Things I can't live without. Number One

It's a stripe.  A striped top in particular and I've come to realise I could pretty much wear one every day.  When I look back at things in my wardrobe I've had for eons (and in fact, things I've even had to throw out as they were worn out - believe me when I say this does not happen v often - I lament still the loss of a silver and navy striped Topshop jersey top that bit the dust) 

I have actually come to think of a stripe top as a neutral.  I think it's the perfect foil to go with prints but at the same time works wonders in adding interest to a neutral and otherwise potentially dull outfit.  

Now I do need a Breton top - a bog standard Breton top which I'm going to do a proper hunt for and in fact I did start it.  But these are things you really need to try on.   Which I will do but at the moment I am totally up to my eyes in kids and researching the dullest things on the planet which aren't important but they sort of are - mirrors and bathroom cabinets have been the focus of the last four days.  There is officially nothing I do not know about where to buy every single style of rectangular mirror or not modern looking bathroom cabinet.  Have I found one I actually like?  

Well, yes actually I have found a bathroom cabinet finally but now I need to find a mirror to match.  That's the right size.  As this was so dull and confusing and I made the mistake of looking at ebay where I can lose weeks of my life and thousands of pounds and I now have a "vintage" sofa arriving and am this close to pressing the button on a pew.  As you do.  Neither of which solve my mirror issue but it definitely has dented my research capacity into Breton tops. 

However whilst I was contemplating the Breton top issue (they come with their own postcode of issues, believe me - I will explain), it made me think - I am a lover of all stripes.  Because there are actually times when a top that isn't navy and white is a lot more useful.'s September!  I did August with no spending at all and so the shopping ban is now over.  Ok so I did maybe mention that I was considering doing September as well and I'm not going to say I definitely am but I've done the first with no purchase which is better than nothing. 

Will it last?  Hmmmm.... well I haven't ordered the Zara coat from the last blog yet but the chances of me ordering it are high.  

The chances of me lasting the whole of the month without ordering a stripe top are low.  They're very low.  As suddenly (and yes this happens a lot when I write this blooming blog - I start a post thinking - ooh that might be vaguely useful to have and finish it by thinking I can't possibly survive without said item) they are the one thing I MUST have to make my A/W wardrobe work.  The lynchpin to a 1000 new outfits with the purchase of just one top.  In my head. 

Here's what I'm talking about. 

Black and white - I am still definitely attempting to channel that across the Channel Parisian look and it's black, black and a bit more black - with a bit of white thrown in.  And I happen to think the heart elbow patches add a certain Sonia Rykiel, Markus Lupfer esque charm.

And this is a Tall version so the arms should be long enough.

ASOS Tall Stripe Jumper with heart elbow patch £22

A red version - in normal sizing (available in the black as well on the link) £22

Now we all know that I love a man's jumper.  Not for them of course (although I did buy The Husband a rather lovely cotton Breton jumper from M&S for his birthday which he has lived in all Summer - smug smiley) but for me.  And this top looks like a total bargain at just £10 now in the sale. Not entirely sure whether it's black, grey or navy but I have to say, not too bothered for that price.  Ideal for throwing on for super casual but still managing to look *dressed* and adore the button detail on the shoulder.

Selected Stripe Jumper with boat neck was £35 now £10

Another ridiculous bargain this time from Pull and Bear.  Now frankly it would be rude not to order this as I think it would look ace with my black leather A line skirt.  Just perfect. 

Pull & Bear Stripe Jumper now £5.50 100% cotton.  Yes, £5.50.  Less than a bottle of wine (apart from the rather nice Rioja they currently have for half price in Lidl at £4.99.....)  With hindsight, I think it's black but it may be navy.  Bothered - this still totally works for less than £6.

Another Pull & Bear bargain but this time a V neck oversized jumper - love the v neck detailing at the back here.  I know that lots of people who are slightly more blessed of chest than myself, don't feel that comfortable in stripes, but a V neck is the perfect opportunity to give it a go.  Team with a black vest underneath to lesson the stripes slightly. 

