I don't so much have a concrete plan...

but I do have a lot of options for Friday.  Which, in itself is leading to blatant confusion.  Too many outfits spoiling the broth, if you like. 

However, I have worked out that there is a silver lining to this rather excessive brain time that I have dedicated (The Husband may term this "wasted"...) to one measly outfit (it hurt me typing measly there, just for the record)

For now, I not only have one outfit which will hopefully be spot on (god forbid I don't like it and have to do a quick Selfridges swerve en route.  I mean who would do that?  Can you imagine anything so insane?  *tries and forgets the countless times I may have done this....*) but I have pretty much sussed out the lion's share of my A/W wardrobe. 

What this whole process has been highly beneficial for, is working out what sort of looks are going to be my faves for A/W.  Which will then in the coming weeks be mega useful for writing a proper shopping list of things I actually need and will actually wear. 

Ta dah!  Method in my madness at last. 

I should probably clarify though, that when I say "writing a proper shopping list" this is of course code for "justifying what I've already bought".  Obviously. 

I seem to pretty much have bought an entire A/W wardrobe for one day out.  Hmmmm.  Dresses I have summed up (although I may have another teensy tiny option up my sleeve - hoping it arrives in time to add to the myriad of confusion).  I have looked at blouses and I have skinnies (which may be new - I will fess up tomorrow)

I think however that top of my list is the leather midi skirt AND I have just a couple of other options for tops for it.  Which are useful full stop, not just for this Friday.  In fact these are my favourites. 

However, starting with the leather midi skirt which a couple of people have asked me about.  Ok so the one I have is a Whistles one I bought in the Summer and is long sold out but there is a very similar one at Wishbone, which I did try on for their Mother's Day Special shoot. 

Wishbone Lauren Leather skirt now £128 on a price match.    

This is such an amazing price for such a gorgeous leather skirt.  Now that I have some ideas for the tops I am so so SO tempted to get the tan version.  Yes, I have my Zara one but that's much shorter ie a totally different skirt, no?

Wishbone Lauren leather skirt in tan £128 on a price match (at John Lewis - I'm not sure who they're price matching with.  House of Fraser maybe?  Debenhams?  Neither of those stores I particularly frequent - frankly I find the websites a nightmare to navigate, ditto instore.  If you cut me open I bleed dark green for John Lewis.  Woeful I know.  And no, I have absolutely no contact with them whatsover!) 

Now for my favourite favourite top option.  Firstly I appreciate this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love.  Verging on 70's tastic - I am adoring.

I bring you a sleeveless roll neck (all vom now) 

Gostwyck Roll Neck Top from Jaeger £80 in navy.

They also do it in a charcoal which I think would look lovely with black (or tan for that matter) 

Here I am in the navy with a black skirt. 

image image

So the above one is a thinner silkier knit (it's wool apparently, it feels hmmm different) - slightly more dressy but then there is also a cashmere version.  I would prefer not cashmere (I have bobble issues always) but I absolutely love the slightly oversized (honestly if you see it, that will make sense - it is only slightly oversized - no other way to put it!) roll neck.  The perfect juxtaposition with the sleevelessness of it.  I do also love a knit with the leather skirt. 

This would be perfect for Friday - totally totally perfect for a lunch and maybe an informal dinner, whereas the silkier wool one is probably more dressy looking.  What am I saying, they're both ace and I would have either in a heartbeat.  But for Friday, this would be my choice.

Cashmere roll neck top £120 from Jaeger  This is just slightly ruched over at the waist in the pics below and it's hard to see from my totally pants photos but it honestly does work.  It disguises my lack of waist perfectly, whilst still giving a hint of shape.  I also think the exposed shoulder bit helps with this - it somehow balances the A line shapelessness out.

image image

Ooh and in the camel.... They also do it in a grey which is non too shabby either.   I love this look below but I am fully aware that a high waisted skirt with a cashmere top tucked in would make me look like a sausage about to burst its skin.  But she rocks it.  I need to disguise my lack of waist with a hint (just a hint) of looseness about the top at the waistline.

They do also do a cap sleeved version which also may work and I'd like to try.  

Wool Heavy Gauge Roll Neck Top £150 in navy 

And in the light grey  I'd like to see how actually thick this is and whether it would be too shapeless and long for over an A line skirt.  I fear that when it's bunched up, there may be less "hint of bunchiness disguising lack of waist" and more "full on spare tyre making me look 8 months pregnant"

Could I find any more reasonable versions?  No.  Admittedly I haven't done the hugest amount of research but good old River Island did come up with an option. 

Black Rib roll neck sleeveless top £25

Like I say, I do think these are going to be a divisive subject.  I'm going for most people will either love 'em or hate 'em.  Come on - which side of the fence are you coming down on?

