It's the magic 20% again...

... and this time we're taking it off shoes and bags.  Two high street classics today - Clarks and M&S (again - yawn yawn but oh my lord they have some amazing boots)  As per usual, I have zero contact with either of them, I have just had the same codes that I'm sure many of you have.  

I'll be trying to sort the wheat from the chaff as, I'll be honest, there is a fair bit of chaff to be found at both.  They both cater for a broad market and some *may* see them as being the fuddier end of the high street.  But never let it be said that I judge a shop by its old lady tendencies and yes, I do practise what I preach and have shoes and boots from both Clarks and M&S. 

Now yes, I seem to be having a bit of a love in with good old Marks but honestly, their footwear is amazing.  Lots of what they do is amazing.  But their footwear = stand out.  In a time where other high street shops are charging £50/£60/£70 for manmade shoes and boots, all hail M&S for bringing us amazing quality leather options AND with 20% off. 

As I said, I am still in love with my leopard print pointy boots from last year - so much so I can't justify another pair of leopard print anything at all.  

But on the subject of pointy (my current boot obsession - feeling ridiculously smug with myself that I bought my Sam Edelman ones last year and also the stud Zara ones in the sale) - these are top of my lust list. 

If you needed an excuse to buy new boots and don't have a pointy pair, then call off the dogs and look no further.  

All prices are PRE 20% discount - code is FOOTWEAR20 and lasts till the 23rd September.  It does work on bags as well - see below....

These I love the look of - totally inspired, I will admit by the Baukjen styling from their new season.  One of the reasons I always struggled with dresses was footwear.  Proper shoes make them look, well, too worky or weddingy but I am totally in love with this look. 

And these boots from M&S would be ideal. 

M&S Collection Stain away Triple zip ankle boots with Insolia £59 

And in red. I adore these in red.  I could so let my inner Vivienne Westwood free in these. 

Suede Triple Zip Ankle boots £59

More red boots.  I have been really good about not mentioning the Toga Pulla boots which I am obsessed with (honesty obsessed - glossing over it but seriously problem time.  Vaguely contemplating selling a kidney or a child to purchase) and in the meantime, this red version may well scratch the itch.  They're not the same - they're not remotely the same but they're the nearest nod to them that I can find (bar some at Topshop but we'll leave those for another day) 

Flat Buckle Ankle Boots £39.50 (not leather) 

Now these are higher but they are Insolia boots. I have a leaflet in front of me here which goes into great detail as to what Insolia is.  Suffice to say, it's a posh word for "comfy".  Pretty much all you need to know. 

Leather Pointed Toe Boots with Insolia £85

And in the cognac - lovely rich brown, this colour is perfect for A/W with all shades of everything. 

Now these may look ever so slightly random but they are pretty much identical to the Ohio boots I have from Pied a Terre which are 5 or 6 years old now.  Very like the Jalouse (which I know I bang on about tirelessly) or the Dicker but with the stud detail.  You will either love or hate.  I love (as I have a pair) 

Twiggy for M&S Collection £69 In the black.

However I will say that as much as mine are black, I do think I prefer these in the Graphite. 


BUT these are an unbelievably bargainous £25.  Before the 20% off.  (which makes them £20.  I think... gifted at maths I am not) 

The perfect mid heel pointed stiletto in a myriad of colours. 

I'm starting with the snakeskin £25 (well £20) And even though they're not leather, they're still "Comfy" (ie M&S have cast their Insolia wand over them) 

Or the black patent.  Useful and then some.  And low enough to wear every day (ok so not for the school run but certainly you wouldn't look like you were auditioning for a Beyonce video if you wore them out for lunch) 

These to me are LK Bennett.  Someone has stolen a job lot of them and has shoved them onto the shelves in M&S.  They are gorgeous.  Seriously seriously lovely and the perfect not work, not wedding shoe boot for the Christmas season.  Buy now before they sell out (I *might* be contemplating.  Seriously contemplaing ie flexing card as we speak.) 

Suede Elasticated Panel Ankle Boot £59

No these aren't practical but how expensive do they look?

