When the shopping stars align.....

it is clearly MEANT to be. 

So here I am on the hunt for tops to go with a leather midi skirt - we are still midst (almost panic.....we won't use that term till Thursday) shopping for my Big Day Out on Friday. 

And option number god knows what now, is my leather Whistles midi skirt.  Clearly someone up there has heard my pleas and what do I see on the front of my Grazia this morning but.... 

oh yes, 25% off at Whistles (code is WH25AW14)   Which is interesting as last week I had tried on two tops that I thought *might* go with my leather skirt (Whistles... you see it really is divine intervention.  Of sorts...).   I have discovered, as I suspected, that finding tops to go with skirts is ridiculously difficult. 

But last week I saw a couple in Whistles which I thought might work.  So today I shall be attempting to kill one and a half birds with a stone.  A couple of gems from Whistles which DO work with a leather midi skirt - officially the hardest item to team a top with.  To be fair, that does go for any skirt but the midi length seems to add an extra frumpopportunity.... Actually I can see the same happening with a leather pencil skirt and I think all these tops would also work with one of them.  Yes, they definitely would (should....) 

And then just my fave pics from Whistles which I absolutely Do Not Need (and since I may have been slightly splurgetastic the last couple of days -  all of which I may or may not keep...well, those which I haven't worn anyway) - I definitely can't exactly indulge.

So staring with those tops.  I'm such a moron that I forgot to take the skirt with me (minor/major detail...) but I found a rather lovely Reiss skirt that did the trick nicely. (although it's not midi, same details at the top) 

Penelope Lace Insert Knit £95 It's MUCH nicer in real life I promise.  A gorgeous pale pink/blush shade.

image image

It also does look really really great with jeans (throw on a blazer or cocoon coat, ankle boots or stilettos and happy days for a gorgeous night out outfit with a slight difference)  To prove I did spy these before today, photos from last week! 


And this which I thought would work but actually doesn't.  BUT it does look fab with jeans and is a really lovely, every day or dressed up for the evening top in navy lurex.


Much better with jeans (throw on with details above for same smart outfit - fab) 


Couldn't find this but I reckon this would be a much better job with a skirt than the above.  Blue sparkle - what's not to love?

Annie Sparkle Jumper £75  This is slightly ruched at the sides which you can't see from this pic, so should work well over a flat fronted A line skirt.

Now things I didn't see that would also work (and this does give you a teensy hint of what else I tried.  Well, ish.. it's not the same at all really.. duh) - I'd be hoping it's not *too* short. 

I haven't even mentioned coats and skirts as they are a whole other nightmare in their own realm but before we go there, this one definitely would work.  And is generally rather gorgeous, full stop.  The perfect option actually if you don't want to go down the fur route (I might be showing my hand early here....) 

I also love this turtle neck sweater (even though I am a bigger fan of a polo neck and *may* have found polo neck heaven today....yes, I could probably be more boring and shallow if I tried but....)  Adore this colourway teamed with black.  I think this with a bit of clever folding over on the bottom could deffo work with a skirt. 

I'm not going to dwell on dresses as to be totally honest, I do think that Whistles have become a victim of their own success in this arena and they do tend to trot out the same shapes in different (distinctive..) prints.  But having said that, they work, so why wouldn't you (says she, having the same dress in two colourways.  I'll get my coat)  

This one howver is definitely a move away from their comfort zone but bang into mine.  My only gripe is that it's dry clean only.  Not a massive moan though as this would be the ideal Christmas dress for me...  These are the sorts of things which are an amazing buy with the 25% off.  Unless you fancy playing chicken and waiting for the sale (this always works out for me. Not)

Lucie Olivia Rock Tunic £195 (I'm not remotely swayed by them calling it a Rock Tunic.  Not at all. Not in the slightest.  *Stares at midlife crisis dancing before my eyes*)

And I could go on and on and on and on.  Coats, culottes and jumpsuits all of which I know are amazing but so not on my *need* list, it's not true. 

However I definitely have a teensy tiny hole for a clutch bag and this one in silver would be PERFECT with my cheapo (actually they weren't that cheap, I was a mug and they were still £80 in the sale!) stud ankle boots from Zara which I'm planning on wearing loads with my all black ensembles this A/W for nights out.  Yes, leather skirt, I'm talking about you.  This would work a treat as all my evening bags have gold hardware and the boots have silver studs. I know, I know, it's not that important but it still makes me itch slightly. *goes and hunts for a life*

And phew.  I am currently suffering from Discount Overload but I have a plan for tomorrow.  Honest guv....

So outfit from today.  This *might* be a whole splurge outfit.  All new bar the shoes and the bag which are last season's but these are things which I have had sitting around for ages (days) and have been GAGGING to wear.  The bare bones of purchases which I can add to all my things from last year and older and get a whole host of new outfits.  I promise you this works. 