So finishing with my outfit from today - and yes, I am in love (obviously for the moment - fully expect me to loathe them within the month, fickle is my middle name for sure) with my new sneakers from Zara.  Leather for £40 - I am over the moon with them.  Super comfortable and they have given new life to old outfits, the one below bring a prime example.  All the clothes from this outfit are at least two and a half years old, if not older.  And I was really pleased with it (you know those days when you think your outfit works and by the end of the day, nay lunchtime, you absolutely loathe it?  Well today was not one of those days.  But it does happen a lot, especially when I try to recreate new outfits with very old things I have lurking in my wardrobe.  But thumbs up for me today) 


Sand linen tee - Zara
Boucle blue, white and khaki jacket - Zara
Zip skinny jeans - By Malene Birger
White tennis shoes - Zara
Tan bag - Prada 

I was due to be out tonight for drinks with some friends from school but had a slight incident with small 7yr old yesterday (little Autistic boy decided to give us all a heart attack by going for a wander - lost for twenty minutes) and I'm still a bit all over the place about it.  Too many people today being too lovely has meant a lot of impromptu tears.  Am also coming to terms with how different he is and how much this will affect him growing up.  

But we're doing the best we can and are getting some fantastic help with him - and on the upside - he has absolutely zero idea that anything is wrong at all.  Me?  Wine has been kind to me and I have spent hours researching GPS tracker bracelets (oh - as maybe a teensy tiny Matches order.... they sent me a £100 voucher from a £300 spend.  Surely it would be unbelievably rude not to just have a look and a quick order seeing as there was also free P&P....)  Do believe me when I say I am planning a total shopping ban in October.......

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12 comentarios:

  1. Awh bless him and god love you. I also have a, shall we say 'quirky' 7 year old and it's not easy. So, I am always delighted to see one of your posts. I really am enjoying this 'what will I wear' series!

  2. Sorry to hear that about your little boy, must have been very scary. I love the sleeveless polo neck on you, would look terrible on me, jealous :) What shoes would you wear?

    1. Thank you x With the leather skirt and polo neck I was going to wear my Clarks sandals or ankle boots... Will still keep it as an outfit definitely. Need one definitely x

  3. I hope I haven't commented before on this, I don't want to come across as too heavy, but as the Mum of a not-so-little-anymore 13yr old Aspergers boy who we lost several times when he was younger, I know exactly how you feel. ASKids meet once a month, we just had a coffee gathering in Cote in Sevenoaks, great group of supportive parents with good ideas, you would be most welcome. http://www.askids.org.uk/. Thanks for helping me through these early 40s years on the shopping/what to wear front ... there is hope!

  4. Kids eh glad all is well and you survived a very stressful time ! Cannot wait to see what you style your leather skirt with as I have one and really struggle with tops !

  5. Glad you survived the days trauma and do go for one of those lovely tops, it was not long ago I wore all kinds of sleeveless but am now fast approaching 47 and alas my sleeveless days are over can't believe how quickly it's happened sob sob. Am going to have to ditch a lot of wardrobe :-( so go for it! :-)

  6. Oh my god you must have been beside yourself! Glad he was found safe and well, those 20 minutes must have felt like hours. Love the rollnecks, especially the black cashmere one - stunning! I am really looking for ideas for tops to wear with my Whistles pu midi - ish flared skirt I bought earlier in the year. I basically need to loose a stone from my stomach area and get much smaller boobs to make it work I think - but any suggestions welcome! :)

  7. Oh dear, sounds as though you've really been through it today :-(. I don't have experience of asd, but I do know what it's like to have a child who - for health reasons - can't have the same freedoms as his friends do. It's horrible to never quite be able to completely relax, but you're right, wine does help!

    On a less depressing note, those sleeveless roll necks are a great idea. The build up to Friday and the Big Reveal is getting like an Eastenders whodunit with each new possibility. Exciting!!

    Becky x

  8. Like the tan midi skirt better than the black and the roll neck sleeveless top will look good with it. What shoes would you wear, flat or high for lunchtime? I have short legs so I fear a midi would be unflattering, especially as I am not good in heels. Any wearable, walkable shoe suggestions with skirts would be appreciated.

  9. Poor you that must have been so so scary!!! My circumstances are different but I am mum to a son with with downs sydrome at times it has been a massive struggle and very very emotional and i never thought i d be strong enough to see it through (would nt have with out wine shopping and great friends and family) All we can do is our best and keep going as thats what us mums do and life can be cruel sometimes.. One thing i have found thou is it also has ways of teaching us things and appreciating things that other families would never understand. My other children and family around us are much nicer more understanding people for being brought up around him. I to have bad days but have always manage to come out the other side smiling. Go out friday have a lovely lunch and just be you the lovely fashionable kind caring person you are .!!! What ever you wear you ll look amazing.. I love your blog !!!

  10. What a fright you must've had! Know that you are an amazing mum and have a fab time Friday ! Those sleeveless tops not good for me as my arms are wobbily and cleavage is where I have it going on 50's hourglass stylee so polo necks look dreadful on me, all my rubbish bits have a highlighter on them. Sure you, tall and lean, will look fab! Enjoy!