Let the merriment commence

The merriment that is the madness of the sales period.   What on earth is going on?  It seems that the days of staying up on Christmas Day till midnight to press buy on the sales goodies you've spent days bookmarking are long gone.  We've got eons till Christmas (don't anyone dare abuse me of this foolish notion....) and yet the Sales are starting with a vengeance. 

Which means it's the perfect opportunity to go on (yet another) dress hunt.  Christmas day, I will nail you.  I still might keep the Boden dress but I am definitely on the look out for other potentials......  You can never have too many dresses - all fabulous weapons in your wardrobe arsenal. 

So starting with ASOS who, to be fair, aren't in sale sale mode but there is 20% off today.  Off. Everything.  Which is a big deal at ASOS as they have so many fab brands which you will still pay full price for elsewhere. 

I personally am not in the market for a black dress (she says...) - I have two from last year that I love and will be wearing this week to various parties and drinks but if you are on the lookout for a black one, this one is very sweet (and lovely and loose which hides a multitude of sins)

Elise Ryan Drop waisted dress with lace peplum £52 pre discount

Another black number with some lace detailing. 

ASOS Midi Skater Dress with lace panel £45

They also do this in a berry shade 

Speaking of berry I'm all about the colour and the print this time round and boy do I wish I could wear red.  This for Christmas is perfect but it would be ideal to take you into the Spring as well.  I have yet another First Holy Communion coming up in June (number one son) and this would fit the brief for that perfectly. 

ASOS Midi Dress in red with dipped hem and full skirt £45

Another red number.

ASOS Tall Wrap Dress £35  Disclaimer here.  The model is 5ft 9 which yes, is tall but it's the same model they seem to use for a lot of their "regular" dresses..... Oh and it's not a proper wrap dress, it's a fake wrap dress.  Which is a huge thumbs up from me - much easier to wear, much more flattering for everyone. 

Personally for me, it has to be the black.  I said I didn't need another black dress.  I lied....

This is perfect - I can't believe the price and that's before the discount.

ASOS Midi Wiggle in Winter Floral in Crepe £50

Same dress in a textured photo floral print for £60

And they do this in red (can you spot a theme here....?) 

And another red one for good measure - I adore the simplicity of this.  Absolutely adore the shape of it, I might be even tempted to do the red, I love it that much. 

ASOS White Viscose mini dress £60

But back to print now and I love the luxurious feel to this one. 

ASOS Premium Pencil Dress in floral jacquard £75

Now after my big party last night I may be losing the plot somewhat but there's something about this I think is quite sweet.....

ASOS Tall Butterfly Midi Dress £60

Another nature theme dress from Whistles.  On a scale of 1 to 10 of useful all year round, this is a 12.  It says dry clean but it's only polyester so I don't know why you couldn't cold wash it.  You could wear this on the school run in the Spring with flats, you could wear it to a wedding.  And you could certainly wear it on Christmas Day.  I think it would look amazing with silver shoes..... Or black opaques and black shoes or shoe boots.  

Whistles Dress with Placement Floral print £160 (I swear Whistles dresses gone up in price... I think this one is new season)

Moving on now to dress experts Boden where their sale has most definitely started.  So this is the dress that I have... but it's just ever so ever so snug across my chest.  However I think the next size up would be huge everywhere else. GAH.  Though I'm very tempted to reorder it as it's now about £15 less than I paid for it...

Eliza Dress in the blue now £59.40 was £99

Other ones that have caught my eye is the Selina dress in the leopard which has 50% off which makes it now £64.50 from £129.

I don't actually recall seeing this one previously but I quite like it - quirky.... and so easy to put with black accessories that you already have. 

Alicia Dress in Gold Rush Painted Bird was £79 now £39.50

A navy shirt dress - love this dressed down with chunky boots but it would also look great with heels.

Maisy Dress in French navy was £79 now £39.50 

Or the retro tunic in the navy colourway - again this would be fantastic in the spring with flat pumps or sneakers.  But I'd team with black opaques and heels for Christmas Day.  Or nude tights and silver shoes for a Christmas party.  Gorgeous and super versatile. 

Retro Tunic was £79 now £39.50

My final choice with 50% off (which is handy as it was very expensive to begin with) is a very special number that I have to say, were I able to find some navy shoes (grrrr), this would be perfect perfect perfect for a First Holy Communion.  Very tempted to just get it and keep it for the ridiculously long cooling off period Boden give you.... (is that very naughty?) 

Silk and Lace Tunic Dress from Boden was £250 now £125

So some food for thought there (and of course you do get 20% off everything at ASOS, not just dresses and there are lots of other bargains to be had online at Boden - just in time for those last minute Christmas presents....) 

I am so umming and ahhing as to whether to keep the darn bird dress... maybe I'll try it on and do a show and tell on here.  I also have another one I *may* have picked up the other day when I went for lunch with The Husband...... (but guess what - it needs pigging navy shoes...Couldn't write it, could you?) 

And proving my point that spending time finding the right dress pays off, here I am in my outfit from last night in a dress that I've had for four years and it gets dragged out every year.  Totally saved my bacon last night for our Winter Ball - I bought absolutely nothing new at all, hence I'm now on a dress roll. 


Bling jewellery - Forever 21
Sequin dress - All Saints 
Clutch bag - Tory Burch
Black suede shoe boots - M&S

Oh and I've just pressed buy on one of the above dresses.  It's not me in a million years.  It will no doubt go straight back but any guesses which one?

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9 comentarios:

  1. I am guessing either The Asos White Viscose dress (red) or the butterfly one???? Think the Boden patern ones are a bit widening and very well BODEN.

    1. Aha you're on the right path - all will be revealed..! I don't think the Boden ones are too bad actually. I think if they're styled the right way..... x

  2. I love the butterfly dress. And the red dipped hem dress. Damn it!

    1. And they're great prices, aren't they?!

  3. Gah, love the ASOS Tall wrap dress but it's totally sold out!

    1. Me too! Would have bought the red ASOS dress. Pity it's sold out #loveASOStall

    2. I know. I was so going to get it in black. I should SO know better than to not buy as soon as I see it. GAH

    3. ASOS have a tall range???? :-)
      Nooooooo my credit card is already in recovery. .....
      Lou x

  4. Kat - check out Atterley Road - 30% discount and here is a simple but chic party dress at a snip!
    http://www.atterleyroad.com/black-wynter-strapless-dress-1.html. Few things on this website (lots of Danish labels) that are amazingly good value even before the discount - twist on the pleather track pants http://www.atterleyroad.com/black-glope-track-pants.html...............go on have a look