They're just making it up now.

Cyber Monday?  Seriously?

It's like a drug though - I can't switch off.  Must.  Look.  Must not miss a bargain..... 

To be honest, I'm getting ever so slightly confused by this now (this is code for "running around like a headless chicken").  This is usually the time of year when I start making my sales list.  But I honestly don't think I'm going to have anything to put on it at this rate. 

Will things be reduced any more in the sales?  There has never been a time when I need to focus more than I do now.  F.O.C.U.S. (slight over-exaggeration....)  The fear of missing out on something spectacular is all encompassing.  I may just be a Marketing Man's dream come true. 

But I won't let them get me down.  I am going to win at Cyber Monday, having bought diddly squat bar a Nuxe set from M&S.  I'm going in..... (Mango order didn't happen last night.  I simply couldn't be bothered.  *checks pulse*)

Today however, I've still got my head in party mode.... but I'm also thinking about next year too.  I'm thinking about a purchase for your wardrobe that you can make full use of all year round, a great addition that you can haul out as and when you need it.  When I look at my wardrobe, one of the things that do in fact have the longest longevity, are tops.  

So I did look at some of these the other day and ended up in blouse mode - yes I've got some blouses today (these are just so perfect for dressing up now for going out in the evening over the Christmas period but also come the new year when you may not be in frock mode, these are ideal for throwing on with a pair of jeans for a less glitzy look) 

Some of them are also perfect for those tricky occasions when you are going straight out after work.... Just change shoes or remove a jacket, these can be your best friend come the party season. 

They have the added benefit of going with a whole host of bottoms - as I said above, change the bottom and change the look.  I feel I have neglected bottoms somewhat this season - anyone would think I'd had an obsession with a certain sort of bottoms, eschewing all others.  Oh hang on... (but I have come up with a pleather masterpiece that I *think* this space......) 

Plus some of them work with skirts.  There has definitely been a skirt dearth on the blog in the last month or so.  However I've been looking at some last week and over the weekend so I'll be doing a blog on them shortly. 

In the meantime though, let's go Top Crazy and work these retailers at their own game.   

Printed Blouse from Mango £34.99 I'm ignoring the goddamn trousers (have tried these - they have an elasticated waist at the back.  I look like I'm wearing leather diaper.)   This comes in black, red and neutral.

This is the neutral... obviously.... with stars.

And this is the black..... To me it should be t'other way round by hey ho.  With hearts.

And the red  Also hearts and a dark wine shade of red.

Slightly more on the revealing side (this would involve fake tan on the arms for me so I'm not going to lie - it ain't happening) but this would be ideal with a leather pencil skirt or any leather skirt for that matter.  Ditto any style of trousers and would be perfect to even take away on holiday in the Summer (now you're talking!) 

Lace Panel Top £27.99

JCrew for once, FOR ONCE has an offer on that we Brits can enjoy.  In the US, there are offers a plenty, all the time, but on this side of the pond, they like to keep it super exclusive.  Which basically means expensive.  However with 20% off, there really are some great things to look at.  One of the things I do love about JCrew is that a) I think the quality is great (to be fair that does depend on how much you pay for stuff, some of their gear is crazy expensive for what it is) and b) it is that little bit different from other offerings on the high street.  Well, I think it is anyway. 

20% of with the code SHOPNOW. Today (Monday) only.

Starting with this Fringe Tank in navy and black which I love.  This would be ideal over skinny jeans or those freaking elusive black pleather numbers.  But coated would work - over coated skinnies, this would look amazing.  I might even be bothered to tan my arms for this.....

Fringe Tank in black and navy from JCrew £68 pre discount.

Moving onto something a little more subtle but a really really useful number to have (I'm not going to say in all colours, but....).  This with print bottoms or added jewellery would work on so many different occasions.  It also comes in petite.

Silky-front tee in Ivory/heather stone £65

I love it in the navy

There is also a similar version at Mango - Contrast-Bodice T-shirt in Royal Blue £17.99 pre 30% off

They do this in lots of other colours - black, neutral, pale pink and a dark wine colour. 

If we're taking advantage of money off, you can now get a whacking 40% off Partywear at Boden. 

And some of the tops they've included will work super hard in your wardrobe and are certainly worth looking at.  I nearly included this one yesterday but ran out of time (we had to watch Home Alone.  Shoot me I peaked a day early.  However still not putting our Christmas tree up till next week.  I simply can't do it in November).  Which is handy as today you can get an extra 10% off. 

I love the idea of these with distressed skinnies and a navy blazer. 

Luxurious Lace Top here in green and navy now £54.90

They also do it in a lovely navy and pink bronze. 

Or the pewter and the navy 

No need for a necklace with this one - The Eliza Top - embellishment included. 

For me though, the no brainer top from Boden has to be their "does what it says on the tin" Perfect Party Top.  You really don't need another top in your wardrobe to cover all your party bases.  Only issue is which one to choose. 

