tried on the other day with the John lewis price match discount. You're such a bad influence!! Now off to see what I can buy from Whistles with the grazia offer.
    Love your outfit from Friday-and the hair. Don't think those boots would be good on me but fab on you.

    1. oh I love that blouse - really good buy. I have been unbelievably abstemious with the Whistles voucher *polishes halo*.....

  9. Looking like a total babe here! Now tell me what did you use to curl your hair?

    1. yes, I'd like to know how you curled your hair too! prey tell!

    2. AHA!! I will do a blog on it this week (it's not that exciting but well, the exciting thing is that it's super super SUPER cheap!)