Desperation from the Navy Corner

I've managed to lose a pair of shoes.  Actually that's not exactly correct, I've lost a shoe.  I have also written this blog once and lost The Entire Thing..... So it's going well then. 

How do you lose just one shoe?  Well exactly.  Irritating isn't the word.  Especially as they were The Perfect Shoes to go with my Christmas dress - The Boden Eliza Dress in blue.  This has been sitting in my wardrobe since I bought it a few weeks ago and shoes that I had would have been perfect with it.

The shoe that I lost was the perfect pink stiletto.  Vintage Zara 2003.  I feel a teensy tiny bit sick thinking about it and yes, it is totally gone.  I fear in my moving everything about a gazillion times in the house, it made it's way into a bin bag as opposed to a keep bag.  What an utter tool.

I could wear black with the dress I guess, but I'd got my head around pink being The Colour I should go for.  

However never one to let a tiny thing like this get me down, I have put my thinking hat on and there is only one thing for it.  New Shoes.  And if I'm getting new shoes, I should also probably look at a new clutch bag too. 

Yes I could buy another pink pair but I feel vaguely violent every time I look at the darn colour (I am so so so peed off with myself) and to be honest, when I look at the rest of my wardrobe, as dull as it sounds, I think a navy pair should be my top priority. 

Having recently done a blog on some great navy Dotty P ones, I thought right, sod it, I'll get them.

Navy Lizard High Pointed Shoes were £25 now £20 from Dorothy Perkins.

or maybe not. Seeing as they're sold out in my size.  

However, fear not.  

Errr actually I say this but this time.... have fear.  Navy has yet again proven to be like the proverbial rocking horse poo. Diddly squat out there compared to the mounds of black that is available. 

These are what I've found and top of the list are these from Next.  To be honest, these are a left winger.  I like them.  I think I love them.  However I'm slightly (code for very) hungover and so I'm probably not in the best mood to make a definitive decision.

Point Mules from Next £55   I think these could be fabulous come the Spring so there is method in my feeling rough madness.  With jeans as well..... ooooh..... I am slightly concerned that I would keep walking out of them with tights though... slippery foot syndrome?

Ok so we have midnight blue at Wallis..... Midnight Pointed Court Shoe from Wallis were £35 now £24.50  These, the heels, I don't think I'm 100% sold on.  But I love the colour (although I don't think they go with the dress... REJECT.  Although with jeans they might be lovely... hmmmm... I shouldn't do this hungover, should I?!)

Another super bargainous pair from Dorothy Perkins.  Navy high pointed court shoes were £25 now £17.50

Gemini Patent Court Shoe from Topshop £46 These are pure pure pure class.  They're also very high.  Eek. 

Orrrr also from Topshop the metal toe Court Shoe was £42 now £35  Hmm gold bag anyone as opposed to trying to find a navy bag?

I didn't want to spend a fortune and I'm not sure these are the best with the dress but they are a thing of beauty.  Party classics. 

Jigsaw Fran Suede Sparkly Shoes £149

Satin at ASOS.  These are ok but..... Not sure I want satin.  I'm not sure I can look at them without them screaming "BRIDESMAID'S SHOES" at me.  Gits.  Nope, I've looked at them again and I do like these.  It's the heel and the cut away side.  But again they're high... Oh this is a disaster.

ASOS Proposition Pointed High Heels £40

However it seems to work in a shoe boot.  These are perfect.  And a bargain to boot (sorry sorry sorry)

Dorothy Perkins Pointed Shoe Boot was £39 now £27.30

I love these.  Do I love them nearly £80 though?!  Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous though and a style that I've always loved. 

KG Bea mid heel court shoe was £120 now £79.20

A slightly different shade of blue - it's not exactly navy but it would work with the dress.

Steve Madden Gayle Semi D'Orsay Court Shoe were £69 now £38

Navy navy patent for a bargain reduction from Aldo. 

Aldo Ocaria pointed toe court shoe was £69 now £31.98

And finishing with a pair from left field.  I love these for twee court shoe perfection. 