Suede Elastic Panel Shoe Boots in Taupe £59

Now I do like the all black personally but the navy and black together is pure class. 

Again - oh hello LK Bennett??! Leather Multi-Strap Elegant Ankle Boots with Insolia £75 (whoa - upping the budget there but pre 20% off....compared to LKB prices?  They're double this in the sale) 

On the subject of navy, what can I say about these?  See what I mean about M&S being so blasted fabulous? 

Suede Stiletto High Heel Chelsea boots £69

Or a black leather pair - these would serve you so well.  So so so so so well.  

Leather pointed Chelsea boot £69  LOVE the mid heel on these.  You could skip around London town in these (don't let me buy these as it would take one slightly boozy lunch to prove my point.  Which wouldn't be pretty for anyone)

Straying a moment from pointy pointy into copy copy territory.  Or should we say "taking inspiration from"....?

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, these have more than a hint of the H by Hudson Horrigans to them 

Suede Wide Fit Strap Ankle Boots £59 - if you have narrow feet, I would suggest sizing down in these.  

And Acne must be going err ho hum hellooooo, (actually I'm not sure they care) at these (non leather - soz) boots which are remarkably similar to their Donna boots.  I know this as I bought an Acne pair and took them back.  Warning - these do make your feet look bigger.  If you already have big feet and don't want to look like you're wearing canoes, avoid.  Otherwise they are ridiculously on trend and for £45 you can't go wrong. 

Pointed Toe Western Ankle Boots £45 Also in tan.

Now I was going to look at flat shoes but frankly we'll be here forever and it's a whole different ball game, so I will explore those in a couple of days - those dreaded transition shoes that are for some reason, so hard to master. 

Moving onto bags.  I have a whole black bag thread up my arm as I am having a real black bag moment (even though I am determined to get through the whole season without buying a bag.  She says optimistically.....) 

I saw this in a mag - it's fab.  Reminds me of a whole host of much more expensive bags without being an exact replica.  A great size for a day handbag. 

Twiggy for M&S Collection Quilted bag in khaki mix £45

They also do it in a cross body bag which is really quite cute.  £35

Leather now - mink bowling bag - this is much better in the flesh than here. £69 

Couldn't do a post and not include a little leopard - this one is perfect - both a clutch bag and a cross body bag, in leather for £79 before discount. 

Leather Animal Print Clutch bag £79

Alas this isn't leather (WHY M&S??!) but I had to include it as it's such a cute and useful bag.  On the upside, it's a great price. 

Drawstring Grab Tote Bag £39.50

I was saving this for my black bag post but seeing as there's 20% off, I'm flinging it in here.  Again not leather but for an every day bag, this is ideal.  I've seen instore and to be totally honest, you wouldn't know it wasn't leather At All.

Front Zip Tote Bag in black M&S £35.00 

And again I would defy you not to know this is leather. 

Top Handle Midi Across Body bag £35

However they came good on the leather in the end at Autograph in the most delicious dove grey .

Leather Across Body Duffle bag £79  LOVE THIS 

Finishing with another bowling bag - M&S really do do these well.  Doesn't this one just smell of Christmas?! 

Leather Greta Bowler Bag £79

Moving onto another high street shop with which I have a bit of a love hate relationship.  Today though we are all about the love as I have one of my favourite pairs of shoes on which are from there and there is also a 20% off voucher if you buy two things - men's women's, shoes or bags. 

Oh dear - you just have to buy two things (or even one for The Husband...?  They have some fab men's shoes it does have to be said.  Or you could just buy two things.  Decisions decisions.... Actually you do get 10% off if you just buy one thing.  Use the code BLINK for both. 

Speaking of my favourite shoes, they don't have the same ones I got two years ago but they do have something similar which would give exactly the same look (I think I may actually prefer these....) 

Turin Dreaming £49.99  These are definitely lower than mine which wouldn't be a bad thing to be honest. 

