I may have another option up my sleeve.

Ok banging on again about trying to find an outfit for Friday.  The Husband didn't seem to share my enthusiasm for discussing this - funny that - so you lot will have to be my sounding board. 

I haven't discounted the shirt/skinnies option, I'm also mulling over a skirt... (of the leather variety but this has top issues)  But at the moment, it looks like it's going to be 22 degrees on Friday which means I may still have the opportunity to get the old legs out. 

And what better excuse to buy a new dress?  A dress that will serve me well into A/W.  Yes, I am fully intending on wearing them often, especially for more special occasions.  Life is too short to wear the same thing forever and whilst I adore my uniform of skinnies, top and a blazer, there is definitely something to be said for adopting a new style that feels just that bit fresher.

They're also fab to wear with a lower pair of ankle boots which means I will actually be able to walk for the rest of the weekend.  The fact I will no doubt be so heinously hungover as to want to do nothing but be supine on the sofa, is neither here nor there clearly. 

So starting at the top of the budget.  I have loved my Sportmax dress so much from the summer (which I bought in the sale by the way..... guess what I've earmarked...) that I thought I'd have a look at what else there is from them at My Wardrobe.  And of course, I looked at the others as well - just in case..... 

What could be more useful than an LBD?  A new style this season seems to be the overlay dress - infinitely flattering for those of us who are not a lover of ab excercises.   Or those of us who don't do them at all (note so self - MUST start again)  But in the meantime, these hide a delicious multitude of sins.

Sportmax Code Gallo Overlay sleevedress £179 in black  Think this may work with leopard print boots, camel coat and black bag....

 YMC All over floral print dress £110  Navy coat and black boots/black bag combo for this one I think.  Not saying this would also look fab with my tennis shoes but....

Ganni Double Layer Jersey Dress £150   More classic black options.

More black dresses on offer at Coast - where there is currently 20% off all stock.  This shirt dress would be ideal for a smart lunch but could easily be worn for work with a blazer, or dressed up to the nines for a big night out. 

Clarence Check Shirt Dress was £95 now £76

Wrap dresses are a good idea for lots of people.  Alas not me.  As I've said a gazillion times having no waist and being cinched in at my non existent waist just says "Look at my lack of shape".  Ditto the low v neck and having no cleavage.  "Hello, may I draw your attention to my fried egg boobs?"

But for those with shape, these are gorgeous and this is a classic one that I would dearly love to be able to wear.

Ganni Leopard Wrap Dress £125

Speaking of animal print, the other option is my Baukjen Felsted Dress which I already have and absolutely adore.  Will I be able to do better than this?

Felsted Shirt Dress Baukjen £119 - for the next 24 hours with 24% off code is JOY94 

Whilst we're at Baukjen, I think these ones are new but could be ace for every day dressing up or dressing down - the lovely blue colour, the same as the Jaeger shirt from yesterday. 

Navenby Dress £95 before the 24% off.  (I have to say the hat isn't working for me, but I do love the ankle boots and clutch bag.  Oversized coat and you're off for a lunch, no?)

Or in a classic black.  This would be so so useful I reckon. 

Back to the animal theme - snake anyone?  ASOS seem to be having another mid season sale offer on some things - these were amongst the offerings.  Would have been rude not to have a quick gander....

Just Female Snake Dress was £48 now £36

ASOS dress in structured knit in navy now £33.50 was £45  Navy dresses - rare but oh so useful.  This one has a lovely v back.

ASOS Fine Knit dress with v neck was £30 now £22.50  I am really coming round to this colour with camel.  It looks fab here with black but I think it looks even more amazing with camel.

Midi dresses.  I love the idea of these with heeled boots.  Not vertiginous heels necessarily but a block heel or mid stiletto ankle boot and I think these are perfect for showing a bit of leg without getting the whole lot out.  In the nicest possible way.  Coat wise - a nipped in blazer works or a dressing gown style wrap coat also works.  I think it needs to flare out at the bottom as opposed to be a cocoon style or fitted coat but that's just where my head is at at the moment.  

Love Midi Skater Dress in Mono Floral Print was £44 now £33

Another midi dress from ASOS in navy.  Now this is perhaps slightly too dressy for a day time lunch but it's still a bargain none the less.  With Christmas around the corner?......

Draped Pinched Midi Dress was £38 now £28.50

And I could go on and on but to be honest, out of all of them (bar the black dresses - I clearly have to focus on an LBD thread shortly....) I think my choice would be the one I already own, the Felsted shirt dress.  Next, hmmm, I am very much liking the YMC and Ganni ones - just perfect for every day and dressing up.  Perfect.  On sales watch. 

So a dress is a possibility but I do still want to explore tops for my skirt.  Watch this space..... 

Outfit for today, absolutely loving the tennis shoes as you may be able to tell.


Navy waffle tee - Cos
Navy and white check coat - Hobbs
Faded distressed skinnies - Zara
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Tan bag - Prada

So tomorrow, tops for the skirts.  I have a cunning plan......

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9 comentarios:

  1. Overlay dresses? NOW I'm sitting up and taking notice - I will be investigating these further! In the meantime, just love, love, loving your coat xx

    1. They should be renamed "dresses that hide a whacking great big tum" & they'd sell like hotcakes!

  2. Hey Kat - the Ganni dress is on sale on ASOS for £108....... not wanting to tempt you or anything!

    enjoy x

    1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I may have to update the blog with this info. I just think it would be so so useful! A gorgeous brand. Thanks for the heads up. x

  3. For your upcoming lunch, I'm really digging the snake dress from Asos. It's cool but not trying too hard and the shoe options with this dress are endless. I also like the blue dress with the deep v-neckline in the back. Not crazy about the other options since they skew on the dressier side. Enjoy your lunch, I love that neighborhood (used to live there a few years ago).

  4. If you could do a post on what to team with a leather midi skirt that might be the answer to my prayers. I really want to wear mine but man alive the top half is v difficult to get right. Must have tried on my whole collection of tops and jumpers All greeted with shakes of head from a disapproving daughter. Don't bother asking my husband as he hates the skirt so he's never going to offer an unbiased opinion

  5. Your felsted shirt dress looks really cool with boots i also love your sports max one. Just like me were always looking for something new!!! Could you advise me on nude tights as love dresses with brown legs, what do you do in winter when we have white legs and its cold. Keen to find some good nude ones that dont make me feel like i m wearing my nans old support tights?

  6. I really like the Sportmax dress too. Think you would get a lot of wear out of the Baukjen ruched one too. I also like the ASOS pinched midi and the blue with the V-neck on the back. No help at all!

  7. Ooohhh, how to choose? They're all gorgeous. Really love the first two. Lynne x