Black jumper - Uniqlo
Black pleather jeans - RIver Island
Camel Coat - Zara
Cheetah print skate shoes - Next
Tan bag - Prada

Tomorrow I shall be back with more ideas for the leather skirt and hopefully I will be a teensy step nearer to working out what my outfit is for Friday. 

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19 comentarios:

  1. The Whistles discount code is very tempting! Good luck with your outfit search..... you will look FAB in what you decide to wear. LOVE, love. love your camel coat. x

  2. Love the camel coat. It is a good length on you. I have it too and it looks shorter on me for some reason even though I am only 5ft 7. I hope it is not one of those weird Zara thing where the sizing is wildly inconsistent. Did you go for the S or M?

  3. Er, have you put in the right link for the leather skirt?

  4. Great finds! Love the skirt and the navy lurex sweater with jeans. Lynne x

  5. Oh no, not another code (hiding my eyes!). I really like the lace insert top, great with the skirt!

  6. Wow, that last tunic is truly fabulous, and very you! Loving the sparkly knit, too. I'm a sucker for a bit of glitter :-) I will also join the camel coat fan club - it was freezing here today, and a warm coat is looking like a very attractive option all of a sudden!

  7. Kat - looking for Pleather Jeans on RI website - can you let me know exactly what they are called?

  8. I saw you in Starbies this afternoon and you looked impossibly elegant with lovely skin. Wear the one thing that you feel most comfortable in and you will shine!

  9. I usually love your stuff, but (and I'm saying this as a fan) the coat looks cheap. To me camel coats are meant to be luxurious, and expensive looking. All the better if you can find one that fits the bill but doesn't cost £££. This one isn't doing that....
    Do like the sparkly navy jumper with jeans though!

  10. Your camel coat is FAB on you, well-wear! Have you considered 'crop' tops to go with the skirt? I bought 2 in Zara to go with my Warehouse blue leather midi... they are lovely with it, no 'mum-tum' showing, promise! A fitted one and a floaty one! Anyhooo, enjoy London ;-) Audrey x

  11. Love the camel coat, its great. zara does it once again.
    that Penelope Lace Insert Knit is my fave looks great on you X

  12. Deffo one of the first two tops! I'm kinda gutted I used to have a very expensive sparkle knit by a brand called Diabless which you don't see around anymore, I think I paid £120 about 8 years ago and it went to the charity shop! Whistles dresses are becoming a joke price wise, I haven't bought dresses from them since 2009 and still have them both. I saw that Zara camel coat when I was in Spain but already had the Cloud Nine one at home awaiting review, otherwise I would have bought it - it's fab! x

  13. The Whistles Sophia sparkle knit does indeed look ridiculously fabulous with jeans (I'm tempted). I bought the more subtle Annie sparkle one that you tried on a year or two ago - it's lovely and very useful, but maybe a little too casual and understated for a Big Night Out, I think?

    I love that bouclé jacket!

  14. Kat, step away from the sparkle and the lace - I thought you said that this place is cool and yes both sparkle and lace are in but majorly dressed down with boyfriends and flats. Don't think they would work with a eather midi skirt. How about a structured crop top - either shell top style or kimono sleeved maybe in a scuba fabric? If the waist on the skirt is high enough then there will be no muffin risk - not that you have a muffin anyway. Failing that, then agree with someone above to try a "body" (can't believe I've just typed that) but yes, could look very cool. Have a fab time whatever you wear - you could turn up in a bin bag and still look gorgeous!!

  15. Coat is nice on you (totally not coat weather yet!) but I still think it's overpriced. I found a Jaegar one in TKMaxx which I love and was £119 - total classic, have always wanted a Jaegar camel coat.

    I am currently wearing "boyfriend" shirts with my midis. Am about to buy a blue Oxford shirt from Uniqlo to wear with an "evening" skirt I got in the sale from TopShop at Xmas for a 50 th birthday party on Sunday.

  16. Aldi. Have been wearing Bretons with my (fake) leather midi.

  17. Golly, it's so tricky isn't it and presumably even more so with all this 'feedback'! I know it's no help at all, but I'm finding it so reassuring that there's no 'right' / easy answer to this special occasion lark. I do agree with what someone else said though, wear something you feel comfortable in and you won't go far wrong. Anything that isn't immediately working (for me this would include midi skirts and crop tops!) should be quickly ruled out in favour of something easier I reckon. Maybe a dress from Ilse Jacobsen (nice branch in Tun Wells)? x

  18. To the poster that said she is 'only' 5ft 7"- that is an enviable height to be! :)

  19. I loved the Whistles rock dress and had been willing it to come into store. Fab print, but the neckline is a spooky structured turtle-neck, which did me no favours (broad shoulders). It also came up massive - not in a good way. Size down on this!