Is there such a thing as a practical heeled boot?  Well yes there is in the form of the Keswick Water in Oxblood £69.99  Now I'm not saying you could go marching in the snow in these but definitely the grip is useful in the winter in damp, leaves, slight frost etc.  I have this grip on an old pair of LK Bennett boots which I have worn in the snow and not fallen over (it was actually my 40th birthday and I had had one or twenty glasses of champagne so not falling over really was a miracle) 

Now I haven't even begun to think about knee high boots (being tall it's always a nighmare anyway) but these are definitely worth exploring. 

Minster Echo in black £150

However I have to say my favourite boots from Clarks this year are the Kaz Blues in black combi leather £99.99 - love the mix of the patent, the plain leather and the contrast heel.  Really unusual but perfect with skirts, dresses or skinny jeans. 

Also available in a patent Oxblood.  Clarks really do do oxblood better than anyone. 

I featured their bags for the first time last year and once again they've come up trumps.  

Tan bags - a classic.  And this is just perfect, all rather Mulberry if you ask me - a nod to the plait etc etc.  For a sniff of the cost. 

Tender Boho £89.99

And a navy - again, ode to all expensive bags shape here - Tollard Bag combi leather £99.99  How gorgeous is this? Clarks you say?  Really?!

And gawd there are so many more I could go on and on about (I may go in tomorrow and pap some) but I need to leave you all as we're going out for supper for the 9yr old's birthday which is tomorrow.  I can't believe she's going to be TEN! 

Here I am with the Clarks shoes on.  Love 'em.


Rad tee - Zoe Karssen
Paint splattered khakis - Zara
Black sandals - Clarks
Black Faridah Hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

So shoes from M&S or Clarks?  On your radar or nay thank you v much?

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35 comentarios:

  1. Arghh, my eyes, too much bag loveliness!! X

    1. ha ha ha ha ! So lovely aren't they? And none of them at bonkers prices. WOOHOO!

  2. Oh my giddy aunt - having palpations over these navy suede M and S boots (now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write!) Love them. And also love that grey duffel bag - if my OH wasn't going to the States next month with an order not to come back unless he is in possession of the Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag I would buy it in a heartbeat! You're so good at finding these gems - I just don't have the patience to navigate through the web-site.

    1. To be honest, most I do see in store as we do have a flagship M&S nearby so it is sort of cheating. Plus I am a magazine whore and so trawl through them and do know what to try and hunt down on the M&S website! I know this is sacrilege to say but I don't get the draw of the MG bucket bag WASH MY MOUTH OUT!

  3. I have just been given a Marks voucher. I also LOVE their shoes so was going to treat myself tomorrow. Thanks so much for the 20% code - looks like I'll be treating myself tonight :) it would be rude not to!!!
    Going to go for the strap ankle boots in the khaki/taupe colour. Have tried them on in black but think the neutral colour will be a a bit more wearable and a great transition to autumn. Yay!

  4. I have to say that considering knee high boots are supposed to be making a comeback this year, I was quite unimpressed with the offer at Clarks. Ankle boots however...I love these so much that it actually hurts a little bit

    Sadly, I just don't think I could justify the purchase due to the massive amount of boots I already own. Shame, as they come in black and oxblood, so if I bought both I would actually be saving money.


    1. They are very cute - planning on doing a chelsea boot blog actually although I have to say I'm not sure I"m going to indulge... Can't do every trend can you and my heart belongs to the WIld West!

  5. I have those flat buckle red boots in the blue, I was hoping they'd be more navy but they aren't, I'm keeping them as they are really comfy! But I do wish the blue wasn't so bright.

    1. They're quite electric in the blue aren't they? But then to be fair the original blue Toga Pullas are very peacock as well! So you're in great company (but yes, I would personally prefer a navy, dullard colour averse colour person I am) x

  6. I've also just got one of those M&S vouchers and now annoyed the coat I wanted is out of stock in my size. Grr.

    1. God that is irritating. Which coat was it? Can you hunt down in store perhaps?

  7. Just ordered the Turin Dreaming from clarks. Have been looking for a peep shoe boot for ages and they are a bargain for leather. Thank you very much!

    1. They're lovely, aren't they. Hope you love them as much as I love mine!

  8. The Turin dreaming are fantStic. I bought a pair last week. Pre discount they are amazing value. With discount they are practically giving them away. Highly recommend.

