It is time to hibernate yet?

Well clearly it isn't but I am officially Over the Dress.  I've got the outfits all sorted for the next couple of days and yes, there will be legs out.  I even managed to snaffle a pair of the snakeskin navy court shoes from Dorothy Perkins for a mean £15 (even though I fear I look like Margaret Thatcher in them... meh.....). 

But I made the mistake the other day whilst out Christmas Shopping of sneaking a peak in Zara and some other shops...... and discovering something I can't live without. 

Yes I know, I know.  Of course I can.  But... but I sort of can't.   Right, does this happen to anyone else?  It doesn't happen to me often (she says.... by that I don't mean every day.... duh) but every now and again (ahem) I get totally fixated on an item that my wardrobe Must Have.  An item that I think will work incredibly well with so so many things.  And the flavour of the month this time round is a cream jumper.  Cream, off white, pale beige, a light colour, whichever way you want to skin it, the criteria is pale and chunky (god we could be talking about my thighs here...) 

So this is the one that I tried on in Zara and thought - how have I not had one of these in my life before?

This jumper in Ecru (to you and me, that's cream) £45.99


I am loving the idea of this with a leather skirt, over skinny jeans, over boyfriend jeans, over pleather peg leg trousers (these I have - woohooooo).  It goes with pretty much every coat I have, I NEED one of these. 

So why don't I just get this one?  Well, primarily because it's Zara and therefore the chances of it falling apart or bobbling within three wears are high.  It's also new season so it's not going to go in the sale (she says pretty confidently...) 

I am putting together a list of things that I shall a) hawk in the sale and b) try on.  

Starting with Warehouse.  Fluffy Jumper £38

Cable knit.. hmmmm... yes I like but I think I might be going plain.  But this one is such a bargain. 

Mango Cable Knit Jumper now only £14.99  Love the detailing at the side.

They say this is a dress at New Look but I'm currently feeling the love for knitted dresses over skinny jeans or leggings. 

New Look Cable Dress £24.99

Now it's probably the most stupid thing in the world for me to spend a lot of money on a cream jumper as I am a total slob and would have spag bol down the front of this within two hours.  But maybe if these are reduced heavily in the sale...?? 

Like this one from Iro.... ribbed is high on my list of likes. 

Malyn Ribbed-knit wool sweater from Iro was £245 now £171 at Matches (sale in full swing)

Even though I know this one is new season...(so a reduction not likely soon).  What it does have in its favour is the suitability for into the Spring. 

Whistles Fluffy Boxy Jumper £120

Whistles in the sale - Rosa Oversized Turtle neck boxy jumper was £95 now £60

Also on sale now is Reiss - I will do a round up of my sales picks but knitwear would definitely be up there.   Some lovely reader pointed this one out a week or so ago and, yup, totally agree that it's amazing.

Reiss Isa Cable Knitted Jumper was £120 now £85 (they also do it in navy which is gorgeous)

I had tried this one on at John Lewis - (still available on there on click and collect if you do want it before Christmas).  A gorgeous jumper. 

Malin Chalk Oversized Roll Neck Jumper in Chalk was £125 now £89 from Reiss.

The other roll neck option of course is the Textured Off Duty Jumper from Boden in Oatmeal, now in the sale was £89 now £71.20

White at Mango Chunky Knit Turtleneck Jumper was £34.99 now £24.99

Am definitely being drawn to the roll neck ones... 

River Island Cowl Neck Jumper £45

But my favourite I think has to be the one I found at ASOS.  I love this - it looks to be the perfect length, the perfect chunkiness, the perfect sleeves, collar and colour. 

ASOS Chunky Jumper with turtle neck and wide sleeves £42

And there is my current obsession.  Please tell me I'm not alone in this sort of madness - anyone want to share what there must have items on their wishlists are?

So finishing with my outfit from yesterday - party at home which was great.  I'm feeling loads better and probably even more so for not having been out last week (every cloud and all that....) 


Swing dress - Me+Em
Stud boots - Zara

And today for the perfect start to our Christmas holiday.  Santa with the kids, out for lunch and then the Panto.  We've got canapes I forgot to cook yesterday for supper with a small (large) glass of red and Game of Thrones from the beginning.  I also need to wrap more presents.. (yeah right.  I am so doing this on Christmas Eve, aren't I?)


Jumper dress - H&M
Black pleather leggings - Topshop
Black buckle boots - Toga Pulla 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

I am planning on going to the supermarket tomorrow morning at 7.30...... elbows at the ready. Hope everyone else has had a lovely start to their Christmas week.  Any last minute shopping you'll be doing?!

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12 comentarios:

  1. Love a big chunky jumper - been eyeing that H&M one myself but just nabbed a chunky jcrew one with trips for less than half price!

  2. Hi Kat, I'm so happy for you that you're feeling better!
    I've been obsessed with cream / white jumpers for awhile now. This season I missed all of the beautiful roll necks in Zara (we don't have the online shopping here, in store only). I have three jumpers so far but there is something missing in all of them. I'm hoping to find something in Mango next time I'm at the mall. That Malin roll neck is gorgeous!

  3. Great minds and all that. I've had an all cream vision in my head for weeks (months). And today I managed to fulfil this obsession with the comfiest winter white jeans EVER and a cream thin knit cowel neck. Now all I need is the snow. Love the Reiss one you have featured. Very, very tempted x

    1. Do tell where you found your fab jeans, am sharing your all cream vision dreams too!

  4. I've been hankering after the Me and Em weekend jumper in the creamy colour but it has not gone in the sale. Have ordered the Reiss Malik to try instead, love the zips and pockets.

  5. A few weeks ago I bought a cream wool jumper much like the ones you showed here! It's from bruuns bazaar and I paid hardly anything for it in the sale! And there is a pair of white jeans coming my way....winterwhites! jury still out for xmas, diner at the inlaws......

  6. Gap have a cream oversize fair isle jumper that I'm currently playing cat n mouse with in their sale.

  7. Hey Kat! Will you be going true to size or oversize in the ASOS jumper. I want to wear mine with a midi sequin skirt that is tight. Thoughts? I'm typically a 12 in ASOS. Shooting back to ASOS from Canada is annoying so I want to get the right look. Thanks!!!

  8. Love the Warehouse jumper - I will be stalking that for the sales! Looking fab as always. Have a fantastic Christmas. Lynne xx

  9. During the warm autmn I tried on a huge pale nude jumper in a felty material from Zara but was too hot and bothered to buy it! Fail! I have been thinking about it ever since. Saw a lovely big jumper on Atterley rd but sold out so an oversized jumper is def on my list of sales wants. London on 27th with daughter - have said that it's all about her but might sneak in a jumper........

  10. Love the Reiss jumper, it's a lovely jumper eventhough it's sale for 85 pounds it's still not worth that price and I suspect it will have further reductions. I have tried it on and it's stunning but still not worth the sale price and was certianly not worth the original price of 120 pounds.

  11. I love cozy, knit jumpers for winter, let alone if they are white. There is something about this that makes me happy when I wear them!Merry Christmas sweetheart <3