John Lewis Marquis Leather Court Shoe £80

Shoe wise, I haven't really got a clue.  Which is excellent.  Any thoughts?  I have got to the point where I can't see the wood for the trees..... 

Therefore let's change the subject and have a quick look at navy bags.  Of the clutch variety the choice is frankly dire.  What's super irritating is that I'm sure I've seen loads that would be great.  Can I think where? Hell no, this whole outfit is turning into the cursed outfit of the season so obviously I can't think of where I saw them all.

If you're going for patent - I love this leather one from Jack Wills.  It would also work perfectly during the day as a cross body bag.

Jack Wills Clutch bag with detachable chain £49 

Or this patent clutch from John Lewis £25

And if anyone did manage to get the DP Lizard shoes then this would be perfect for them.  Just to make it a bit worse for me.

Collection by John Lewis Navy lizard clutch bag £32

Also, if anyone managed to get the navy and black shoe boots from M&S (and yes, I have tried to get hold of them as they would be PERFECT but they've obviously sold out.  Obviously.)

Pieces Meira Suede Clutch from Atterley Road £37

And.......... that's about it.  I've given up on trying to match the two and think I need to go back to the drawing board.  There were quite a few navy bags I saw with a random gold bar on them which didn't float my boat at all so I was left with Hobson's choice.  A rubbish one at that.

One option could be to look at a different shade of blue....
So it's not navy but these do still go with my dress AND they also go with the other tops I have in mind which are navy, black and blue.....

Point Shoes in Blue £28 from Next

Zip top Clutch Bag - £12 (yes I'm clutching at straws.)

Ringer here as these would look utterly vile with the dress but I think they are the most gorgeous shoes.

Leather Snake Effect Point Shoes £50 Again from Next.

Ditto these ones. 

Patchwork Court Shoes £36 (leather - which really isn't bad at all)

And these would work with a black dress as well.  So double bubble. 

Dune Analise Vamp Court Shoe were £79 now £49  A black clutch would be perfect with these.  A definite option.

The other option of course is to send the dress back and start again.  You can see where this is going, can't you?  Watch this space.  What would you do?  And do you have a Christmas/New Year dress yet?  Or do you not don a frock for the occasion.  I aim to be frocked all week.  We've got parties on the 21, the 23 and Boxing day so I am going to be on a dress frenzy. 

I should have apologised earlier for not being around this week.  The 10yr old got worse and had two days off school so no lunch for me in London on Tuesday.  However we did get to spend a lovely day together snuggled on the sofa (I didn't get dressed either!)  And then it was Wednesday which went in a blur...I can't even remember what I did but it involved jobs and chores.  Yesterday, my autistic course in the morning and then it was London baby for the afternoon and evening.  Amazing amazing day - I will do a full report for you tomorrow. 

Couple of outfits from this week though. 


Navy Off Duty jumper - Boden
Black pleather leggings - Topshop (these are 5 years old and are officially the most uncomfortable things on the planet.  There is a reason I was looking for a new pair)
Navy Chester loafers - Russell & Bromley
Navy and white check coat - Hobbs
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

And today for lunch out with friends and then our last nativity ever! 


Navy Off Duty Jumper - Boden
Distressed skinnies - Zara
Black Caitlyn boots - Seven Boot Lane
Fur coat - Topshop
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang. 

Takeaway tonight, although the Husband who is home as he had a hospital appointment and X ray this afternoon, appears to be watching the rugby which is enough to make me want to gauge my eyes out with a teaspoon.  I might finish my book that I'm dying to get to the end of or maybe make a start on my blog for tomorrow (check me out, being organised.  The latter won't happen by the way....) 

Hope everyone else has had a good week and once again apologies for not being around!

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27 comentarios:

  1. I had bought a dress, a lovely lace one that was a perfect fit, but.... I'm not really a dress person. Few seem to suit me, so when this one did I felt had to get it, just in case! But I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable in it, so I've come to my senses now and returned it. I'm more of a tuxedo girl to be honest, so I'm on the lookout for some smart trousers to go with my vintage Zara tux jacket. Any ideas Kat?