Pull & Bear Oversized V Neck Jumper was £25 now £11.00

Back to black and this time teaming it with charcoal, is this one from Toast. 

Now I have an olive and bone tunic from Toast that I think I'm going to have cropped into (not a cropped top, dear god no) but a shorter top so I get more wear out of it.  As opposed to it sitting in my wardrobe for months, deciding that it doesn't work and I'd like a new one.  As this is what often happens.  As a shorter top it would be ace.  Job done.  These may not be cheap but they are really excellent quality.

Toast Breton top in Charcoal and black stripe £59

A more casual version at ASOS but this would work just as well with a leather skirt or leather trousers I think?  Super casual with a pair of jeans and a black biker jacket - perfect. 

Grey and white with a navy edge £28

Slightly more expensive again but I love the idea of a more fitted top - the ribbing though should mean that it isn't too clingy.  This would work really well under blazers.  Would also look fab with my white collar that I have from Cos to give a shirt illusion. 

Love the classic nude and black colour combo. 

Winser Stripe Ribbed Jumper in nude and black £79

Unusual colourways can also be useful and add interest - my olive and bone one for example goes with a host of different shades. 

This is the perfect Autumnal tone to add to blacks or navys.  Also would look great with tans and mulberry colours. 

Toast Breton stripe top in teal and taupe £59

And a navy and black version from Jigsaw. 

The Boyfriend Reverse Stripe Black Sweatshirt £49 from Jigsaw

But if you are looking for classic navy then there are a couple of jumper options (not broaching the classic Breton stage, fear not) which are in the sale and complete bargains. 

Mango Striped Jumper was £34.99 now £16.99 

They also do it in, what they call light pastel brown (bleurgh) but to be honest it looks like more of a nudey, blush, taupe shade to me.  Also £16.99 

Phase Eight Bella Breton top now only £25 was £65 

Or there is another men's option from New Look for again, a bargain £19.99 

So outfits from the weekend.


Navy and white linen top - Massimo Dutti 
Straight leg jeans turned up - Earl 
White sliders - River Island 
Goat hide bag - Zara

And one of my many many stripe tops. 


Navy Breton top - Maison Scotch
Navy waffle blazer - Next
Real straight jeans turned up - Gap
White Sliders - River Island
Tan bag - Prada

I'm off to do some ordering.  There is a good chance I will have blown the shopping budget by tomorrow..... Anyone else made any purchases already in September?  It being all of the 2nd?!

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21 comentarios:

  1. I love a stripe - have lost count of the stripe related purchases of late, best one was a Ganni stripe dress. As for purchases since September, yes 10 dresses purchased today ( Of which 9 will be returned) after my husband bought a blue suit for a wedding we're going to and declared we'd be too blue if I wore my intended dress so offered to pay for a new one.. result! Oh and 2 pairs of shoes because they were reduced to almost nothing!! September is clearly a shopping fail....

    1. OMG who's husband does that?! I am in awe. 10 dresses now that is impressive. I'm betting you like more than one..... ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Love a Breton but was at a kids party at the weekend and 5 of us sitting together had one on. We just needed the garlic and berets. Re Sep purchases there is some gorgeous stuff at Cos but I see a lot of the pieces have already sold out. Need to be quick. And yesterday I snaffled a Karssen New York is killing me sweater. From Holland (embarrassed emoticon).