    Also I am tempted by the e
    Asti aged ankle bootto replace an R and B pair that are completely worn out. Comfort is king though as they will be for work and if I can't wear them all day they are of no use at all however good they look.

    Great tee by the way

    1. So pleased to hear they're great, thank you for the recommendation. Hope the ankle boots work for you xxx

  9. I was in a flagship M&S the other week and was in love with the new range of ankle boots, there were so many there that I would have bought in a heartbeat but I was on a shopping ban at the time so couldn't indulge, :( Its payday on Monday so am going to pop in again and as M&S nicely sent me some 20% off all womenswear vouchers I will definitely buy this time. I have my eye on the grey suede multi strap ones and the black and navy elasticated ones. I bought a pair very similar to the navy suede stiletto last Autumn from Autograph but with a block heel, they were so fab but my pesky little dog chewed the suede off the heel one week after I bought them (just one of his shoe attacks from last year, I'm a a lot more careful now, never leave shoes on the floor!). When I tried to buy them again they were all sold out so I may just have to treat myself to the stiletto ones too- a girl can never have too many boots! I just love M&S for footwear, I have bought so many gems and have had people admire them and been gobsmacked that they came from good old Marksies,


    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. They're amazign aren't they? So easy to treat yourself without feeling ridiculously guilty!

  10. Notbeingpaidforthis!Thursday, 18 September, 2014

    I think the quality of M&S leather handbags is excellent, especially for the price. I have the Autograph duffel in black rather than grey and it is a thing of beauty; gorgeous leather but light! Perfect size for 'mum stuff' and hands free! The red Greta bowling bag is also gorgeous! A proper vivid red.

    1. OOH haven't seen it in black - will have to go and have a look. They are absolutely amazing quality for the money, ditto their shoes. x

  11. What's your take on the Orla Kiely- line from Clarks? I think it's brilliant!
    But those black pointy boots from m&s ....archhh! On the good Side of punk!, They are so gorgious! There 's a m&s in The Hague, close to where I live ( and a Clarks too) there Goes my shopping-ban, I suddenly need those boots!

    1. Hmmm, I have to say the Orla Kiely range isn't exactly me. BUT I can see if you are more of a vintage/boho style trend follower then they would be right up your street and I can absolutely appreciate them in that ilk. But personally, they're not really me. Great price though and I love the colours! ha ha ha to your about turn on the shopping ban! I'm going to attempt Oct - Sep is a lost cause by the looks of things!

  12. Hobbs have some lovely boots and shoes and just got a 20% code AUTUMN until 29/09. Just ordered some cute flats.

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not another one! What am I saying - I love a bit of Hobbs! Can't wait to get my Delphines out again - deffo on for next week!

  13. Can i ask you what size your felsted shirt dress is as want to order it. In zara i usually wear meduim but ther sizing can be a bit hit and miss, so sometimes need a large. Also i am only 5 foot 5 so would it be to long with boots and tights??? Please HELP

    1. Sorry - I didn't see this - hopefully it was you who asked on the other thread - I'm actually a 10 in it and am normally true to size. Seems to be a good accurate size - I think it would look fab with tights and boots (that's what I'm planning on wearing it with anyway!)

  14. Big thank you for the Mint Velvet code, Kat. I haven't yet received my catalogue, but tried some gorgeous tops this morning in John Lewis. The Ami cape top with dark, Gothic floral print, along with the cowl neck collared top should now be winging their way to me. I already have and adore their black skinnies with the three zips - I completely agree with you on those!

    As for ankle boots, whilst they're not so much of a bargain as the ones above, the Cuban heeled Chelsea boots from Hush are comfortable and go with practically everything in my wardrobe. Would highly recommend them.

    1. Oh so lovely to hear! And yes, the Hush boots are amazing, aren't they?!x

  15. I love those Turin Dreaming & blogged them a while ago! One of the sales assistants had them on when I took the kids for their school shoes & they looked so lovely on her! I'd love a pair! That navy bag is also completely lush! Ax

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