    1. ooh now you know I LOVE my pleather peg leg trousers from Zara that I posted the other day. With a little vest, I think they'd look fabulous with a tux jacket.

  2. What about your Reiss Bromptons with the Boden dress- or bare legs and fake tan not an option?
    Personally, got a great forest green tie-sleeve shirt dress from Zara with some Hobbs green lace-up shoe boots (admittedly with tights) planned for xmas day and a sneaky party.xx

    1. The dress and outfit sound gorgeous! Yup, you're right, I just can't really do bare legs and fake tan in the winter. I also have a real funny thing about bare toes and lots of flesh when it's freezing cold.... I think I'm just going off the dress actually!

  3. Hey, I wore this dress with the boot version of the next blue shoes you linked to, and nude legs. Cheap matching clutch from next too. Love your blog!

    1. oh that sounds lovely - I didn't know they did a boot version... Is it a shoe boot?

  4. Back away from the navy shoes & matching clutch 'til your hangover has subsided!!! Do not let your credit card & ipad/laptop meet til you are quite well again!!! And just adore that Hobbs coat .. indeed, love both outfits xx

  5. The next mule things...all day long, think they are lovely. Hasn't Alex of the frugality got them in black? Ask her about foot slippage! X

    1. oooh has she? I will ask - her legs are gorgeous and lovely enough not to wear tights though I'll bet

  6. Kat, I lost an ankle boot a while ago and was despairing totally. It turned up in the washbasket. I had scooped it up with some clothes that were on the floor (being the total and utter slut that I am!). So, do not despair, they may turn up yet!! I'd go with the Next ones too, don't send the dress back it is just gorgeous!! How would something completely different work? Like leopard print? Yes its late, yes I have had a glass of wine. Yes, I shall go now and fetch my coat Fiona xxx

    1. I do love the Next ones, I think I might try them. And hmm I'm not sure about leopard print with it - I think it could definitely work actually, I"m just not sure it's me!

  7. I sympathise with the poorly child situation, I'm going a bit stir crazy what with one just passing everything on to the other and them being off school in rotation! I know you're looking at navy, but I think m&s do a pink version of those Jigsaw sparkly heels...

    Becky x

    1. Ooh I saw them in gold but I didn't see them in pink.... So none of my other kids got the lurgy but I did!

  8. Could the other shoe be at a charity shop?

    1. I fear it was a bin bag and not a charity bag. SOB x

  9. Hi Kat, I had planned to wear this dress with high heeled dark brown boots, isn't that an idea? I have never seen you on your blog high boots (not necessarily overknees) Unfortunately for me this Boden dress didnt fit me and I had to send it back. Leaves me with the problem of finding a dress to go with my boots.....

    1. Now I just can't do knee high boots. They're not normally long enough and look foolish on me! Too much leg darn it! And yes, it is an odd fit round the top isn't it?

  10. Hi Kat, not sure of your shoe size but my local m and s has the blue suede boots (like your black ones) in a 6.5. I could get them for you if you like? Katherine

    1. Oh that is so so so lovely thank you! I think I've got my heart set on a pair of court shoes or mules actually (although the black version i have are so comfy!)

  11. I have that dress and wore it twice in one week, I love it! I got an amazing necklace from M&S that works perfectly and I wear it with blank opaques and black shoes. The only thing I would say is it is very very short, and I am 5ft 5.

    1. Yes, I think black may be a great option. I got the long so it's not too bad actually!

  12. I agree with the first comment: your black and Reiss shoes would be perfect with this surely?

    1. In the Summer yes yes yes but I'm not sure about sandals in the Winter (I'm nesh!!)

  13. Hi... I think the navy ankle/shoe-boots would look great with the dress...Audrey :-)

    1. The DP ones? they're gorgeous aren't they....

  14. oh your Christmas day outfit sounds PERFECT!!!