    1. Yes there is that teensy wincey issue of everyone wearing it but that's why I like wearing it with a print. Just a bit different. (or not so if everyone is doing it of course - duh!) Which is why actually sometimes it's better in a different colour. I HAVE to get to Cos (actually I don't as I will buy all of it as per usual) OOh that sweater sounds amazing. I love the way you tracked it down to Holland. I really really need my children to go back to school as I am having withdrawal symptoms at not seeing proper shops. x

  3. Sorry to go off-topic, Kat, but I was just wondering whether you ended up buying the Hush quilted dress? The purple/wine-coloured one arrived this morning, but it looked dreadful on me as it is rather oversized and stuck out in a weird way over my hips (I think due to the thickness of the fabric). Belted, it jutted out even worse. However, I also ordered the Iris shirt dress in Liquorice - and that is amazing, a definite keeper. Sadly, it is dry clean only (damn), so the fact that I am keeping it is a testament to just how much I love it as I usually avoid dry clean stuff like the plague. I'm much shorter than you, so the quilted dress might look better on you than on me, but if any fellow shorties are looking for a drop-waisted dress, then look ye to the Hush Iris one. :-) (I particularly love mine belted with a thin black patent bow belt).

    1. Ah no I didn't actually but funny you should say that as I think most of their stuff is in fact made for a shorter frame. The Iris shirt dress is simply gorgeous and I guess you *could* hand wash it?? Maybe email CS and ask - they'll know for sure. xx

  4. Hi Kate,
    Last year I got a very good striped top from Cos, maybe they do them again. I always have at least one striped top and wear them out comepletely. Then they 're downgraded to pyamatop. Thing is though, my children always think I'm still wearing my PJ's. Do you know the brand Hartford? I've had their striped top for years ( still a pj-top) Good luck with the chase!

    1. OOh this is what I absolutely do with most of my casual clothes! And yes, my kids always think I'm wearing my jamas a lot if I go out in anything vaguely casual. Trying to remember if I have a striped top from Cos - don't think I do. No, haven't come across Hartford - will dig them out. xx

  5. A very high percentage of my wardrobe is Breton stripe tops, love them! But I absolutely lurve your goat-hide bag!! X

    1. Yes I don't think you can ever have too many. Oh that goat hide bag is older than my marriage! I've had it for about 14 years! Totally love it and it comes out every year although it is going slightly bald. x

  6. As a rule I DONT DO PRIMARK, however (squirm), I love their stripy long sleeve tees as an underlayer with standard jumpers (sleeves pushed up 3/4) to give that Breton feel and extra warmth in winter. £4 a pop and tons of colours - size up so not clingy. Still covet your Maison Scotch Breton though!!xx

    1. Hmm I haven't actually been to Primark but I do need to go as I rate more than anything else on the market their pants (well I'm sure the hanky pankys are also good but the Primark ones are identical for £1.50 as opposed to £20!) and their strappy jersey vests. So I'll check those out thank you. Yes, I have to say I do love the Maison Scotch Breton - it's clingy but it's still randomly flattering (well I think so anyway....) And it gives me boobs which I dno't have!)

    2. Which primark pants do you get? I have had one pair of hankypankys which were ok but nothing special. My longsuffering sister lives near a primark so I shall instruct her.

  7. Oh no! Just when I thought I'd enough stripes, you go and show that cutey heart patch one from Asos. Feckity feck!

    1. And 20% off with the code ASOSGLAMOUR You love me, don't you.....!

  8. I love love the ASOS heart one, but I have to stop with the stripey top obsession, I have way too many and will always have room for another! Love your Maison one too!
    Abbi x

  9. You can't beat a Breton really, can you? I have far too Many Boden ones (four or five I think) and a couple from other places too so I really don't need anymore. Love some these though - the teal and taupe one is lovely! Lynne x

  10. Just bought 2 Boden breton tops as they sent me a £10 voucher and also a code for 15% off with free delivery so it seemed rude not to buy something! I like them but my 5yr old son says I look like a burglar in them.
    Estelle x

  11. I don't think anyone can go wrong in stripes! They just look good all the time. I quite often buy men's jumpers as I love the slouchy fit and style. X

  12. Now I really want the ASOS heart breton, very Chinti & Parker but less annoying when it inevitably gets the little holes in that all my tops do!

  13. Kat, am new to your blog but absolutely love your style and ideas !! I was a convert to Hush last year and this year find it better than ever ... do you or any of your loyal posters have any discount codes as I would dearly love to place a hefty order (lord help me !), also Me&em if you know of any ?!