Perfect Party Top was £99 now £59.49 This is what they call the black and navy (ie sequins!)

They also do this in a white and gold now £59.40

And I absolutely adore the Daisy Jacquard now £59.40  This one does look a boxier shape than its sequin counterparts which would work better over skinny jeans or a pencil skirt, (hiding a multitude of sins....) giving a really balanced proportion.

Now I wasn't going to mention skirts today but... with 40% off, I've just got to throw this into the mix as it would also work with so many of the tops here - the more fitted ones that is.  I really think a skirt like this needs to have something that either finishes just on the waistband, bunches slightly over it or can be tucked in.  Or is a smooth, fitted line that goes over it.  With these skirts it is tricky to get the proportions right but if you crack it, you have the most gorgeous outfit ever. 

Pleated Full Skirt was £129 now £77.40

They also do it in a navy.  Also £77.40. Divine. 

There is of course this top you could wear with it, which would in fact work with any waisted skirt.  Dare I say it's a cropped top made especially for ladies of a certain age bracket?!  Same top as in the above photo.  They just make The Perfect Outfit if you ask me.

Embellished Button Back Top was £110 now £66

If we're looking at party clothes then I have somewhat neglected Coast this season.  However they've got onto the Cyber Monday act and they have some pretty darn great tops that are definitely worth looking at.  Especially with 30% off - Today only, code JUSTFORYOU.

This would be perfect for the above top (or with a waisted leather skirt.... I'm thinking this could make a super cool outfit with my A line leather skirt which I'm not going to lie about - tops wise I've struggled...).  It would also be gorgeous with the navy Boden skirt.

Greys Iridesa Top £85 pre discount 

Plain is always useful and I did say I needed a sleeveless top to go with my skirt (and never got round to getting one...) 

Black Queens Shell top £35 pre discount

Another top that would work with a skirt, be it pencil or A line as well as jeans or cigarette pants is the Lulla Top from Coast £65 pre offer

Finishing with the Vittoria top in the most stunning shade of pale, silvery grey.  Keep this for the Summer and you have the most ideal evening outfit with white skinnies. 

Vittoria top £65

Available as well in a festive red AND they go in the washing machine.  Result. 

Vittoria Top £65 pre discount 

So I pretty much have covered all the party bases now.  I am obviously going to do another run down on the dress front... I also feel the need for more jumper love but I am aware (especially after having looked at tops and dresses) that we need a bit of bottom love (not what it sounds like - I was referring to skirts.....) and shoes.  We haven't done party shoes yet - HOW NOT?!  

Finishing though with my new navy jumper and The Coat which I am really getting to grips with. 


This is a pants photo (dear god I look like the walking dead - this is after 90 minutes watching football outside after school!) but it does give you an idea of the shape of the jumper.  I am so so SO pleased with it - the Off Duty Jumper in Cashmere from Boden in an XL - yup, this is the XL.  I don't think it looks too big on me but do remember I am 5ft 10.

Untitled Untitled

It really is an absolute joy to wear, I was toasty warm all day.  Oh and yes, they are new boots you spy....... I had a massive Biker Boot hole in my wardrobe.  Now filled.  These are from Seven Boot Lane, the Caitlyn (and if you use the code DMBAW14 you'll get 15% off but I shall be doing a proper Bike Boot blog later in the week) 

Cashmere Off Duty Jumper in navy - Boden
Coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Faux fur patchwork coat - Topshop
Black scarf - Mint Velvet
Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Right, I am off to see if I can snag a TV bargain at the tale end of Cyber Monday and then pray that everything is back to normal tomorrow....

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  1. And the boot adoration begins...

    1. They are honestly amazing - blog coming tomorrow xxx

    2. Hooray! Thanks lovely, any hints for short folks (aka Stumpy as I am called more frequently than I care for by the guys at work....) with this look gratefully received too!

    3. I think it's a case of making sure the boots aren't too high. They do some other fab ones at Seven Boot Lane which are slightly shorter which i"ll make sure I mention in the blog) On it right now! xx

  2. Oh no, what evilness is this to introduce me to the jcrew website at affordable prices - ish just when I should be getting an early night! What about this beauty? But in what colour?

    1. Ha ha ha ha - that's gorgeous. I like the pink actually x

  3. Have found the sales page with 35% extra off and this little Cardi in navy at £25.35, yes that's for jcrew! Have succumbed !

    1. That is so so cute and so useful. Fab buy. It's a slippery slippery slope...!

  4. Replies
    1. It's called my Hide the Stollen jumper....

  5. Baukjen put some of their prices up before Black Friday, so the sale they had was indeed fake. Wonder how many other places did the same?

    1. They didn't, did they? I thought they weren't allowed to do that! Were they just their original prices pre some discounts?